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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Does Barack Obama know who he is ? Politically his actions and his policy have shown that he is a leftist ideologue who believes in a socialistic state that controls the lives of the people. His philosophy stems from so many directions that it would take a genealogy map to discover just how many leftists influenced Obama. Everyone from his Marxist father to the radical Jeremiah Wright are part of that political genealogy.

Though his political, "parentage," is obvious by his policy and actions, Obama the man acts like a child who is still trying to discover who and what he wants to be when he grows up. His identity is still, after two years in office, a mystery to the public and it would seem to himself. There is the still lingering controversy over the birth certificate with seldom a day passing when it does not make the news and frankly because of its lingering stamina is more of an embarrassment to those on the right seeking it than to Obama.

With every wind that blows Obama tries to identify himself with someone from history whether that person is a President or a famous individual from the country that he is visiting. For instance when he was in India, Obama thought himself to be Gandhi as he tired to emulate the Mahatma's path and compared his beliefs to those of India's greatest hero.

When he campaigned, especially after winning the Democrat nomination he thought himself to be messianic making reverences to his hope and change mantra being an almost religious experience even to the point of Greek columns and a church like atmosphere when he made his much taunted acceptance speech in Denver at the end of the Democrat convention. Then he took his," messiah," complex with him on the campaign trail basking in the light as the worshipful media helped create this false identity.

After the election during the weeks of transition Obama thought himself to be Bill Clinton as he made staff appointment with nearly two thirds of those appointments being former Clinton administration staffers. As new staffers were named nearly every headline or soundbite started off with, "former Clinton administration......," the the blank was filled in with whatever position held under Bubba.

When he was inaugurated he thought himself to be Abraham Lincoln. He boarded a train and followed the route taken by our 16th President as a security measure for Lincoln to Baltimore first then to Washington. He used the personal bible of Lincoln to take the Oath of Office and ate many of Lincoln's favorite foods during Inaugural banquets. He compared himself to Lincoln during the buildup to the Inauguration and in his Inaugural address.

When pushing the failed stimulus bill he thought himself to be Franklin Roosevelt supposedly saving the country from a great depression. Creating the 21st Century version of the New Deal and using You Tube for this generations, "fire side chats." And like Roosevelt his much taunted, "New Deal," failed to deliver what was promised and rather than solving the problem actually exasperated it taking the country deeper into recession and unemployment.

Now Republicans have taken over the House, almost evened up the Senate, hold a majority of Governorships and State Houses and a conservative surge is sweeping the country as anger over Obama's failed policy, massive spending, debt creation and deficit busting is causing voters to run from Obama and embrace the Constitutional conservative policies and values that have made our country great since its birth.

Now the proverbial Chameleon of politics is seeking a new identity and has chosen Ronald Reagan. Although the evidence shows otherwise both he and the media claim that Obama is making a move to the center to respond to the results of the mid term election and the new make up of Congress all of which are claimed to be Reaganesque. Even though Reagan was a staunch conservative who unlike Obama politically never wavered, he did use compromise occasionally to get passed those items he needed for the betterment of the country. So now that Obama is supposedly willing to work with Republicans, a move we have yet to see, he is emulating Reagan.

His State of the Union address was touted time and again as Reaganesque since he uncharacteristically made a few, very few, patriotic references in the midst of his praising China for becoming a world power. Something Reagan would never have done because of the threat that power now poses to The United States. During his Christmas vacation in order to begin this Reagan charade that Obama is now trying, Robert Gibbs made it a point to mention the Reagan biography Obama was reading complete with pictures of him reading it.

He has met with White House historians to look at the Reagan Presidency and sought advice from former Reagan staffers. All in an attempt to identify himself falsely with one of our greatest Presidents who he knows is still beloved by the people. This combined with the centennial celebration of Reagan's birth makes for great headlines for Obama and the attempt to create the illusion he is following the Reagan philosophy.

Yet he continues to seek expanded government which Reagan fought, increased spending which Reagan sought to decrease. Appeasement to our enemies a stance polar opposite of Reagan who stood strong opposing our enemies and fought to defeat them not appease them. Obama sees government as the answer to everything while Reagan knew government was the problem not the answer.

Reagan was an actor who became a great President. Obama is a failed politician who is trying to act like other Presidents and famous individuals from other countries. Failing to meet the grade on every account and always seeking a new identity to try and make a legacy and create a persona that satisfies everyone while failing to satisfy almost no one, including his liberal base.

Obama suffers from an identity crisis in trying to make a public personality that hides the real and dangerous truth of his political philosophy which is destructive to our country, seeks to eliminate the Constitutional principles that have sustained our Nation throughout our history and create an America in his leftist image that is weak and bows to the rest of the world. He talks compromise but only if those who disagree with him make the compromise. He says he stands for the people while seeking to control the very people he claims to champion.

This is what happens when someone is given power without anyone truly knowing who he is before that power is acquired. Obama remained a complete mystery throughout the campaign and in many respects except for the political stances he has taken is still a mystery as a person and the media only helps this mystery continue as they are a willing accomplice to the continually evolving identities Obama tries to take on to hide the truth of his agenda to destroy and then rebuild America into a socialist state.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

He's not seeking an identity! That has already been established in his own words and actions. Very clear in his book. No, what he is trying to do is hide who he really is from the people whom he feels are beneath him, the American public. As any wanna be Marxist/Socialist leaning dictator, he presents the persona he thinks the people wants while stabbing them in the back.

12:20 PM, January 31, 2011  
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