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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Democrats have historically been the party who have played on financial fears in order to get votes. For instance they have used Social Security as a means of scaring the elderly into voting Democrat by false claims that , "evil, " Republicans would lower or take away all benefits leaving seniors to starve in the streets. Then the GOP took control of Congress and seniors realized that the Dems had been lying about Social Security so that scare tactic does not work as well as it used to.

So, since Democrats cannot rely on the usual financial scare tactics to get votes as much as they did in the sixties through the nineties and we know that in an actual debate based ONLY on the issues, Democrats cannot begin to convince voters of any logical reason to vote for a liberal, how are Democrats trying to get votes in the race for 2008 ?

BRIBERY ! Not the typical bribery where there is a quick exchange of cash , though with the Dems I am sure that this type of bribery to get a vote happens on election day at the precinct level. No, their voter bribery is much more subtle and enticing than just a simple exchange of cash.

The 2008 Great Democrat Voter Bribery scheme uses the government as the means, Socialism as the goal and class warfare as the weapon. It began with the rush by all of Democrat candidates presenting their versions of Universal Health Care. Give every American government controlled health care and hide that it reduces health care availability and taxes the country to death.

This was followed with plan after plan especially from Hillary Clinton of massive government give -aways ranging from government supplied child care to baby bonds and yes even taxpayer internet for everyone. Each program designed to bribe either all voters or specifically targeted voters with government programs to make life better by taking away the , "worry, " of the American people of providing for themselves but in reality ushering in , "Big Brother, " socialistic care by an all powerful Federal Government. All cleverly disguised as Democrats , "caring, " for the needs of the American people.

Now class warfare is being added to the mix as Charlie Rangel last week revealed a one trillion dollar tax, "reform," that lets Democrats play Robin Hood by taking from the rich and giving to the poor....sort of. Remember the Democrat politicians, most of whom are millionaires, are notorious for expounding to the lower middle class and poor the dangers of the, "evil, "rich and the, "evil," Republicans who cater to the rich and take away from the poor !

Rangels tax, " reform, " proposal uses the classic class envy idea but rather than real reform is in actuality a massive redistribution of wealth which if fully implemented would take from the higher income earners and institute a trickle down effect that will eventually hurt the pocket books of every American as wages decline from huge tax increases for the very people who provide jobs....the evil rich.

But to the average John Q Democrat or Independent Rangels , "reform, " on the surface looks like it gives every advantage to middle and lower class wage earners and increases the tax burden on the evil rich. Classic Democrat voter courting by class warfare.

The proposal has certain aspects that look good on the surface in order to disguise its true redistribution aspects. For instance it lowers the Corporate tax rate from 35% to 30% but in turn increases the Capitol Gains tax from 15% to 19.6 % which would actually DECREASE Corporate investment because of less available capitol due to more taxation.

The proposal also eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax and replaces the revenue by adding a surcharge of 4% to families making $200, 000 and 4.6% for those making over $500.000. Now here's the kicker on the surcharge. The increase will not be based on adjusted taxes, or taxes after deductions, but on the actual gross income which in reality turns a 4% surcharge into at least an 8% tax increase.

Then as any economist knows when available income decreases those who do the investing, the higher income earners, decrease investment and the trickle down effect would eventually hit the lower wage earners in decreased wages, fewer job creations and greater job eliminations as investment money decreases. Then the inevitable reduction in government revenues and of course the Democrats would raise taxes once again to counter the revenue loss.

So, how does this all equate to The Great Democrat Voter Bribery ? With Bush as President and the current make up of the Congress, even with a Democrat majority, none of the massive government give-aways nor Rangel's tax, "reform, " stand a snow balls chance in you know where of passing or even getting to the House or Senate floor.

Now here comes election 2008 and Democrats are saying to the American people, "vote for me and lookie here at what I am going to GIVE you!" Government give-aways and class warfare tax , "reform, " all designed to get votes from Americans who historically tend to vote Democrat or if another viable alternative is available lean Democrat, in other words moderate to somewhat liberal Independents.

