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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have participated in and viewed numerous Memorial Services over the years. I have watched as our Nation held services of Memorial after National tragedy and listened as Presidents spoke remembering those who died and seeking to unite our Nation during a time of grief. What I witnessed during the so called Memorial service for those senselessly killed and wounded in Tuscon was NOT a memorial as much as a campaign rally led by the ever campaigning Barack Obama.

Call me insensitive or whatever you wish but a Memorial Service is a time for somber reflection on the lives of those who are being memorialized and a time for families of those lost to find closure and share their grief with others in their community and our Nation who are also grieving at a time of National tragedy. The, "service," at the University of Arizona was not even close.

Before the service even began White House operatives created a political rally air as T Shirts with Obama's new campaign slogan, "Together We Thrive," were placed on the backs of every chair in the arena as seen here:
As the service began the crowd cheered as if in the midst of a campaign rally when Obama and Michelle entered the arena which in itself seemed quite odd to me but I had not envisioned this supposed Memorial Service turning into an actual campaign style rally complete with whoops and cat calls and Obama leading a cheer rally during his speech at several intervals.

The only person who used the proper memorial tone and sought a somber feel to their speech was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who remembered each victim and consoled the families of both those who died and those whose family members were wounded during the murderous rampage.

The ONLY time I thought a moment of applause was appropriate was when Obama mentioned in his speech that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes for the first time since her brain surgery which is a cause for celebration. But otherwise the somber tone which should accompany such an event for the sake of the families and others that are grieving, especially only a few days removed from the shooting was never expressed during Obama's speech or his constant moves to lead the crowd in cheers.

I took a moment later in the evening to view CNN coverage of the event on Anderson Cooper's show, which I view once in awhile momentarily to get the lefts perspective of any news worthy story. Anderson was interviewing a family who was at the rally and whose mother/wife was shot twice by Loughner. Cooper asked the mother what she thought of Obama's speech and she hesitated as if not knowing how to answer and then stated she was too overwhelmed by the presence of the lady who took the magazine which prevented the shooter from reloading. She obviously was put on the spot by Cooper and sought a gracious way out of telling how she really felt.

Later in his show Cooper interviewed Nancy Pelosi by phone who claimed to be in the room with Giffords when she opened her eyes. Pelosi actually stated that the visit of the Obama's, who had just moments before left her hospital room, attributed to inspiring Giffords to opening her eyes. Gove me a break! Inspired Gifords to open her eyes?!?!? During the memorial service cameras several times especially when Obama mentioned Giffords opening her eyes, captured Giffords husband who was sitting next to Michelle Obama. He had the look on his face of a man confused and holding back irritation over the rally style which had taken over what should have been a somber occasion.

I was reminded of another Memorial service during a time of National tragedy and offer to each of you the following video of President Reagan who understood, unlike Obama, that memorializing victims of a tragedy is not a time to be a cheer leader. After the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger President Reagan spoke at the National Memorial service, here is an excerpt:

A real President who understood that his duty was to unite Americans in a time of grief and not lead them in cheers for the fallen. Even the new Speaker of the House John Boehner understood that when memorializing during a National tragedy it is a time of somber reflection and not a time to be a cheer leader as the House took time to remember the fallen and reflect on their colleague.

As President it was Obama's responsibility to lead a service of healing with a somber mood and an opportunity to not only reflect on those lost but to offer the families and the Nation a collective time to mourn and grieve to begin the long process of healing after such a tragedy. Obama failed on all counts in doing this most sacred duty of a President. His campaign style speech and cheer leading were uncalled for and in extremely poor taste during a Memorial for innocent Americans murdered by a crazed killer.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous mama8 said...

And considering 'Together We Thrive' is Obama's campaign slogan for the 2012 election, it was pretty blatantly a political event, rather than the respectful memorial service it should have been.

12:46 PM, January 13, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally correct; - a "memorial" requires some level of decorum.

A memorial service is to define a space as holy, and the time as sacred. Particuarly important when the space itself is not a traditional religious setting.

A memorial becomes the place for a community to gather and grieve together, reflect on what is meaningful in life, honor the dead, and lend comfort to the bereaved in their time of loss.

Above all, politics should be subdued and avoided - out of respect for the surviving family members.

What occured was a political pep rally with cheering and "branded" T-shirt handouts. A hijacking.

Disgusting. The President and his administration are such phonies.

3:23 PM, January 13, 2011  
Anonymous hammer said...

the crowd's response was inappropriate but i dont blame the president. Im not a fan of his politics, because im a conservative. But i call things fairly, and i Know the President Made A Great Speech Last Night. The crowd shouldnt have been cheering like that. I do think that everyone up there Made Great Speeches, and i dont blame any of them for the crowd reactions.

6:55 PM, January 13, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

--Next Part--

4. "to lead the crowd in cheers" - our signal must have had some gaps in it; we never got to see Obama do the Arsenio fist thing, and also missed the presidential pom-poms. Darn; did you TIVO this, and can you post it to YouTube for all of us to see?

5. "sought a gracious way out of telling how she really felt" - wow, I didn't know you were a long-distance, time-shifted, video-tape mind reader. I guess it's just amazing that no-one else could figure this out besides you. I find this truly unbelievable (really, I do)!

6. "As President it was Obama's responsibility to lead (the event)" - well, it would have been hard to lead the event when you are a guest, as well as the last speaker, unless you expect the President to request of/tell other invited speakers how to perform their portion. You sound like you think this as an Obama event, in that he is in charge of things (like a campaign rally??). As a matter of fact, he was a guest, invited by UA.

Well, that's enough dissecting of this well thought-out writing assignment. Better luck next time.


1:58 AM, January 14, 2011  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I have some experience with presidential events. I can tell you with absolute certainty that these T shirts and the overall theme had to be approved by the White House or at the very least they must have been aware of what others were planning.

There is also a connection between the theme "Together we thrive" with Obama's campaign organization.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this were the theme for Obama's 2012 campaign.

I wouldn't be surprised to see another such tragedy exploited in this way for partisan political purposes.

3:10 PM, January 14, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, It wasn't a Presidential event; he was merely a guest. UA organized this event.

Is there any evidence of a campaign connect which you describe?

11:51 PM, January 14, 2011  
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