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Friday, June 08, 2012


Once again the out of touch arrogant one as a way of trying to boost his socialist agenda to forcing Americans into depending more on government stated in a hastily called press conference on the economy that the, "private sector is doing just fine!" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing just fine???????? What an absolute moronic idiot!  Yes, Homeland Security I am using SEVERAL of your watch words !

This joker is so out of touch with reality and has been hanging out with the Hollywood lefties so much lately trying to schmooze donations for his struggling campaign that he actually thinks the private sector it doing fine. Of course this is also his way of saying that because the private sector, in his limited mentality, is doing just fine then more money needs to be thrown to bad by increasing government spending for Union and government job entities that he has absolute control over.

Mitt Romney immediately came out on the attack as he should calling Obama out of touch and The White House responded by playing the CYA game with Obama saying the economy is not fine and that's why he called the presser. From past experience in watching the arrogant one what he says the first time is ALWAYS what he means and he only back tracks when someone calls him on his stupidity.

By saying the private sector is doing just fine Obama thought he could get away with proposing more failed government spending and failed programs to, "boost," the economy. Now you and I understand that they don't work and have actually taken the economy in a far worse direction than it would have gone if the idiot in chief had just let the free market work its way through the Recession.

But Obama is the definition of lunacy, trying the same old failed garbage expecting it to have a different outcome. The ONLY different outcome his failed economic policy has it that different Americans find themselves out of work because he has caused a different business to cut back or go bankrupt because of his failed policies.

My friends and fellow patriots, though we see handwriting on the wall with the great victory in Wisconsin and the ever improving poll numbers especially in key swing states for Romney we must not waste a single moment, and expend all energies to make sure that we the people of The United States stand firm and strong and get this absolute plague out of The White House and send him back to the thuggery of Chicago where his type of political gamesmanship is right at home!

Ken Taylor


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