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Monday, August 02, 2004

John Kerry, You Are No Jack Kennedy!

As long as John Kerry has been in politics and even extending back to his Vietnam experience he has had dreams and aspirations of being the next John F. Kennedy. The comparisons that have been made recently, especially during the DNC love fest in Boston have amplified this myth about Kerry and his so called similarities to the 35th President. Kerry at one time even considered using this as his campaign slogan, "A new generation, a new JFK." Well Mr. Kerry if you seem to think that you are the reincarnation of the real JFK, then let's take a closer look. First we'll take a look at the military record. The service of John Kennedy aboard PT 109 during WWII is well known. During his command of the boat it was struck by a Japenese destroyer stranding he and his crew on a pacific island in the Solomon chain with both injury to himself and members of his crew, some serious. Lt. Kennedy swam from the island to the shipping lanes to seek help and then finally found it from natives working for a coast watcher. After his recovery, Lt. Kennedy then requested to return to PT boat duty even though his injuries earned him a ticket home. Members of his crew and his commanding officers spoke often of Kennedy's bravery and courage. Kerry's military record on the other hand is not as bright. First he served for only four months in Vietnam and managed to recieve three purple hearts to make him eligable for a trip home. His CO's and doctors have all questioned the severity and nature of the, as they have put it, "band-aid," wounds. Kerry then REQUESTED to be sent back to the states, thus ending his military service and became an active protest voice against the men he served with.

Second, we'll take a look at their views on defense. John F. Kennedy believed in a strong defense and backed his belief with action. During Kennedy's Presidency the United States experienced the second largest nuclear build up in the nations history because that is what Kennedy new would be a defense to the threat of Soviet aggression. In October of 1962 The Soviet Union placed nuclear missles in Cuba threatening the entire western hemisphere. President Kennedy surrounded Cuba with a naval blockade, in itself an act of war and suffered the condemnation of the entire world as he stood strong against Chairman Nikita Khruschev. The nations security came before our popularity with the world and no one sought permission from the UN or any country to defend the US. Khruschev backed down, removed the missles and because of Kennedy's stand nuclear war was prevented.
Kerry believes that the United States must seek the permission from the UN and allies such as France and Germany to defend herself. He continually speaks of how he would go before the UN to seek approval for all US action in the war on terror. Kerry has voted against every major weapons system in the last twenty years. He voted for a nuclear freeze when President Reagan was ending the cold war. The approval of the world is more important to John Kerry than the protection of the nation.

Third and lastly we'll take a look at taxes. There have been three US Presidents that have given the people of this country a tax cut. They are George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy believed that the best way to stimulate the economy and to guarentee continual growth was to cut taxes giving the people more money to spend and allowing business more flexibility for hiring and opperating making a strong and robust economy. He presided over one of the largest economic growth periods in our nations history. John Kerry has already promised that if elected he would repeal the Bush tax cut which Allen Greenspan and most economists have credited with slowing and then reversing the recession of 1999 and 2000. Kerry is a typical tax and spend liberal who believes that taxation is the only way to provide the government with the revenue necessary to operate. Kennedy, Reagan and Bush all proved that tax cuts actually increase government revenue because the people spend more if they have more!

So is John Kerry the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy? Absolutely NOT! President Kennedy by todays standards would either be a conservative Democrat similar to Zell Miller of Georgia or a moderate Republican like John McCain. His policies as President were similar to those of President George W. Bush. John Kerry on the other hand is the most liberal Senator in the Senate and has a voting record to prove it. It is an insult to the Kennedy presidency and to his memory to even compare Kerry to JFK. Using the memory and poularity of President Kennedy to garner votes is but just one more dispicable and deceptive tactic used by Kerry to seek an office he does not deserve or have the capability to handle. Lets hope that his candidacy for President has one similarity to his Vietnam service...that it ends in four months with no results!

Ken Taylor


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