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Thursday, April 07, 2011


The scare tactics are already running amok in the liberal media with the assistance of Barack Obama, all whining about the government shut down looming after Friday. Obama whined about the National Parks Service while Pelosi and other Dems claim grandma and children will starve. All blaming Republicans for the mess never accepting the fact that it is all taking place because Dems REFUSED to pass a budget last year as they knew it would hurt them even worse in the 2010 election.

So here we are on the brink of a government shut down and Dems are refusing to yield on cutting spending even to the point of holding up necessary legislation set forth by Republicans to insure that if a shut down occurs military personnel and operations will continue to be paid and funded. I NEVER want to here another hypocritical Dem claim they support our troops when they are using their financial life line as a means of political grand standing over the shut down.

The bottom line is that Obama and Dems are NOT going to agree to cutting spending until they have the specter of a shut down taking place. Liberals live and die by government and if that precious entity to them is not functioning in its full controlling capacity they will panic, break out in hives and shake uncontrollably as their precious monster is suffering and not spending us into oblivion.

Shutting down the government is the GOP's best weapon to force Obama and Dems into agreeing on serious spending cuts. Right now they don't believe Republicans will allow it to happen so Dems are just sitting back waiting and watching Republicans scamper to find ways of preventing it. All the while using this pending shut down as a way of raising campaign funds and getting media attention.

Shut it down and Dems will panic. Maybe not the first day or possibly the second but let it go for over three days and Dems will start to cave and look to Republicans for ways of reopening their precious monster. Then Republicans will have the edge and be able to force serious cuts in spending.

So GOP, don't cave to Democrat lies about grandma and kids, we the people know who they are and how they lie. Stick to your guns, stand strong and let the shut down take place then as the Dems panic force their hand and make the cuts!

Ken Taylor


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