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Friday, June 29, 2012


Americans are angry. The decision by The Supreme Court not to overturn Obamacare/tax has angered Americans and may well be the catalyst that propels Mitt Romney into The White House. After the decision was revealed Romney raise a massive 43 million dollars for his Presidential campaign, a campaign that has already been consistently out raising the struggling Obama reelection campaign that has been seeking foreign funds to replace the lack of donations from former supporters.

A poll taken after the Court decision shows that more that 60% of Americans not only disagree with the decision but see Obamacare/tax as not only a bad law but destructive to our country. The House has announced that a vote to repeal the law will be taken after the Fourth of July recess which will in actuality be nothing more than a ceremonial vote as it will not pass the Democrat majority in the Senate and would face an Obama VETO if it were to get as far as The White House. But it will show Americans that House Republicans especially are in agreement with the majority of the people that Obamacare/tax is bad for the country.

Governors in a majority of States have already indicated they will not implement any of the provision of the law regardless of the High Courts decision and it is still up to Congress to apply the law as a tax and it remains to be seen if that will be addressed in this current Session or whether it will be placed on hold and await the results of the General Election and the next Congress as the courts decision could also give Republicans a strong if not super majority in both the House and the Senate as angry voters take to the polls on November 6.

A super majority along with a Romney administration would insure a repeal of this nightmare health care debacle and voters are understanding this fact. The courts decision could very well be the voter revolt against Obama and Democrats in Congress as well as RINOS who have been the cause of much of the disastrous legislation, regulation and socialist agenda that has taken our Nation to the brink of total destruction. So the courts decision could be the political coup needed to reshape Washington and finally begin restoring our Nation to Constitutional principles and fiscal sanity.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Tom's Place said...

When is a mandate a tax? When SCOTUS says so!!

Now that the taxpayers actually see the bait and switch Obama and his cronies have pulled, they're road to reelection has just gotten a bit steeper and rockier.

4:24 PM, June 30, 2012  
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