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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We have been subjected to story after story and video after video of the, "brave," and ," risky," move by Barack Obama to finally give the logical order to Navy Seal Team Six to go in and take out Osama bin Laden. Obama has continuously stated how, "he," got bin Laden and his campaign has tired to capitalize on the raid to make Obama look like a strong decisive leader who was solely responsible for killing bin Laden.  The administration has even allowed ,"Hurt Locker," director Kathryn Bigalow controversial access to secret documents and Seal Team Six members for a movie that is scheduled to be released in October just before the election about the hunt for bin Laden.

Yet one of the many heroes involved in finding bin Laden has be allowed by the Obama administration to be tortured, condemned to 33 years in prison and become Pakistan's scape goat for their anger with the US for getting bin Laden in their territory. Doctor Shakeel Afridi has been literally abandoned with the exception of a passing condemnation by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for the arrest of the heroic doctor.

Doctor Afridi put together a phony hepatitis B vaccination scheme in order to try and acquire DNA samples to prove that bin Laden was in the Pakistan compound where he was eventually killed. Although the doctor was not successful in getting the DNA evidence his observations while visiting the compound and information was key in planning the operation which eventually got bin Laden.

Rather than offering the heroic doctor asylum in the US or other means of protection the Obama administration left him to his own protection and the Pakistani government arrested him soon after the raid that killed bin Laden and spent a year torturing him, keeping him in inhuman conditions before convicting him last week and sentencing him to 33 years in prison.

The family begged the Obama administration for legal help after the doctor was arrested and especially during the trial but their pleas were ignored. Even after the conviction the family approached the US embassy in Pakistan for help and have not even been given the courtesy of a meeting or acknowledgment of their request for help.

Is this how policy under Barack Obama treats our allies and friends? It is no wonder that allies are questioning our loyalty and ability to stand with them in world situations when someone as important to the killing of the worlds most wanted man and the one who was responsible for the worst terrorist attack in history, is left to rot in jail, tortured and almost killed.  This is how the Obama administration thanks those who assist in the fight to end Al Qaeda and defeat global terrorism.  It is no wonder that we cannot find friends in the Muslim world when Obama takes all the credit for killing bin Laden and allows a hero like Doctor Afridi to suffer for helping find the former al Qaeda leader.

Ken Taylor


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