Is it deceptive ? Sure, after all they are Democrats and deception is more or less a principle to them. Is it good political strategy ? If it works and increases their majority and puts a Democrat in the White House, though very underhanded and ultimately destructive to the nation it will achieve their goal of absolute power and control of the nation and the people. Will it work ? Only the next 12 months will tell !

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

They say nothing is free in life. While the dems would like you to forget that, just remember they may be GIVING all sorts of bells and whistles... AFTER they TAKE from you in the form of taxes (and cut military funding).

2:38 PM, October 28, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

The sad thing is that many actually believe that since it will come from the government it will cost them nothing!

The Democrat con job!

4:31 PM, October 28, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

Spot on, Ken.

The MSM carries a lot of culpability here.

They do all they can to obscure the fact that since the Bush tax cuts, unemployment has shrunk and we have left the recession behind, because the public might then realize the correlation between lower taxes and a better economy.

Even now, with our economy thriving again, all we hear is how much trouble it's supposedly in.

They'll see how much trouble it will really be in if the Dems ever gain control of both the White House and Congress, taxes increase for spending on socialist programs and the downsizing and resulting unemployment we saw in the last couple of years of the Clinton Administration return, and the recession comes back with a vengeance.

At that point in time, when we are most vulnerable economically, we will undoubtedly hear from our "good friends" the Chinese as they begin dumping all that U.S. Treasury paper they've been buying up.

2:17 AM, October 29, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

The Democrats are appealing to those who want to be taken care of by the Government. It amazes me how many people don't understand that the Government has no money other than what it takes from the people. Here's an example:

Almost two years ago one of my daughter's friends got pregnant out of wedlock. Happily, she didn't abort but decided to have the baby. She also dropped out of school and got a minimum wage job. She was only barely 18 at the time and still living with Mom. Her mom had always been on every government aid program she could get her hands on and taught her daughter well.

After this girl had her baby she came over to visit one day and began to brag about how much help the government was giving her. I can't remember now what exact programs she was on, but she was beaming. She said it was great that the government was helping her so much. I couldn't stand it so this is when I said: "You haven't thanked me, Christina." She looked surprised. She asked what she was supposed to be thanking me for, so I explained the facts to her... that the government only had money to give her that they took away from taxpayers like me, so she should thank me instead of the government. LOL! She looked rather sheepish and mumbled "thank you." A short truth taught to one person that will change nothing, but we have to try.

8:31 AM, October 29, 2007  
Blogger Mark said...

I would dearly love to sit on my duff and simply collect free money from the Government but unfortunately, I've seen what Government programs have wrought firsthand.

I've lived among people who do nothing but sit and collect and complain that the government doesn't give them even more. For what? Doing nothing.

11:33 AM, October 29, 2007  
Anonymous Mr Blifil said...

Hey Gayle:

You sound like a real compassionate conservative, what with your creepy insistence that a person down on their luck, grateful they have been able to put a roof over their heads, probably worried about their future and the future of the child you claim to be so grateful for her to have had, should have to bow her head to you and thank you with calm humility.

What kind of a judgemental power trip are you on? Ever ride the nation's highways? Do you get out and thank the first passerby for having paid taxes so that the road's didn't buckle beneath you? Are you really so arrogant to believe that you don't benefit from the tax base?

As to whether your "friend" (I'd hate to meet her enemy) should have aborted or not, let me suggest a possibility to you. None of it is any of your freakin' business. And you may be surprized to find one day that you are the one in need and it will be the tax contribution coming from your "friend's" now grown child that'll be keeping your ass out of the gutter.

11:47 AM, October 29, 2007  
Blogger Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Interesting comment above.

Judgmental trip? My judgmental trip is that people should be responsible for the messes they make. If we have a terrible depression and people cannot buy foor because there are no jobs such as in 1930, then the government should provide assistance. If someone decides to have sex and decides to forego birth control and decides that they should spend their lives at a minimum wage job, why should I deprive my children of that money and help them?

It is my business that people who refuse to make responsible decisions use MY money. just as it is my business to care about how a corporation makes decisions when MY money is invested.

I don't plan on ever needing anyone to support me. I make my decisions in life with the long range view as to how this will affect me later in life.

What is the rationale behind your anger?

1:08 PM, October 30, 2007  
Blogger golem269 said...

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4:57 PM, October 30, 2007  
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