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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Blow Hard On The Hard Blow!

First let me take a moment to mention that for the last week John, Chris and I have been up to our ears in weather which for obvious reasons had to temporarily take presidence over new submissions to this site. Living on the east coast of South Carolina as we do does at times propose certain weather related problems this time of year. Since last Wednesday we have been inundated,(not to the extent of Florida), with the tropics. Now that both Bonnie and Charlie are history we can now get back to the other wind bags, John Kerry and John Edwards. It seems to me that the Kerry campaign is at a crossroads as to what they are for and/or against, especially since the damning revelations by the swift boat veterans and Kerry's own admission that he was illegily in Cambodia in December of 1968 while "President" Nixon denied that any troops were there. Of course the fact that Nixon didn't take office until six weeks later doesn't seem to matter to anyone! So with so little substance in the Kerry campaign and the stumbling and bumbling that is taking place what do they choose to condemn and turn into a political weapon???? The President's visit to those unfortunate souls in Florida devistated by Hurricane Charley! John "not so swift",(all puns intended),Kerry has now attempted to accuse the President of visiting Florida too early thus taking away resources needed to assist those who are hurting in this ravaged area. This is the most absurd accusation that anyone can make of a sitting President. First in times of disaster the President does not represent a party or a political philisophy but rather becomes a symbol of the the care and concern of the American people and also a conduant through which necessary federal resources flow to the disaster victims. His duty at these times are to assure these victims and the rest of the country that we are all in this together and that the full resources and abilities of the Federal government are available for those who need them. Yes, as in any Presidential visit there are certain manpower and vehicle resources that are needed for security, but this is to be expected regardless of the timing of the visit. I for one am proud that President Bush visited those hurting in Florida, and having worked in many disaster situations in the past I can assure you that each of those that the President visited and those whom he did not see were very grateful for his concern and the assurance that the country stands with them. A Presidential visit is not just a reassurance but can also have a calming effect as well as a boost for the morale to the hundreds who give countless hour assisting in disaster situations. Again this I speak from personal experience having worked in numerous disaster situations. I suppose Mr. Kerry believes that the President should be a supportive on-looker from a distance or maybe that a personal donation of oh, let's say one thousand cases of Heintz ketchup would be sufficiant! Maybe he could send his hair dresser to help with many bad hair days. Or maybe he could just keep his mouth shut and support the President through something that is not and should never have been political. Thank you Mr. President for your concern and God bless the people in western Florida as they recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

Ken Taylor


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