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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The #2s Duel !!!!!!!!!!!

In watching some of the debate tonight, I think i have figured out where John Edwards got his speech from. Oliver Stone (P.S. Communist sypathizer). This man is full of more cospiracy speech than Hillary(And thats saying a lot). He actually said that the American soilder pays a higher rate of taxes than a Multi-millionare. Well here's the proof folks, you decide for your self.
Edwards said tonight, on the issue of Tort Reform, that the goverment should now regulate the validity of court cases. This from a lawyer? Or is he a laywer? More and more i here the words of Lenin and Marx from our poloticians in Washington. This is a scary thing for me. One thing that Kerry or Edwards fail to understand is that the backbone of any free society is economic freedom. Without that, we are a third world dictatorship. On the issue of Edwards voting record, there isnt one. The guy never votes. Where is he ? Even his home town paper has caled him out on this. One the issue of the war in Iraq, john john says that we see the evidence on our TVs everyday, that things are not going well. Well I guess we do, after all the press are nothing more than card carring Libs. Mr. Edwards has hurt my pocket to many time for me to ever vote for him. Cheney did what he does best, hammer home the facts. He called out john john so many times, on the facts of the Iraq war, that the modarator changed the subject to win one for the home team. In short, Cheney wins, Hands down. I dont care what the pundits say. Even ABC says so!!!!
They state that the audience was more republican. Well, if the moderator is a Liberal, shoudn't the audience be republican? Seem fair to me. Anyway, the last time i checked ( tonight ), the audience does not particapate in debates, only the canidates. Maybe the link above is another example of media bias.
John Oliver Benton III


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