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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign the media love affair with Barack Obama was a source of aggravation because of the fact that as a candidate Obama was never truly vetted by the media and as such never truly known. Since becoming President that love affair has continued as the media has endorsed with high praise and little questioning everything Obama has done.

When the cry of media bias has been given the MSM has denied this fact and even Obama has gone of record in interviews stating that the media was not in his court. Both the MSM and Obama have whined about the ,"attacks," that have been made against him from the Fox News Network, the ONLY television news source that has actually questioned what Obama is doing and gives a balanced view of his policy.

For anyone who has questioned the fact of media bias and the love affair that the MSM is having with Barack Obama, ABC in its most recent move is putting any doubt to rest. In an unprecedented move ABC, (The American Barackcasting Company), is airing not only their nightly news program with Charles Gibson from The White House next Tuesday but preempting their prime time lineup to air Obama's , "Healthcare Reform Special."

The program is being advertised as a forum in which the issue of health care will be discussed and the proposed government controlled health care plan that Obama is preparing to push through Congress. A plan that he is personally trying to quickly ramrod through like his stimulus package using fear mongering tactics claiming that if not passed by the Fall The United States will face a catastrophic financial nightmare bankrupting the US economy.

Of course when the numbers are truly looked at by the impartial Congressional Budget Office, Obama's plan in just its first phase will add another one trillion dollars to the already Obama expanded multi-trillion dollar deficit. Not to mention all of the questions concerning government controlled coverage, doctor choice, medication etc. But does ABC care about looking at the facts about Obama's plan from a strictly journalistic view point asking questions to find real answers ? Absolutely not.

The, "Healthcare Reform Special," airing on ABC next Tuesday from The White House will include discussion and interviews with details about the plan but all of the information for the special is coming directly from the Obama propaganda team with absolutely no opposition views to Obama's plan being allowed on the program.

ABC is using a supposed unbiased media forum as a mouth piece for only one side of the health care debate without any opposition or question about the problems with the plan or the negative impact it will have on our economy, the medical profession, the health care industry and the type of health care that will result if Obama's plan is passed.

No questions about government control of the health care industry or allowing government to ration health care or decide which doctors a patient must use or the type of treatment allowed under the government sponsored program. ABC will of course ask questions but all of the answers will be coming ONLY from Obama and those he is assigning to participate in this, "special."

For anyone liberal who has questioned media bias and favoritism toward Barack Obama this blatantly biased program should put to rest any doubt that the MSM media is nothing more than an mouth piece for Barack Obama. Never before has a President been allowed a public forum on television that allows no opposing view on an important issue. Never before has a President been allowed to use a major media outlet to air a free infomercial for a proposed legislative program that will effect every American.

This is the type of programing that took place in the former Soviet Union under the state run media during the years of the Cold War. This is not a free press exercising its First Amendment rights but a press that is obsessed with Barack Obama and is choosing to not only side with his policy but to become a propaganda instrument for the airing of that policy.

Our Constitution provides for three Branches of government. In the First Amendment it also provides for freedom of the press which was intended to be the watch dog of all three Branches so that any Branch or elected official within this government could not have the chance of becoming a tyrant or for the government to usurp the true authority of the people in being the true power and ultimate authority of our government. A free press Constitutionally is supposed to help the people through unbiased reporting and journalistic integrity which should keep politicians on their toes and accountable to the people.

This true intent of freedom of the press no longer exists with the MSM when it comes to Barack Obama. ABC on Tuesday night will belong to Barack Obama. He has taken ownership of the network and with their permission is deciding programing and content giving the guise of a free and open debate about an issue that concerns all Americans. This ruse will be aired and unfortunately many Americans will think they are being told the whole truth because it is airing on ABC. If you think we are not moving toward Marxists/socialism under Barack Obama then be sure to watch the state run programming Tuesday night on ABC.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

The whole discussion of media bias in today's day and age is just silly. In the days of just three networks and no cable TV I might be able to buy the argument, but the reality is that there are plenty of outlets that are liberal and plenty that are conservative. If you don't like the NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Sun-Times, or Washington Post then read the NY Post, Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Times. If you don't like Fox News watch MSNBC. If you don't like Rush, listen to Ed Schultz. If you don't like Drudge go to Daily Kos. Anyone can find information that suits their political leaning. It is really not that hard. It is just useless whining to cry about "media bias."

As for the broader question of health care, we need significant reform. The costs are rising at two to three times the rate of inflation. A major reason for our rising premiums (for those of us who have health care) is the tens of millions of uninsured.

