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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Democrats in Washington have been trying to play the middle of the road game for the last few months in order to play on the moderate and Independent voters in an attempt to garner their support for not only their minimal to non existance cut spending plans but now for Obama's new debt and deficit reduction plan.

But in the mix the liberal leadership namely Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are revealing their typical leftist tendencies while lying to the public about being middle of the road. Let's start with Nancy Pelosi.

In a recent speech to Tuft University students Pelosi whined that, "elections shouldn't mean as much as they do." Revealing her true belief that elections shouldn't matter since they express the will of the people and our will is the LAST thing she and her left cronies concern themselves about. She and the left ignore the people in order to do whatever they please.

Pelosi and the left do not believe nor accept the true Constitutional authority the people have over government and everyone associated with our government including her. So stating elections shouldn't matter as much as they do is just her way of saying, "we shouldn't have to listen to the people because we know what is best for them and they are just an inconvenience to us."

Harry Reid revealed his true leftist side this week as he tried to sound patriotic by saying he loved to hear the pledge of allegiance at the opening of every Senate session then went on to recite it leaving out, intentionally, "under God." Once again showing their leftist lie that separation of church and state is part of the First Amendment and as such God is to be left out of ANYTHING in our society.

Last and in least, Barack Obama. The budget debate that he stepped into at the last minute being dragged kicking and screaming to cut spending while telling the people falsely that he favored cuts is revealing his debt and deficit reduction plan. At the center of the plan is ending the Bush tax rates which follows the usual leftist game of playing the class warfare card and raising taxes rather than cutting spending to tackle any fiscal problem.

Don't fall into the trap of believing the leftists are moving toward the middle because it is nothing more than a lie to get a vote. They do not believe in the people, that God is part of our Nation nor in fiscal discipline. The truth about these lefties will always come out and usually from their own mouths. All we have to do is listen.

Ken Taylor


Blogger objectivist said...

I think Obama's actions with regards to the 2011 budget process is even more appalling. He and the Democrat-controlled Congress failed to pass anything last year, and he took no early leadership role even when the Republican House came into power. Suddenly, he says that he opposes a government shutdown, yet promises to veto any more Continuing Resolutions. Hopefully, many Americans will realize that hypocritical language is not the equivalent of being a moderate.

10:55 PM, April 16, 2011  
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