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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


No matter how many times I watch the Rocky movies, I cannot resist watching them again. I own all six on DVD and occasionally when I hit the mood I'll start with the first Rocky and continue until I finish with all six, however many evenings it may take to view them all. The original is still the best and in case you haven't seen number six, Stallone came very close to matching the emotion and thrill of the first.

Sure the story line in each movie is similar and some have called the latter Rocky's somewhat hokey. But you just can't help but stand up a root for Balboa at the end of each movie when he over comes the demons that he faces and comes out on top with a crowd pleasing, inspiring performance in the ring.

So by now your asking, "what in the world does Rocky Balboa have to do with Republicans and 2008 ?" Take a quick look at the 2008 Presidential and Congressional election as it is being analysed, scrutinized, partisonized, punditized, and maybe even Simonized by the media, political , "experts, " Democrats and even some Republicans.

There is almost a unanimous evaluation of the election giving Democrats the White House and increasing their majority in Congress. Polls show somewhat of a trend, Democrats are raising more money and everyone is talking about how Democrats will take the day on November 5, 2008. Like Rocky during the course of every movie, Republicans are being counted out, down for the count, never to get up off the mat again.

Then two unpredicted and even almost unimaginable elections in states that are Democrat strong holds take a surprising election turn. The two states are Louisiana and Massachusetts. Both liberal, both Democrat run states and both usually conceded to Democrats in every race.

Louisiana has elected only two Republican Governors since 1880...that is until now. Last Saturday Louisiana held the states gubernatorial election and with 54% of the vote conservative Republican Bobby Jindal became Louisiana's new Governor due to take office in January of next year.

Jindal ran on a platform of cleaning up the corruption that has plagued Louisiana for years and received national media scrutiny in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans. He ran as a social and fiscal conservative in a state that traditionally votes for moderate to liberal Democrats. Yet in an election season that has basically been conceded to Democrats this young, (only 36), conservative Republican won in a liberal Democrat state.

The other election was in Massachusetts. You know, the Ted Kennedy, John Kerry state. In a Congressional district that has not elected a Republican for more than 35 years conservative Republican Jim Ogonowski narrowly lost to liberal Democrat Niki Tsongas with only a five point margin. This despite several campaign visits for Tsongas by both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton. Two of the , "big hitters, " for Democrats.

What makes this election interesting is that Ogonowski ran on an anti-illegal immigration platform and conservative fiscal responsibility. Voters who have been life long Democrats who are disgruntled with the way Democrats are acting in Congress jumped ship and voted for a conservative Republican in a liberal state!

Could these two surprise elections and the strong GOP showing in both, one in victory and the other in only a slight loss, be a sign that Rocky Balboa, (the GOP), is getting the win sign from Adrian and with the musical strains of, "Gonna Fly Now, " running up the steps, flexing his muscles and preparing to defeat the heavily favored Apollo Creed for the Heavy Weight Championship ?

Time will tell, but it is not only way to early to count our Republicans but remember that we still have over a year for Democrats to continue with their do nothing Congress and the revelation of more Hillary funding scandals that may just take a bite out of her campaign when somebody finally sits up an takes notice.

Democrats are their own worst enemy. Their political and elitist arrogance will always lead them to believe that they are immune to scrutiny and regardless of the consequences can do as they please, legislate what they want, despite public out cry and get away with any and everything.

There is still quite a bit of water to go under the political bridge before November 2008. Republicans may be running behind in money raised now but as a life long RNC member I can attest to the fact that Republicans never raise large amounts before the primaries but the funds increase dramatically after the primary season and the nominee is better known.

Also Democrats who have the lowest Congressional approval ratings in history still have plenty of time to dip even lower before next November. You never know, Rocky may be the underdog now, but he's getting into shape and ready to take on , Creed, Clubber Lang , Drago the Russian and Mason Dixon to the cheers of the crowd, while fighting for victory!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Seth said...

Great post, Ken, and good analogy (Rocky).

I agree that the Democrats having another year in which to screw the pooch on their Congressional majority can only work to our advantage. I sincerely believe we have a very strong chance of taking back the majorities in both houses and keeping the White House as well.

My greatest concern is what the Republicans on the Hill will do with it next time out, not only from a fiscal perspective but also from that of fighting the Democrats tooth and nail over every bill that is not in America's best interests, not back down or compromise in the Dems' favor.

I would like to see more wide-spread reporting on Hillary's corrupt campaign fund raising. Every voter in the country should know that a vote for Hillary is a vote for a criminal.

2:19 PM, October 24, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Agreed Seth. I still thik that, especially if she is the nominee, Hillary's skeletons will come back to haunt her including the more recent fund raising scandals.

There is a low rumble in the GOP that they learned their lesson and if given the chance again will adhear to the policies that made the GOP strong in the eighties and nineties. Fiscal conservatisl, limited government, less taxation, strong defense and adding to those tough border security and cracking down on illegals.

2:51 PM, October 24, 2007  
Blogger American Interests said...

Like Seth I like the Belboa analogy. I too love Rocky films as does my young boy. Whilst I cannot boast a great deal of knowledge in relation to state candidates I strongly agree that there is much time between now and 11/5/08. I predict a closer party tussle in 2008. Good post!

8:53 AM, October 25, 2007  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I think Bush was the Rocky Balboa of the 2004 Election. Such arrogance on the part of Kerry and crew. They got their comeuppance.

I would like to see more wide-spread reporting on Hillary's corrupt campaign fund raising. Every voter in the country should know that a vote for Hillary is a vote for a criminal.

I look forward to her being the nominee, because she does have so many skeletons in the closet to exploit.

Let's save some of it for the general election.

10:31 AM, October 25, 2007  
Blogger Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

The biggest problem the dems will have is success in Iraq. The war is the only thing that has turned the political tides, and in case you haven't noticed, there have been no American deaths in Iraq during the last seven days? Of course not. This might be construed as good news by the public, so we won't trumpet the positive news.

Sectarian violence is down by more than 70%, IED attacks have been cut in half, and October 2007 is the lowest casualty count of the year. In June it was 101, this month is 29 to date.

If the Maliki government will get its head out of its collective butt, the dems will look like jackasses by November '08.

1:24 PM, October 26, 2007  
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