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Sunday, August 22, 2004

One Of Our Basic Freedoms?...Not To John Kerry!

"When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself public property."...Thomas Jefferson.....

As this Presidential campaign has progressed there is one fact that has become almost painfully clear; John Kerry believes that anything attempting to scrutinize his record or to evaluate what he considers his version of the truth is not only a lie and a personal attack but must most certainly be illegal while everything he proclaims is the gospel and stricktly campaigning. I think another appropriate quote to accompany that of Jefferson's is, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the fire!" When Kerry began his campaign for President the center piece of that effort has been his four months in Vietnam, (I think it amazing that it seems he did more in four months than Tommy Franks did in forty years!). Every speech, every interview makes reference to his service as if those four months are the only real accomplishment of his life...which may not be far from the truth! So for Kerry to think that the center piece of his campaign is not going to be challenged and studied and scrutinized to the umth degree is beyond belief.

So, in brief in case you have been under a log over the last couple of weeks here is a thumbnail of what has transpired. First 260 Swift Boat veterans financed with $150,000, (a mear pittance in todays campaigning)by a Texas business man came out with an add refuting John Kerry's version of his Vietnam service and the stories behind his medals. Then John O'neill released his book entitled, "Unfit For Command" which compiles fifteen years of research and interviews that creates a very dim picture of Kerry's Vietnam months, including exposing what seem to be a large number of falsehoods both in Kerry's own book, "Tour of Duty" and in his several apperances before congress to testify after he returned from Vietnam as a protester to the war. John Kerry having ample means to answer the charges made toward him chose rather to take the smear route, which have culminated in a situation which I think reveals a great deal about just who John Kerry is. First in answer to the Swift Boat Vets add the DNC for the Kerry campaign sent a letter to radio and television stations all over the country threatening law suits if anyone ran the paid advertisement from the Swift Boat Vets. Hmmmm do I hear first amendment questions?? Hold on it gets better! This past Friday August 20 John Kerry demnaded that the publisher of O'neill's book cease the publication of the book and that book stores around the country remove it from their shelves! Now there ARE first amendment questions here! Freedom of speech is one of our most basic and precious freedoms in this country. As a matter of fact the main reason that the founding fathers listed this freedom in the first amendment to the Consititution was to prevent the government or anyone from denying citizens the gift of desension or expressing political beliefs. For John Kerry to demand that a book cease publication and be removed from shelves brings shadowed thoughts of the book burnings in Germany in the 1930's!
I visited a local Books-a-999,000, and yes not a million for they were one book short..."Unfit For Command." When I inquired as to why, I was told they did not carry the book, a book that debuts today at number three on The New York Times best seller's list thanks to internet sales. I understand too that this book does not appear at thousands of book stores around the country! The fact that Kerry is willing to violate freedom of speech rather than refute or answer the charges made by the vets and the book leads to two conclusions. One, the charges are factual and there is no denying them and two, if as a candidate Kerry is willing to trample our right of free speech what rights would he trample and violate if, heaven forbid he were elected and had the awesome power of the Presidency to back him! We have seen in the past that he is willing to do most anything to be elected, now we see he is also willing to take our rights to achieve the power he craves. I know that each of you who read this cherish the freedoms that so many have sacrificed for to preserve and protect our great nation. We cannot and we must not allow any individual regardless of who he is or thinks he may be to become more important than our freedoms. Therefore we cannot and we positively must not allow John Kerry into the office of President of the United States. Our freedoms, our rights as citizens are the backbone and strength of our nation. If a Kerry Presidency surrenders those or denys them in any way as his current actions are showing he has the capability of doing, then we will become the socialized European style country that seems to be the montra of the Democratic party. John Kerry leave my rights alone!!!!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike said...

Read these articles and stop writing lies:

The Weekly Standard

The Chicago Tribune,1,2328121.story?coll=chi-news-hed

12:51 PM, August 22, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:31 AM, August 23, 2004  
Blogger Sukunami Taka said...

im not a supporter of bush, but i do agree with this post...kerry emphasizes too much on his war involvement, a war which by the way was denounced by many.....and one would think that in a country which promotes freedom of speech, that people would have the right to refute kerry's claims....
still.....kerry or bush in the long run?it's not much of a choice

11:55 PM, August 23, 2004  
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