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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I just had the opportunity to interview Ken Hoagland, National Director of Fair Tax . org. and in an exclusive he announced that Governor Mike Huckabee and Congressman Tom Tancredo will be attending and speaking at the rally.

I asked Ken, " Why South Carolina and why now for the rally ? " He stated that 8,000 people have responded with hundreds more expected to attend at the last minute in a nationwide support to show GOP candidates and the party the strong support for the Fair Tax. " When the candidates see people coming from as far as Texas to attend this rally they have to take notice."

He also stated that, " the Fair Tax is the only change in the tax system that is fair to everyone and offers tax relief to millions of current tax payers." I asked Hoagland, " what would you say to any of the candidates if they were in front of you now instead of me?" He stated that, "nationwide grassroots organization, that is being supported by millions of Americans who are demanding a fair change in the current tax system." He continued, " these tax payers are expecting the next President to listen to the voice of the people and follow their lead in demanding that the Fair Tax be enacted to replace the current flawed and over burdensome system."

The Carolina Coliseum already as of 4 PM had several thousand in the building and hundreds outside waiting to enter. Hoagland also tole me that after the rally several thousand will be watching the debate of a video feed and if the, " press wanted to see how real Americans reacted to the debate to come over and listen in."

Ken Taylor


Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Ken, great job on the post Website is looking great and i hop to read more later on tonight.

John Benton

5:04 PM, May 15, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh damn!

I forgot there was two of you lol, I always assume I am talking to Ken.

11:51 PM, May 16, 2007  
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