When someone who is uninsured goes to the hospital for an emergency they are treated. Does the hospital eat the costs? No, they just bill everyone with insurance a little more to cover the overhead costs of treating the uninsured.

Doing nothing is not an option. The CBO has analyzed a "do nothing" option and it shows that health care costs will swamp the federal budget and thus the private sector. This is why business groups including the Chamber of Commerce are now looking for major reform and are working with our President to do so.

8:57 AM, June 17, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main thrust of this blog is the news bias of the MAIN STREAM MEDIA, namely, the over-the-air broadcast stations (NBC, ABC, CBS), newspapers, NPR, MSNBC; the outlets that most of the country turn to for their daily news.

You rightly point out that there are other venues to become informed from. Many people are turning to them, and away from the MSM. That is why the MSM are bitching about lost viewership and readership. But that does NOT make the MSM any less biased. It just makes their bias more obvious.

As for the swamping costs of insurance, I have a quick and easy solution to cut the costs of covering the uninsured in half, immediately. I got your "reform" right here. But I guarantee you won't like it.
Between 46 million supposedly uninsured people, and over 20 million illegal aliens, giving the illegals the boot should do for half, don't you think? Then it should be less of a problem to insure the rest. That is, if they want it in the first place.

Besides getting rid of half of the uninsured by getting rid of the illegals, that action will provide benefits in several other ways.

1) Providing jobs for those who are rounding up and getting rid of the illegals.

2) Freeing up jobs for the US citizen unemployed when the illegals are gone.

3) Thus more people will be employed and able to purchase their own health insurance IF THEY WANT IT.
And the government will NOT feel the pressure to provide it. Thus freeing up costs on their end.

And I have one more MAJOR point to make, if you would care to research and attempt to rebut:
WHERE, oh WHERE, in the whole of the US Constitution and the first 10 Amendments Bill of Rights, does it give the Federal Government a mandate to provide health insurance in the first place???

B Woodman
"Molon Labe"

3:04 PM, June 17, 2009  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob, the media bias ,"argument," is not a closed issue because there are other outlets. As I mentioned in the post, freedom of the press was included in the First Amendment as an additional check to keep the people informed of the actions of government supposedly without bias so that the peoples true authority over government would have an independant watch dog in the media.

With the MSM and an overwhelming number of those other outlets that you mentioned biased toward Obama is such a blatant way the Constitutional free press watch dog no longer exists. The majority of the media is now a mouth piece for Obama and nothing more.

SSG Woodman - "WHERE, oh WHERE, in the whole of the US Constitution and the first 10 Amendments Bill of Rights, does it give the Federal Government a mandate to provide health insurance in the first place???"

Amen to this great question. The common welfare does not mean government provision or entitlements. In fact when taking into account the 10th Amendment which calls for limited government a real argument could be made that government sponsored health care isactually unconstitutional.

6:17 PM, June 17, 2009  
Blogger Tom said...

First the financial institutions, then the automotive companies. Now a media station.

And we should be surprised?

8:10 PM, June 17, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, this whole FEDERAL health care mess is, actually, unConstitutional.
So, the next question, where & how do we, the people, proceed to repair that which is so egregiously broken?
Too few actual conservatives to be heard above the Democrats & Repub/DemLites uproar.
And with "President" Obeyme so tightly surrounded by his lackeys (MSM included) and telepromptors, how do we few get this basic question before the Almighty Him and the rest of the nation?

Addendum: By the same reasoning, it can be argued that the STATES could have a mandate for statewide health care. But that could/would/should be left up to each individual State. A lot easier to control at a lower level of management.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army
"Molon Labe"

8:28 PM, June 17, 2009  
Blogger Rob said...

There is no such thing as a monolithic MSM. Just change the channel or cancel your subscription or go to another website.

I'm all for better enforcement of immigration laws and deportations. But the reality is that it won't solve the health care problem - not even close.

The very conservative AMA is now on board with working with Obama to address the health care problem. We have to have reform, but there is no actual plan on the table as yet. The Republicans can try to come to the table and work with the Administration or they can just continue to be the party of "NO!" That isn't going to cut it. The business community wants reform, the AMA wants reform, the majority of American people want reform. There is growing desire for a public (government) option. It is going to happen and if done right it will benefit the insurance industry, doctors, businesses, and the American people.

9:05 PM, June 17, 2009  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob, it is not a question of reform that is the problem. The problem is that the government does NOT belong in the health care business.

Also it will become one huge entitlement that will never be fed enough with tax dollars.

It will follow Social Security which FDR said would be paid for by the deductions from payroll and would never be a burden on the budget. It now is a major percentage of the budget.

