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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I thought we would be hard pressed to ever have an Attorney General worse than thunder thighs Janet Reno who was AG for Bill Clinton.  Reno was your basic bumbling idiot who made a complete laughing stock out of the Justice Department and handled several high profile situations such as the Branch Davidian debacle in Waco, Texas and the deportation of six year old Elián González taken by armed agents from his home in Miami under direct orders from Reno with a total ineptness that I thought could never be topped. Then along comes Eric Holder. 

Holder is not only inept but he is corrupt, uses his office ONLY for political expediency rather than enforcing the law and makes lying to Congress so habitual that I am sure there are many members of Congress who actually doubt when Holder is asked to state his name before any hearing that his name really is Eric Holder.

His complete disregard and habitual lying over the Fast and Furious papers refusing to deliver to Congress the thousands of documents demanded to investigate this absolute scam perpetrated with the full knowledge of Holder, though he has denied it, is alone enough reason for him to resign. Now with the massive amount of intelligence information being leaked by what seems obvious to most the source being The White House and Holder's refusal to not only investigate but to call for an independent prosecutor makes his corruption complete and his necessity to leave office mandatory.

But will he actually leave? Unless it comes right down to choosing between the total collapse of the Obama administration or the resignation of Eric Holder, Barack Obama is just arrogant enough to let Holder continue as AG. After all Holder has been Obama's best protector from the absolute corruption that has been part of Obama's Presidency since day one rivaling and yes maybe even exceeding that of Richard Nixon.  

Through it all Holder has used his office as a political wing of The White House turning a blind eye much of the time and when pressed fluffing off the illegality of this administration as if it has no meaning or matters at all.  To be considered the top cop for The United States, Holder has been more a Keystone Cop, a complete joke whose total disregard for the law is dangerous for our country.

There are calls from both sides of the isle for Holder to step down and he has refused with the complete blessing of his boss Barack. So unless it comes down to choosing between Holder and himself Obama will continue to stand with the man who licks his heels and protects him from the legal snares that have plagued this administration from the beginning. After all where will Obama find another boob willing to lie, cheat, bend the law, ignore the Constitution and take part in the destruction of America? Well other than Obama looking in the mirror that is.

Ken Taylor


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