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Sunday, October 21, 2007


We are just over a year from the election of a new President. For the first time since 1928 neither an incumbent President or Vice President is running. A completely new Presidential field is seeking the office and as we listen and watch the campaigns and the polls I must question whether Americans still really cherish our freedoms.

In poll after poll if the election were held today with all of the current candidates from both the Republican and Democrat Party running polls show that Hillary Clinton would be our next President. She overwhelmingly leads all Democrats and leads in either high single digits or double digits when polled head to head with the leading GOP candidates.

Why does she lead when she is such a polarizing figure ? If one analyzes the polling from week to week her numbers rise with every government entitlement she introduces. In the last several weeks Clinton has introduced in one form or another a new government entitlement program each week. Though some have been smaller than others, each has had one theme in common. Providing government funds and dependency to all or a portion of the American people.

She has introduced programs for government funded Universal Health Care, child care, income for stay at home parents, savings bonds for every child born, the list is endless and the dependency to government for Americans is total. The more government give - aways she proposes the more popular she becomes. Each program gives the illusion of freedom as it provides, "freedom, " from , "worry, " about a certain aspect of our life.

In actuality each not only diminishes individual freedom but through there forced government dependency each program makes Americans slaves to the government, increases the power and scope of the Federal Government and raises the danger of Socialism and blinding Americans to the onset of tyranny through governmental control of our lives.

All of this equals to a strategic and complete destruction of our freedoms as Americans, our individuality and individual responsibility. All three of which are a cornerstone to the fundamental rights and liberties that have been the essence of America since our founding and the strength of our Constitution and our Republic. And if the polls are accurate the American people or at least a majority are buying into this destruction of our freedoms.

The Republican candidates are offering little to combat this attack as Rudy only touts what he did as Mayor of New York but really offers nothing new. Fred , who I support because of his conservative credentials , has been a little disappointing in just announcing his consistent conservatism but giving little substance in ideas. Romney argues with Rudy and in like manner touts his record as Governor while offering nothing new or substantial McCain is, well McCain, and the remaining field is only hanging on by a thread with little to grasp onto by voters.

All GOP candidates do have one common thread that shows itself especially in the debate settings. Each are quick to claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan. All have invoked his name in one manner or another during the debates while some have even used his example in campaign commercials. Yet not one of the candidates understands why Reagan was so successful and so strong as a candidate and as a President.

Yes, he was a conservative who believed and created policy that followed the conservative ideas of limited government, strong national defense and less taxation. Each of the GOP candidates are calling for similar ideas in their campaigns but lack the heart and soul of why Reagan was so loved, respected and successful.

Ronald Reagan did not just propose and fulfill conservative ideals and policy but he continually reminded us of who we were and why we exist as a nation. He gave us hope in our selves and helped us to understand that because of our freedoms we as individuals and as a nation had the God given ability to become anything that we chose to be. We could succeed or fail of our own accord as free Americans and that was possible because of our rights and privilege given us under our Constitution and free Republic.

By limiting government size and citizen dependency to government Reagan proved to us that the strength of our nation is not in its government but in her people. Today Hillary is telling Americans that the strength of the people is in the power of the government to provide for all of our needs.

But more than limiting government Reagan reminded us that America was a shining city on a hill that had its greatest days in front of us rather than behind us. In a time when the people were depressed and longing for hope, Reagan told us that hope was within each of us and the freedom gave all of us equal opportunity to succeed. Then he reduced government and gave America back to the people and the people flourished as a result.

Have Americans today lost the vision of freedom and lost sight of the shining city on the hill ? Does the illusion of freedom through government provision as proposed by Hillary cause the people to lose sight of the foundational principles of this nation ? Our individual responsibility and the freedom to succeed or fail. One of the cruelest aspects of complete government provision is the theft of our freedom to fail because failure is one of our greatest teachers and motivators to better our position in life and make greater provision for our families.

Government dependency weakens our ability to grow as individuals and as a nation. This is one reason why the Founders instilled in our Constitution individual rights and limitations on government. Nations that have yielded to government dependency become vulnerable to tyranny and dictatorships.

After WWI Germany became a victim of this very sickness in its drive to Socialism through the Nazi Party. The nation was depressed and discouraged and Hitler rose providing program after program that soon brought a dependency to government which eventually blinded the people to what was truly happening under Hitler. The result was the total destruction of Germany and the Holocaust.

While I am not comparing the Socialistic proposals by Hillary to the despotism of Adolph Hitler, their forced dependency on government does blind the people to freedom and allows for the weakening of individual responsibility and slavery to an all powerful Federal Government. Just the opposite of what our Founders created and fought for when our nation was born and grew into its youth.

