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Monday, June 25, 2012


His policy is robbing freedom at every turn. He seeks to steal even more as he plays class warfare demanding tax hikes for everyone making over $200,000 dollars which would further hamper small business and crush a struggling economy. It's not enough that his expansion of government and out of control spending has created trillion dollar deficits for the next decade and by the end of his term he will increase the national debt by $6.5 trillion dollars more than the combined debt of every President from George Washington to George H.W. Bush.

Now he is wanting the gifts we give on every occasion from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries, graduations and Bar Mitzvah's.  In a desperate move by a struggling candidate with an equally struggling campaign starving for dollars and begging for donations, Barack Obama has arrogantly called for his duped supporters to donate the money normally used for gifts to his campaign because it will do more good, at least in his imbecilic mind, than giving someone a, "gravy bowl," for a wedding gift.

"Obama Event Registry," has been established on the official Obama campaign website calling for donations to Obama's campaign rather than purchasing gifts for any occasion. According to wording from the site, "Let your friends know how important this election is to you. It’s a great way to support the president on your big day” and “goes a lot further than a gravy bowl." 

Obama now arrogantly expects supporters to set up the ability to donate to his campaign rather than give gifts much in the same way many place in obituaries when loved ones pass away saying, "in lieu of flowers," donate to a favorite cause of the deceased loved one or the family.   What a completely ridiculous notion by the Obama campaign to think ANYONE would donate to his campaign rather than give a gift for weddings, birthdays or ANY occasion.

It's not enough that he wants through his policy and forced government programs our money and our freedom he now wants our gifts to one another. This is a complete show of desperation in a campaign that is struggling for donations and cris crossing the country on an almost daily basis in hundreds of fund raisers that are coming up short of the dollars needed for Obama's reelection.

Anyone who actually follows this idiotic idea deserves anything this idiot forces upon them. If a duped supporter is stupid enough to actually ask friends and family to donate to Obama rather than give gifts then they are beyond hope and completely brain washed by Obama and company. Never before has any candidate on any level thought so much of themselves that they sought to take everything away from freedom to enjoyment for the purpose of advancing their political life. Obama is a joke and an arrogant fool who deserves to be booted out of office and we the people have that responsibility in November.

Ken Taylor


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