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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Barack Obama's birth certificate has been a controversy for well over three years. Since the beginnings of the 2008 campaign Obama has done everything within his power from a personal and legal stand point to prevent the release of this certificate and then like magic two and a half years into his first,(and only),term he miraculously releases the certificate claiming he needed a waiver from Hawaii to do so. SO WHY DIDN'T HE GET THE WAIVER AND DO THIS THREE YEARS AGO ?

Obama created the controversy by fighting the revealing of the certificate through legal avenues to the tune of millions of dollars. Now all of a sudden because of the publicity it has received as a result of Donald Trump, Obama finally reveals the certificate that could have been revealed years ago to stop this controversy in its tracks.

BEWARE! Obama is a calculating and political animal who does NOTHING without political motivation behind it. The timing of this release and the reason behind it reveals much about why he chose to make this long sought revelation now instead of a year, two years or even three years ago or not at all.

Donald Trump is an opportunist who has been as likely to support liberal Democrats as he has to support conservative Republicans. In fact records show that Trump has supported Democrat candidates far more than Republican and even admitted he voted for Obama in 08. Now he claims to be a conservative and is seeking the GOP nomination. Most conservatives, this one included, see through the glitz of Trump and his show that is attacking Obama right and left including the birth certificate.

Trump is NOT the candidate we need and has no more business in The White House than Obama does. Unfortunately Obama is in The White House where he does not belong but Trump is not and conservatives who see through his conservative masquerade have the ability to stop him in the primaries.

Obama knows this and also knows that Trump has more baggage that will destroy a candidate in a Presidential run than just about any candidate in history. Obama has the left wing media on his team and knows that with their help he can destroy Trump in a one on one run for The White House. By releasing the birth certificate after the Trump publicity tour, he legitimizes Trump as a candidate and thrust him into the position of GOP front runner since he, "got one over," on Obama.

My fellow patriots, don't fall into this trap. Trump did not get ANYTHING over on Obama. Obama is using this as a political maneuver to try and manipulate the GOP nomination process to get a candidate he knows he can beat. Trump is an opportunist who looks out for Trump and this run for the Oval office is to benefit Trump and Obama knows it.

Trump's grand standing after the birth certificate announcement played right into Obama's hands and I am sure that as he watched the fiasco of a presser held by Trump as he congratulated himself, Obama smiled and rubbed his greedy political hands together patting himself on the back for a farce well done. We don't need nor want Trump as the GOP nominee to run against Obama. Trumps nomination means another four years of the nightmare that is Barack Obama, the worst President in our history. On that I can agree with Trump but that is NOT enough to make him White House material.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Aurangzeb said...

when a controversy is wrong, they provide evidence. But when a controversy is right, they refuse to provide the evidence.


3:53 PM, April 28, 2011  
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