The shining city on the hill that President Reagan reminded us of is still there but is shadowed in a fog of politics that hides the light of freedom and the true essence of America. Am I an idealist ? Yes, absolutely. Idealism is what made America strong. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin were idealist. Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George S. Patton, Robert E. Lee, and of course Ronald Reagan were all idealist. Idealists dream and understand that ideas and the freedom to follow and fulfill those ideas make us strong.

Idealists realize that without freedom we will fall to the slavery of dependency for the masses. The sunlight of that freedom can burn away the fog of politics that has hidden the shining city on the hill and restore the ideals, liberties and hope that truly is America. The failings of those on the left in Congress with their constant resolutions that look like a fly trying to escape through a closed window, constantly hitting the glass with no results opens a door of opportunity for the GOP and conservative idealism.

Their attacks to private citizens and then when the attack is turned into a philanthropical success trying to take undeserved and false equal credit, their daily drive to Socialism all combining in the lowest popularity in US history has opened the door for an idealist in the GOP to begin lifting the fog and reveal the shining city on the hill that is America once again.

The opportunity is here and now. Freedom is precious and fragile and though the polls show that government dependency is appealing to Americans, I still believe that Americans love freedom and are just blinded to it by liberal politics. If an idealist steps forward like Reagan and remind the people of the greatness of America and not just tout of past success like the current GOP field, that candidate will not only win but will restore hope in Americans and revitalize the strength of our great nation.

The Democrats will not do this because they are more interested in power and controlling the people through government dependency. Never trusting the people to lead and live our own lives like our Founders intended. So it is up to Republicans to take on the mantle of Reagan. Not just conservative policy but American idealism, climb to the peak of our shining city on the hill and re-invigorate the light of liberty and freedom rallying freedom loving Americans to the greatness of our land and the foundational principles of our Republic!

Never isolationists but leaders in the light and hope that freedom and liberty offers to the world and is the American ideal and life!

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

I agree with your premise. And I think the problem is that people don’t think things through. They hear “Healthcare for all” and think of the Govt providing it, and they don’t have to buy insurance. GREAT. They forget the old adage “nothing is free in life.” You are paying for insurance; it just comes right out of your paycheck via taxation. I think our society is far too short sighted and don’t look down the path and see HOW they will get this fabulous new entitlement.

1:34 PM, October 21, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

The problem is that fewer and fewer people are paying taxes. All those poor slobs out there think Bill Gates is going to foot the bill?

What happens when Dems finally kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

Answer: we all starve AND lose our freedom.

7:24 PM, October 21, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Ken,

I'm not sure those polls are correct, I NEVER get polled.

And I know alot of folks that are running away from Hillary. She literally scares the crap out of them.

I really like all our candidates (Except Ron Paul) And it sure would be nice to roll them all up into one person, but it isnt going to happen that way.

And since most of us all seem to like something in each candidate, I say whomever imurges as the front runner (Which someone will, Hopefully Fred but regardless) and we back that candidate no matter what we (DONT) like about that candidate. We may have to comprimise a little, and that might not be to bad because we do like something in each candidate.

I dont think it would be to bad to just back the frontrunner.

Because if Hillary wins? We are really really screwed!!

1:13 PM, October 22, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

I certainly will back the frontrunner, Ken. Like Marie said, and you did too only in different words, "if Hillary wins we are really screwed!" I wish RP would drop out. What's he doing up there in the first place? He's not a Republican or even close to one. All he is doing is wasting the air time of the other contenders.

Also like Marie, I've never been polled either. Never! I don't trust those polls and never have. Remember, according to the polls Kerry was supposed to have won. The polls were wrong and I believe they still are. At least I hope they are. I would hate to think that the majority of the American populace doesn't understand that the Government doesn't have any money except through taxation. They can't give us anything for free!

2:37 PM, October 22, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

This is funny, Ken. When I left here after posting the above comment I saw that you left a comment on my post regarding a poll I mentioned. Now you can see that I don't believe in polls. I only mentioned that poll because it was fun to wish bad things on Republican women who would think of doing such a thing! LOL!

2:47 PM, October 22, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I gotta agree with Gayle,

I wish Ron Paul would just go away, he is just taking up space lol

5:24 PM, October 22, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

Great post, Ken.

I'm not much on polls, nor have I ever been polled, either. It's simply too easy for those doing the polling to doctor their results to meet a specific political agenda.

People, in large part, have a tendency to "back the winner", and knowing this, pro-Hillary pollsters can easily make her appear to be the "obvious" winner to all who believe the polls.

11:54 PM, October 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, I've never been polled either. I wonder where they get these people?? Like Gayle said, I would definitely support the frontrunner. Any of our canidates will be better than Hillary. The thought actually scares the crap out of me. I always teased my hubby that if Hillary won, we were moving to Canada. I never thought that it could actually come to pass. Well, it does have Niagara Falls......LOL

1:01 PM, October 25, 2007  
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