LBJ said medicare would never be a drain on public funds and would be paid for by cots cutting and budget cuts. Medicare is now a monster that drains tax dollars daily.

Obama says government health care will not cost tax payers anything because of the savings in overall health cost. Just like SS and Medicare which were sold on a similar promise nationalized health care will be a huge entitlement and budget buster. Just ask the Brits whose nationalized system has bankrupted the country.

10:49 PM, June 17, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really. . . the AMA is working with the Prez on this health care reform? From what I heard on the MSM (surprise!!), the AMA actually BOO'D Obeyme during his speech to them.

And for once, the RepubDemLites are waking up to the wishes of their constituants, the people that voted them into their Congressional seats of power.
Weather it's out of responsibility, or not wanting to lose their office at the next election cycle, I don't know & I don't care.

As for reform, you want reform? Then get the Government OUT OF THE HEALTH CARE business. That will save SO MUCH money, that people will be able to choose their own private health care plan, AND BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT.

You ever heard of competition, capitalism and free enterprise? It's that system of non-government that allows private businesses to sell more and better and more variety of goods for MUCH LESS then the government could ever dream of. Otherwise, we would all still be driving Henry Ford's Model T's, offered on one color only, black.

The only area that I would be willing to see the Federal government in the health care arena, is to lightly inspect and oversee the insurance companies to make that there is no fraud. Period. Fraud. Not waste and abuse. That would be taken care of by the insurance subscribers, who would vote with their dollars and feet, and move to a different company if they suspected something was wrong, and/or they could get a better deal.

And I'm still convinced that the oversight and inspections would be better taken care of at the state level, not the federal level.

And I'm STILL waiting for your answer on WHERE in the Constitution that venerable document allows the Federal government to be able to take money out of my pocket to give someone else subsidized health care.

All your pious duck-billed platitudes aren't answering my basic question. So it's time to put up, or shut up.

Rob, just another liberal socialist who refuses to learn the lessons of history.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army
"Molon Labe"

11:53 PM, June 17, 2009  
Blogger Rob said...

Ken, I have no idea where you get your information but you should really find other sources. Social Security is not a part of the budget. FICA taxes fully pay for Social Security and in fact have been producing large surpluses. These surpluses go into the Social Security Trust fund. Even with the economic downturn and even if there are no changes to the program whatsoever, Social Security is fully funded until 2037.

In fact, the Social Security surpluses are used by the federal government as another source of funds. The Social Security Trust had a SURPLUS of about $1.4 TRILLION during George Bush's term - but he spent the surplus instead of putting it into a "lockbox" that Gore proposed and was made fun of in the 2000 campaign. So the idea that Social Security is a drain on resources is just flat out wrong. You can go to the Social Security Administration and just read the Trust Fund Reports.

Here is the CBO's summary of the budget over the last couple of decades - you can easily see the Social Security surpluses.

Medicare is also funded by the FICA taxes and is fully funded right now. The problem is that health care costs are rising 9-12 percent per year - WAY FASTER THAN NORMAL COST OF LIVING. This fact, along with the growing number of retirees, and the horrendous Medicare Part D that Bush burdened us must be dealt with.

10:43 AM, June 18, 2009  
Blogger Rob said...

Woodman - it is fairly obvious you don't understand what is driving up health care costs.

Did you actually see Obama's speech to the AMA? There was no booing - in fact just the opposite. There was applause and laughing at the joke lines. Go to YouTube and see for yourself. Better yet, go to the AMA website and click on the link that says, "President Obama Receives Warm Welcome from AMA Physicians". You can watch the video on the AMA site.

There are plenty of articles discussing the fact that the AMA is going to come to the table and supports some public option. They don't want a single-payer system, nor do they want payment caps, but the AMA is open to a public option. Just do a little research and see for yourself - don't take my word for it.

You also need to read the Constitution and understand it. Your question, "WHERE in the Constitution that venerable document allows the Federal government to be able to take money out of my pocket to give someone else subsidized health care?" is just plain silly. Article 1 of the Constitution explains how laws are written by the Legislative Branch. If you don't know how the legislative procedure works read the Constitution. If you cannot understand the Constitution take a class.

10:47 AM, June 18, 2009  
Blogger Rob said...

My mistake, let me clarify one thing I said above. Social Security is obviously part of the budget, but what I meant to say is it has no negative impact on the budget.

It has its own funding source (FICA payroll taxes). Social Security is fully funded and in fact runs a budget surplus every year.

12:12 PM, June 18, 2009  
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