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Thursday, January 27, 2011


When he was inaugurated Barack Obama pretended he was the incarnation of Abraham Lincoln, complete with using Lincoln's bible to take the Oath of Office and serving Lincoln's favorite foods at an inaugural banquet. Later when he was pushing his socialistic agenda on the American people he pretended he was Franklin Roosevelt and reincarnating the New Deal, constantly quoting FDR and always a reference to the Great Depression.

Now he is in trouble and Republicans are running the House, almost a balance in the Senate and the American people are fed up with the Obama socialistic agenda, uncontrolled spending and increasing the debt and deficits at record levels. So he once again reaches back in history and tries to pretend to be another President, this time it's Ronald Reagan.

Obama invited several Presidential historians to The White House for the purpose of finding out why Reagan was so liked by the people and what he did as President to make his terms in office so successful. During his Hawaii Christmas vacation, Press Secretary Gibbs made it a point to mention that Obama was reading a biography of President Reagan complete with official pictures of him reading the book.

All of this fueled the fire that Obama was seeking a move toward the center by quoting Reagan and looking at the Reagan Presidency as a measure on how to proceed with his own. Those who still support Obama tried to spin that the State of the Union address was patterned after Reagan with the little tid bits of carrots he threw out to conservatives like cutting the corporate tax rate and the spending freeze. Even his more patriotic references were attributed to Obama acting like Reagan during the speech.

All of this in an attempt to fool Americans into thinking that Obama is the rebirth of Ronald Reagan and the country can now embrace Obama as it did Reagan. Don't be fooled by this centrist charade Obama is using to dupe the people. Even during the SOTU address while trying to act as Reagan he insulted Reagan's ideology by proposing new spending, greater government expansion and control. All of which is polar opposite to Reagan's Constitutional ideals of limited government, less spending and less government intrusion.

Once again seeking to find an identity as President that he thinks will resonate with the American people Obama is pretending to be Ronald Reagan just as he pretended to be Lincoln and Roosevelt, though in pretending to be FDR he was at least emulating a socialist progressive like himself.

Obama is a liberal government control ideologue and no amount of quoting Reagan or acting as if he believes in Reagan's ideology will convince the American people that Obama is sincere in actually cutting the deficit and reducing spending especially when he constantly equates government as being the answer to all problems and proposes more government programs and spending to tackle every issue that faces our country.

Barack Obama, I lived during the Reagan Presidency. I voted for President Reagan twice and I can tell you from knowing that you sir ARE NO RONALD REAGAN!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

Not even close. Not even REMOTELY close.

Next thing we know he's say he loves Jelly Bellies too.

12:45 PM, January 27, 2011  
Blogger joetote said...

As disgusted I am with the media in general, this is indeed an all time low for these elitist morons. To have the audacity to insult the memory of one of the greatest Americans is bad enough. To compare this Marxist/Socialist/Anti-American ideals President with a man who loved his country, it's ideals and it's people with all his heart is a crime. Words like blasphemy come to mind, but I'm not exactly sure what word truly describes what I'm feeling at this moment.

As, in my view this man is overtly doing his best to dismantle everything President Reagan stood for and deliver our country to his Marxist handlers, I am indeed baffled as to how anyone could make a more asinine comparison than this. Very sad!

12:12 PM, January 28, 2011  
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