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Thursday, August 05, 2004

What Price Security!

I have listened with dismay for the last two days as the liberal media following the lead of Howard Dean have accused the President and Tom Ridge of "manufacturing" a terror threat for political purposes. As soon as the threat level had been raised in New York and Washington, Howard Dean and his big mouth were on the Sunday news shows proclaiming that it is not known, "how much of this is real and how much of this is political." Even blaming the lack of poll bounce for Kerry on the raising of the threat level. Then on Monday the New York Times reports that the level was raised on information that was three years old, followed Tuesday with an article buried in the paper that some of the information was new and continuing. Not a retraction found for the misleading article on the front page the day before. This all coming from the same people who, during the 911 commission hearings tried to blame the President for the Trade Center attacks because the administration did not, "connect the dots!" Now Tom Ridge and Homeland Security connected the dots and not only are the Democrates attempting to politicize the threat but are demanding that the information that led to the raising of the threat level be released to the public for all to see, INCLUDING the enemy. John Kerry is of course distancing himself from Dean's statements which in itself is a load of balony for the Kerry campaign had full knowledge that these accusations would take this course. How do I know this? Upon accepting the nomination of his party John Kerry became the head of that party. Nothing happens within the party nor anything said by the party or party members without the knowledge and approval of the Kerry campaign. Remember the carefully orchestrated Democratic Convention.
For anyone to politicize our nations security for personal, party or any form of political gain is absolutely dispicable. The Democrats have once again proven that protecting our country from those that would do us harm is of no concern to them. Gaining power in Washington is the only thing that matters regardless of what it may take or how low they feel they must stoop! What does it matter if information used to raise the threat level was three years or three minutes old. The threat is real and ongoing. Remember these are the same people who attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and spent the next nine years planning the attack that killed more thna 3,000 of our countrymen and brought the Trade Centers, a portion of the Pentagon and a plane load of heros in Pennsylvania to the ground. Then for the liberals to demand that sensitive information be released to the public is a compromise of intelligence gathering that would most certainly destroy our ability to prevent future attacks. Keeping intelligence secret has and will continue to be a key component to fighting this war. Just prior to "D" day in may of 1944, General Eisenhower learned of a Major General under his command who in an English pub was talking about the upcoming invasion. Although this General was a close friend and he and Ike had attended West Point together, Eisenhower releaved him of his command and sent him to the States thus ending his friend's military career. Ike new then as the President knows now that secrecy is the key to intell gathering and planning, protecting and preserving this Union. For liberals of the press and the Democratic Party to attempt to compromise our security with false accusations and inuendos is yet another reason why these people should NEVER be in power again. Protecting this country and her citizens is first and formost and all political ambitions and aspirations are of no concequence! Join me and those who believe that our security is of utmost importance in voting to keep George W. Bush in office for four more years!

Ken Taylor


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