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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Barack Obama has made it his business to compare himself to everyone from past Presidents to Gandhi. He claims to be similar to several Presidents including Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Truman and yes heaven forbid Ronald Reagan. Of course we who have even a little sense laugh at many of these comparisons as we understand his ego drives him and that ego gives him the illusion of greatness allowing him to place himself in the company of those considered by most as great.

The fact of the matter is that in policy Obama most resembles the failed administration of Jimmy Carter but on steroids. But the President that Obama is most like in his handling of the Presidency and his abuse of power, arrogance and ignoring of the basic laws and principles that make America who we are is Richard Nixon. Nixon's policies differ greatly in many ways to those of Obama's but his approach to the Presidency is similar to that of the arrogant one.

Nixon once stated in an interview with David Frost after his resignation when asked about his illegal actions while in The White House that, "if the President does it then it is not illegal." Nixon believed this fallacy wholeheartedly and his actions in office proved it so. The way he handled Watergate and used the office of the President for his own personal vendettas and consolidation of power showed his belief that as President he could do what he wanted and that he was above the law, the Constitution and answerable to no one including the Congress and the people.

Obama is the mirror image of Nixon in this. He believes that he has the ability and power as President to bypass the Congress whenever the Congress disagrees with him. He believes that his agenda is above scrutiny of the Supreme Court and that any court that has the audacity to declare any part of his agenda especially Obamacare as unconstitutional they are un-American and not worthy of their appointments to the court.

His complete disregard of the Constitution mirrors that of Nixon's in that he uses the office of President to twist and mold our Constitution to his image of what he believes it should say and ignoring the reality of what is actually means. Nixon abused the Presidency and the power of the Office in order to create a supreme Presidency that was answerable to no one and any perceived enemy was targeted by every means available from the Justice Department to the IRS.

Obama uses Eric Holder as his personal hit man using Justice as a means of indicting and investigating anyone who publicly tries to show Obama for who and what he is. Take Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona who has exhaustively looked into Obama's past and questioned many aspects of it and is now the object of several investigations by Justice and accusation of brutality. Arpaio is nut one example of Obama's supreme Presidency that abuses the Office to stop his opponents.

The law, the Constitution, the Congress, separation of powers, The Supreme Court nor the will of the people mean nothing to Obama just as they meant nothing to Richard Nixon. It was only after he was faced with the reality that resignation was his only recourse and after he left office being confronted in an interview with his crimes and his abuse of power that Nixon accepted what he had done and the damage he did to the country and the American people.

I doubt that Obama will ever accept his abuse of power, ignoring of the Constitution or the damage he has done to the country and the people. His arrogance far exceeds his ego and his ego controls his actions and his Presidency. He sees himself better that all and because of his office has the right to do what he considers to be the course to be taken and nothing, the law, the Constitution or the will of the people matter as long as it is done his way and according to his destructive plan. THAT makes him worse than Nixon and more dangerous to our Nation than any enemy that has ever taken up arms against The United States.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Then there's that business man in Idaho who gave money to Mitt Romney then later discovered a Democrat investigator was digging through court records in his home town looking for information with which to smear him. The Dems had people on social media go after his family members too.

This is worse than Nixon. It's more like the NAZIS.

11:27 AM, May 23, 2012  
Anonymous Dennis said...

Obama's disregard of the Constitution is evident in his belief that if the Republicans in the House continue to "obstruct" him, he'll use czars and executive orders to "get things done". Obamacare, for example, puts a tremendous amount of power into the hands of one unelected person, the HHS Secretary. I don't want the central government to "get things done". They've done too much already. Give me gridlock!! It would be nice though, if Congress would UNDO much of what has been done. Then they can all go home and leave us alone.

"A 1/32 Cherokee Tea Party guy having fun"

9:25 AM, May 25, 2012  
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