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Saturday, August 28, 2004

John Kerry, War Hero or Big Zero??

Since the primary season began oh so many months ago John Kerry has been touting himself as the ultimate war hero because of his four months spent in Vietnam. This has not only become the center piece of his entire Presidential campaign but it seems to be the only issue that he will put forth as his qualifications for the Presidency as if his years as a protester against the war, his time as a prosecuter, Massachusets Lt. Governor and nearly twenty years in the US Senate do not exist. So since this, according to Kerry, is his qualification to be President, let's see just how he stands up against a few known war heros from US history.

George Washington: A very reluctant hero. When the fledgling Continental Army was in dire need of a commander, Washington was a retired soldier tending his farm in Virginia. He humbly answered the call to become commander only allowing the congress to pay for his expenses, turning down a salary of compensation. Never a man who sought the lime light yet his kind influence rallied an army and a cause giving birth to a nation. At the end of the Revolutionary War he personally shook hands and bid farewell to each of the thousands of men under his command always giving them credit for the victory!

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin: A professor of rhetoric and religion at Bowden college in Maine, who when the call came to serve his country during the American Civil War went to the Governor and requested assignment having no military experience. He was placed as a Lt. Colonel with the 20th Maine regiment and became it's highly respected commander upon the promotion of his superior. At Gettysburg when all seemed lost and with no amunition left lead his man in a gallant infantry charge saving the Union flank from collapsing. He was wounded severely six times and was promoted to general by Ulysses Grant while recovering from a wound that nearly cut him in half, yet upon healing returned to active duty. The wounds troubled him for the remainder of his life. For his actions at Little Round Top at Gettysburg he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Audie Murphy: Many people today do not know who Audie Murphy is but they did in the 40's and 50's. The orphaned son of Texas sharecroppers Murphy tried to join the Marines but was turned down for being to short. He then, (on his toes), joined the Army and became the most decorated soldier of World War II. He was the recipient of more than two dozen medals of valor including the Medal of Honor. At one engagement Sgt. Murphy standing on a burning tank used the 50 calipar machine gun to hold of an entire Germany regiment thus saving the lives of everyone in his company! Upon recieving his medals in interviews afterwards Murphy always paid tribute to his fellow soldiers that would not return. Had a brief movie career after the war making such films as his own autobiography entitled,"To Hell and Back" and "The Red Badge of Courage."

The list could go on with Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Dolittle, and Vietnam era heros like Oliver North, Colin Powell, Tommy Franks and thousands of others who have fought bravely for this country. Each though had a few traits in common They served with distinction and sought no fanfare or glory although because of their actions many recieved both. The men they served under and with in their eyes were always the real heros and deserved the credit for those actions in which they recieved their medals.

Now let's compare John Kerry: volunteered for Vietnam only after a request for deferment was turned down. Served before Vietnam at his request in the Naval reserves. His four months service in Vietnam has and is being covered by the media, his former commrads, his own campaign and by Kerry himself. For information for his record, I refer you to the Swift Boat Vets link and the Fox News link found to the left of this column. Other links include the Kerry campaign website and Winter I have studied and made my conclusion about his service and will let you do the same. This column is a comparison of what is and isn't a hero. When Kerry is placed next to heros from the past he falls short. They praise those they served with, Kerry returned and before congress, accused them of atrocities and murder which he himself said he took part in. He sought as quickly as would seem possible reciept of three Purple Hearts to make a quick return home. His entire career has been made of speeches and testimony against the war in which he fought, which was not a popular war, yet he has garnered it's unpopularity into a career. He has continually condemned those he fought with and now as the evidence suggests even lied about his citations, his combat experiences and where he was stationed! None of this sounds heroic to me. Now he seeks to destory the reputations of those veterans who have chosen of their own right to speak out against him. Again not very heroic. Since this of his own behest is his major and possibly his only qualification to be President, the question arises do we want this man in the most powerful position in the world? My vote is an absolute NO! Some heros are born, some are made through the heat of battle, never are true heros fabricated and never should this fabrication become President!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Pat in NC said...

I vote Big ZERO

9:43 PM, August 29, 2004  
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