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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik the Democrat who began the liberal firestorm in blaming the right for the killing of six wounding of 14 including the attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords is playing games with his politicizing of this tragic situation. In fact I will go as far as saying that his political rhetoric is being used to push his own agenda as well as cover his irresponsible back side in the wake of more information about the shooter coming to light.

Within the first hour of the shooting well before much was known publicly about Jared Lee Loughner, the lunatic who went on a rampage in at the Safeway Grocery Store in Tuscon, Arizona, Dupnik convened a press conference about the case and immediately placed the fault for the shooting on political, "vitriol," centered around the conservative stand against illegal immigration.

Since those early moments Dupnik has taken every opportunity in pressers, interviews and newspaper headlines to continue to slam conservative politics as the cause of the killer taking a gun and killing on Saturday. Even with more evidence appearing every day that this lunatic was nothing more than a crazed mental case without any political agenda, Dupnik continues to go after, "right wing," politics as the cause to the point that yesterday he specifically cited Rush Limbaugh as creating an atmosphere of political hatred against government as the reason Loughner going on his murderous rampage.

Dupnik is not the only liberal who is falsely accusing the right of causing this tragedy. He is among many from the idiots on the left. The rag called a newspaper, The New York Times along with MSNBC, CNN, the alphabet networks and many other media outlets are expressing their anger over losing political power by doing their usual unfounded claim of accusing the right for every violent act in this country. While the media is pushing their normal lying agenda which is as uncalled in politicizing this tragedy as always, Dupnik is doing more than pushing the liberal agenda.

His office failed completely in preventing this lunatic from his murderous rampage and Dupnik is using the, "right wing, " blame game as a means to take the spotlight off his Departments failure to act in a clear dangerous situation and ignoring the fact that Loughner was a ticking time bomb looking for an opportunity to explode as he did on Saturday.

Dupnik and his irresponsible Sheriffs Department were not only well aware and very familiar with the many violent threats against several people INCLUDING Giffords, but this crazed killer had been on their radar for a considerable amount of time because of many reports of his violent tendencies and threats. At one point Dupnik's Department informed citizens who reported Loughner's threats of violence that he was under mental care which was not the case but a deliberate lie by the Sheriff's Department to appease complainants.

This is a tragedy that could have been prevented if the now media hog Dupnik had acted BEFORE Loughner's lit fuse ran out on Saturday. This failure to act by Dupnik should be investigated and rather than the false blame game played against the right, the liberal Sheriff charged with neglect of duty in ignoring a known threat allowing it to continue until it reached its point of explosion on Saturday. Dupnik and his failure are just as responsible for this senseless killing as Loughner is in pulling the trigger which took the lives of so many and wounded the lives of many more involving our entire Nation in the after of this very preventable tragedy.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

it goes much further. His idiotic statements have, in my view jeopardized the prosecution of this loony. As with our know nothing president, this so called "officer of the law" is nothing other than a cancer in our society. Full of the same hatred towards everything we as Americans hold dear, he viciously slandered the majority of Americans. What do you do with a cancer? You cut it out! This guy, as all the other Anti-American scumbags in positions of power (including the MSM) must go!

11:24 AM, January 11, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you both more! Absolutely right on.

8:40 PM, January 11, 2011  
Anonymous Rick Shreiner said...

Too bad you provided NO documentation for your claims. ZERO.
Sorry, but I have to give your homework a D- for being nothing other than an opinion.

9:36 PM, January 11, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Within the first hour of the shooting well before much was known publicly about Jared Lee Loughner" - from live feed YouTube videos, it seems the sheriff was on about 6pm local time; hardly the one hour you state.

"immediately placed the fault for the shooting on political, 'vitriol,' centered around the conservative stand against illegal immigration" - again, immediately seems unlikely, as it was several hours after the shooting. And I doubt you can find the words where fault was mentioned, or even inferred. The closest I could find was susceptible, and that's not at all close to fault. There was also no mention of conservative or immigration in the sheriff's comments that I could find. Do you need a license to make such false statements?

"slam conservative politics as the cause" - I suppose you can back this up with evidence? The same for this: "continues to go after, 'right wing,' politics".

"used to push his own agenda" - and as an experienced LE official, boots on the ground, obviously he has no professional sense of the situation in his county. It's all just personal political posturing. How about some evidence here, as well?

"This failure to act by Dupnik" - of what failure do you speak? What legal course of action was available that you can explain to us? Are you saying he could have had Jared committed for observation or perhaps public safety (on what grounds)? Was there an arrest missed (for breaking what law)? If you want to present such strong action, you should be able to easily tell us why and what this action could be based on (laws, of course).

This all appears to be CYA, to hide from the natural side-effects of hateful, angry, violent speech, which again, may have been an influence for this and other terrible acts (past and/or future). If only people could have an honest debate, disagreeing without being disagreeable. Exercising the old noggin before engaging in language-related activities. Not as much fun as demonizing, but at least it's respectable.


11:53 PM, January 14, 2011  
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