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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton is proposing bankruptcy through Socialism for America. Nearly every week she has proposed massive entitlement programs that will cost the American tax payer $ 756 billion , (yes billion with a "B"), dollars if they are implemented and she is still proposing so the final price tag will be higher. Of course all of this massive spending would take place if, (God forbid, oops used God so I guess Pelosi will not allow this post at the Capitol), she were elected President.

While in all of her proposals she has provided avenues that would raise the funds to pay for these massive government entitlements, the bottom line is that every proposal either causes or mandates dependency on the government and the price tag will be paid for in one way or another by the American tax payer.

She tries to hide this in some respects by , "taxing the rich," or corporations but when all is said and done John "Q" public will foot the bill either through higher taxes directly to tax payers, higher consumer costs because of higher corporate taxes, or less investment in business by the, "rich, " because of her higher taxes which will decrease new employment and cause lay -offs to pay for the added tax burden.

Each of her programs follow the FDR mold of Socialism which gave us the Social Security entitlement that even Roosevelt's mother refused to pay. Following are a few examples of Hillary's Socialism programs.

Hillary Care - massive government run health care program which mandates health care for all citizens, even to the point that if a potential employee does not have a government certificate showing health care coverage they CANNOT be hired. COST $110 billion dollars per year.

Hillary's government run 401 K - retirement accounts starting at $1000.00 which will be matched dollar for dollar by the government. She claims this is an entitlement especially for the poor, but how many poor have an extra $1000.00 to save for retirement ? Additionally this dollar amount will go up every election year as candidates will use it as campaign promise to raise the government matching funds. COST, (At Hillary's proposed level), $25 billion dollar per year.

Hillary's Baby Bond - A $5000.00 government bond funded by tax payers for each of the 4 million babies born in the US each year. COST $25 billion dollars per year.

Hillary's government run pre -K day care program - that's right a government run pre Kindergarten day care program for every pre schooler in the country. COST $5 billion the first year and an increase to $10 billion per year over the following five years.

The list goes on. every program listed and those not listed are designed to create or expand massive government entitlement programs, increase government dependency, (Socialism), and raise the tax burden in order to pay for these huge government programs.

The problem that it proposes also, besides the obvious government expansion and expense, is that there are a large number of Americans who have been indoctrinated by Democrats over the last 40 to 60 years to believe that it is the responsibility of the Federal government to provide for and care for the people.

That is the danger of Hillary Socialism. Many Americans do not begin to understand that her Socialism programs are not only unconstitutional, but hasten the slide that we have been in for at least forty years to an American Socialism and drifting further and further from the free Republic that was created by our Founders.

Every move by Democrats and every program proposed by Hillary whittles away at our freedom and liberties while expanding the all powerful Federal Government making the people slaves to Washington rather than Washington answering to the people which is what our Founders intended.

If nothing else this slide to Socialism alone is why Hillary Clinton and every other Democrat candidate should not be elected to the White House especially with a Democrat Congress to legislate Democrat Socialism for America.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

This goes along with my Liberal Lunacy post, today, Ken. If Hillary doesn't fit the bill for a Liberal Lunatic, I don't know who does.

I have a problem. I've said in my profile "No Bush Bashing will be posted. Yes, I know he's not perfect - who is? - but we are at war and he is our elected President. Bashing Bush only serves to feed the enemy, something I will not be a party to." What if Hillary becomes president? (Shudder!) I don't see how I can run a post without bashing Hillary even if she is the President, but we will still be at war! What a revolting developement that would be! :(

6:55 PM, October 16, 2007  
Anonymous Droobie said...

Id rather spend 765 billion on something that would help America. Than 2 trillion on a war that did nothing but destroy the US economy.

9:55 PM, February 06, 2008  
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