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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Democrats have been trying with failing results to surrender in Iraq for quite some time now. resolution after resolution have met defeat while success in Iraq has been growing making their defeatist case for a United States pull out weaker every day. So Democrats have discovered a back door in which to force a pull out and sabotage US presence in Iraq and in the process likely to cause an increase in American deaths which have been steadily declining.

Enter Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have revived with, "coincidental, "timing a resolution condemning the long dead Ottoman Empire for Armenian Genocide which took place prior to WWI. The Ottoman Empire met its demise because of the war and became what we now know a present day Turkey. A key ally in the War on Terror , especially in the Iraq theater.

Turkey has been very sensitive to this for nearly 100 years and as a result of the Democrat resolution has recalled its Ambassador to the United States and is threatening, if the resolution passes to no longer allow US forces access to a key air base in Turkey in which 75% of all US supplies, 33% of US fuel and 95% of armored vehicles that protect our troops flow through this base.

Is this move by Democrats then an attempt to sabotage US presence in Iraq since all other efforts by Democrats to surrender have failed ? I believe the evidence supports a deliberate move by House Democrats use this resolution as a means to disrupt supplies and force the President's hand on Iraq.

What other reason, especially when we are at war and this effects a key ally, would Democrats have to bring this needless resolution to the floor for a vote. Needless because the United States has already proclaimed an official condemnation of the Ottoman Empire, Armenian genocide.

On April 22, 1981 President Ronald Reagan in an official Presidential Proclamation condemned the 1915 Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire. An official Presidential Proclamation is the position of The United States Government therefore the current resolution by House Democrats is a needless move that can only lead to diplomatic disaster in our relation with Turkey and threaten American lives with the possible disruption of needed supplies for our military.

Additionally with the border problems between Turkey and Northern Iraq Kurds, this move by Democrats will weaken the US position in preventing Turkish border crossing against the Kurds. It will then necessitate US troops on the border to quell the violence thus putting our troops in the crossfire in a region that has been secure for several months.

Another piece of evidence of ta deliberate attempt by Democrats is found in the move by Pelosi to push this resolution through to the House floor. Upon hearing of the resolution passing Committee, Turkey recalled its Ambassador and threatened US use of the supply base. Even if Democrats originally had somewhat honest intentions, (which I believe they did not), and did not realize that the resolution would threaten US /turkey relations and US supply lines, when the Turks reacted as they did, DEMOCRATS SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THE RESOLUTION IN ITS TRACKS! If for nothing else but to stabilize US /Turkish relations.

Several Democrats including Tom Lantos stated, when this resolution came up during the Clinton Administration, that it was unnecessary because it hurt US/Turkey relations. Now with the US at war and turkey a key ally in that war it is necessary? Pelosi made the lame argument that this was about the Ottoman Empire and not present day Turkey. While this is true even the most naive person understands that Turks are very sensitive to this and it is a lame brain diplomatic move.

Democrats are once again proving with this deliberate attempt to sabotage Iraq that nothing is beneath them in their lust for power, their disdain for our military and their never ending fight to destroy President Bush. Even increasing the deaths of our soldiers matters little to Democrats and their agenda. And when those deaths increase if the supply line stops and/or US troops have to move to the Northern border, these same Democrats will hit the airways claiming Iraq failure.

A key strategy when attacking an enemy is to disrupt their supply lines. This move by Democrats to sabotage Iraq through the disruption of US supply lines is but one more proof that they see the President, our troops and the war against Islamic Terrorism as the enemy and not the Islamic Radicals whose goal is to kill Americans.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

I heard yesterday on Fox News that this effort by the Democrats will probably fail, Ken. That enough Democrats had joined the fight against it to stop it from going through. Let us pray that turns out to be the case!

Dumbassed Democrats!

9:28 AM, October 18, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

It shouldn't even be brought up for a vote.

11:57 AM, October 18, 2007  
Blogger Tapline said...

they remain the same.....stuck on stupid.....stay well

11:41 PM, October 18, 2007  
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