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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


The recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, his Lt. Governor and four Republican state Senators failed. Despite millions of dollars poured into the campaign to defeat Walker by the DNC and other left wing interests which gave the Democrats trying to unseat these Wisconsin Republicans a 10 to 1 spending advantage. Many high powered Democrats including Bubba Clinton criss-crossed the state trying to spin that the reforms instituted by Walker which ended a budget deficit and turned it into a budget surplus were bad for the people of Wisconsin and hurt the states workers.

Well the people of the state didn't believe the lies, the spin nor the strong arm tactic of the Unions and in a resounding referendum on liberalism, Unions, and Barack Obama gave Walker and the rest who were being recalled a huge victory with a decisive message, "we the people of Wisconsin and America aren't going to put up with the lefts socialist agendas anymore!"

The left wing media is already trying to spin this as meaningless for November. The White House has remained quiet in the days before and I am sure will ignore it now as if to say by Obama and clans silence that the failure of the recall means nothing. This is the first time in American history that a Governor faced a recall election and won. It proves that it was nothing more than a left wing attempt through the strong arm tactics of the Unions to quell the will of the people and eliminate Walker who stood up to the left and the Unions.

For Barack Obama who as mentioned has virtually ignored this recall election the hand writing on the wall is clear. We the people of The United States are fed up with you and your left wing Marxist cronies.  We are tired of you taking our money for your liberal agendas. We won't stand for you and your Union buddies robbing us blind and trying to tell us it's for our own good any longer.

Mr. Obama, November is coming and the people have spoken in Wisconsin and we in the other 49 states stand with them and are telling you now, pack your bags you socialist loser because come November 6 we are going to fire you and take our country back from your path of destruction and in January cheer as we send you and your dictatorial wife into the oblivion of history where your failed Presidency will been shown as the worst four years that American ever suffered through.  The fat lady ain't signing yet but she is warming her voice up and getting her best duds together to sing the swan song of Barack Obama!

Now fellow patriots we take the fight from Wisconsin and keep the pressure on until the final battle is won on November 6, 2012!

Ken Taylor


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