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Monday, August 16, 2004

First man, Bill Clinton

I really question what is going on with the Kerry campaign at times. I think that most people understand that most senators can get away with murder at times. Flip flopping on issues seems to be an art with many senators. For this reason I question them all, republican and democrat. But over the years we have seen the blue blood republicans (aka Rockefeller) turn into the very liberal democrat left (aka Jay Rockefeller). Many things change in politics over the years and most of the general public never notice. But there is one thing that the voting public always remembers. What Presidential canidates say. Because of this well known fact, I keep hearing in my head this little voice that says, what is the Kerry camp thinking ? I will never understand how they believe that they can get away with this kind of flip flopping. This is unbelievable to most people, even liberals. After the announcement of John Edwards as the Vep nomination, they should be front page news with the liberal media dictating the headlines, but there not. It seems that after the swift boat vets came out that all of the polling houses decided to take a much deserved vacation. I for one agree that the deserve it, I mean for god sakes these guys even poll what people like to dream about. And who do they call, no one I know ever gets a call from them.
But back to the subject at hand, if I were John Kerry I would take a strong look at who is advising me. We all know that Bill Clinton and Terry (The Punk) Mcaullife are more in bed than Bill and Monica ever were. I think that there may a few Moles in the Kerry Camp. And I think they may be on the advisor side. This seems to be the only explanation for all of the all to public flip flopping. The goal appears to be Hillary in 2008. And looking from the outside in, it appears to be in full swing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bingo John, preparing for the Hild-a-beast in 08 is the long term goal of the Dem's. A Kerry 04 would make that impossible. Good article!


11:22 PM, August 16, 2004  
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