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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

WHY ????

You are most likely wondering about the title of this article. It seemed the most appropriate considering the object of the article. This will be the one opportunity that you who are voting FOR John Kerry will have at this site to express why you are voting for Kerry. In the last few days, the Kerry campaign has used scare tactics and misleading and out right false statements to try and sway the vote their direction and it would seem to also shore up their base which seems to be weak on Kerry. In addition many who have commented lately, for which we thank you, have thought that re-writing an article in the comment section to make that article fit their agenda was appropriate. So now is your chance. I am a life long Reagan type Republican who supports the President and have yet to see one reason to vote for John Kerry. Also, in my profession I work with the public and listen regularly to news and talk radio, both conservative and liberatarian and would listen to liberal if it were available. I have yet to hear ANYONE voting for Kerry express WHY they are FOR him. I've heard , "I can't stand Bush", Bush did this, Bush did that etc. Alot of Bush hating and votes for Kerry as a vote against Bush. So now is your opportunity. In the comment section of this article tell all of us WHY you are FOR Kerry. One stipulation though, the comment is to be your reason to vote FOR Kerry and not why you don't like the President or are voting against Bush or dis-like something the President has done! I want only reasons why a vote should be cast for Kerry. I'm betting it can't be done. Prove me wrong. Those comments that express your vote only because of Bush hatred or just voting against the President will have a follow up posting from this writer. So here's your chance! Tell us all why John Kerry deserves to be President based on John Kerry not Bush hatred. I'm still betting it can't be done!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am voting for Kerry because I believe in him and his ideals.

1. I micro example for a macro issue...I was a volunteer fireman for 3 years. I risked my life for free. My only objective was to serve my community. The Republicans in my community were so greedy that they would prefer a $10 per household tax cut than to give us enough money to buy the tools we needed to protect ourselves and them. So, instead, we had to close our fire house and join another fire district. The result? Everyone's home owners insurance went up $45-80 a year because the nearest fire station was 12 miles farther away. Net effect? We all lost money. Kerry knows that there are things that are necessary for our society to function and that taxes are necessary to ensure our infrastructure works. No, government does not solve everything, but a well functioning infrastructure is necessary. Taxes, while they suck, do benefit us much more than you would guess.

2. I like clear air. Kerry likes clean air. Bush likes rolling back environmental programs for the energy companies. (don't try to argue about this point. I am a lawyer and have worked on cases regarding the clean air act - on the corporate side, not the crunchies - Trust me, I know much more than you. Bush's plan sucks) If you have young children, you are seriously putting them at risk if you live in an affected area. The trading program for emissions may work for VOX (ozone pre-cursors) but it will not for mercury. strengthening the Clean Air Act, as Kerry wants to do, is what I want for my kids.

3. As I said before, I am a corporate lawyer. I know that Kerry and Edwards understand the legal system since they are also lawyers. the system needs to be reformed. I don't agree with them on everything, but I trust them to know how to best reform the process without destroying the balance between consumers and business.

4. Once again, I am a corporate lawyer. The American people have no idea how much they are getting ripped off. If you had seen half of what I have seen, you would never vote GOP again (unless you are a CEO).

5. Kerry is a better diplomat. He can bring respect back to the U.S. which is crucial to fighting the war on terror. A friend of mine from college is in the diplomatic core. She is now in Tanzania (embassy hit by terrorists). She said that she can now longer do her job properly because the rest of the world hates Bush. The Tanzanian government is no longer willing to give us information and be cooperation as they were right after 9/11. As much as you might like to "go it alone" we NEED the rest of the world to be our eyes and ears. Without them, we are blind and deaf and just sitting in the dark.

6. Kerry has the ability to learn. Bush does not. If you cannot admit mistakes, you cannot learn from them. I would rather have a resident who can have one opinion and when he sees it is wrong, change (if you want to call it a flip-flop, go right ahead) his mind when new facts are presented. If any CEO ran there company like Bush runs the U.S. it would be bankrupt by now... speaking of which...

7. Kerry is fiscally responsible. He voted for the balanced budget amendment. Bush has no fiscal responsibility. Attack his spending plans as much as you like, but even the CBO shows that Bush's plans are more expensive and with the tax cuts, he has no way of paying for them (e.g. privatizing SSI).

Is this enough reasons?

2:01 PM, October 25, 2004  
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