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Monday, April 11, 2011


The arrogant hypocrite in chief who was dragged at the last minute kicking and screaming into the budget debate is now taking credit for the deal made last Friday which stopped a government shut down. This coming from the liberal spender who only a few weeks ago presented his 2012 budget to Congress which had little in cuts and counter balanced with massive increases in spending totaling well over $80 billion dollars.

Even after joining the debate weeks after it had begun Obama was at ZERO cuts as Republicans were proposing about $60 billion. Granted the proposed cuts were still well below what is needed but if one includes Obama's $80 billion increase in spending for 2012, Republicans were proposing $140 billion more in cuts than Obama's zero.

Well into the debate Obama was only in the range of about $6 billion and complaining about that. He never wanted to cut spending and only talked about it because in polling the American people overwhelmingly favor large cuts so Obama spoke out of one side of his mouth to the people while fighting tooth and nail AGAINST cutting spending behind the scenes.

Only when a government shut down was looming did he sit down in earnest and discuss spending cuts since shutting down the government for a Democrat is like taking a dying patient off life support. If Republicans had actually let the government shut down I am convinced that Obama and Democrats would have agreed to larger cuts as the panic of their precious lack of government control with a shut down government would have driven them crazy.

After the deal had been made for $38.5 billion, which is still well below what is needed, Obama immediately went on television and acted as if he was for it all along and gave the impression that most of it was his idea. Saturday morning he followed this arrogant display with a visit to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument touting the budget deal like it was his own.

A snap CNN poll taken immediately after this arrogant display polling 850 adults, mostly Democrat show that Obama succeeded in convincing at least this polling group that he was responsible for it when anyone with any sense knows that Obama fought it and was against it until he was backed into a corner and had no choice but to agree.

$38.5 billion is a paltry amount and I would have liked if Speaker Boehner had stuck to his guns forcing a shut down and backing Obama further into a corner making larger cuts. Boehner has stated that in May when the debt ceiling battle takes place he will not settle for cuts in the billions but trillions.

Many have said that because of the Senate and White House still under Democrat control Boehner got the best deal he could get. Personally I think he could have held out for more had he allowed the government to shut down rather than being afraid of it. But either way this deal was NOT Obama's nor was it even close to the increase in spending he wanted. He deserves no credit for it nor congratulations for making it happen. We will see on Wednesday when he makes his supposed spending speech whether he proposes additional cuts or creates and new word to define tax increases. I am betting the latter.

Ken Taylor


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