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Thursday, May 31, 2012


I will admit that I have not been extremely enthusiastic about Mitt Romney.  I have had many misgivings about him as our nominee but with that said it is time to set it all aside and rally around the man who now must defeat Barack Obama in November. Romney has many good qualities and on any given day will be 100% better than Barack Obama especially in returning the prestige to the Presidency and restoring the knowledge of American greatness throughout the world without a Presidential apology which has been the trademark of the Obama regime.

There is a considerable amount of speculation as to who will be Romney's running mate ranging from Marco Rubio in Florida to," The Great One," Mark Levin with several in between. Now is not the time for Romney to announce his running mate especially this far before the Republican Convention. Announcing this early would be an absolute detriment to the Romney campaign.

With the nomination locked in the ONLY draw to viewership of the Convention will be the announcement of the running mate. Conventions especially for a challenger are extremely important going into the weeks before the General Election. A large viewing audience for the Convention allows a challenger a big head of steam for September, October and the first few days of November and if Romney announces before the Convention he loses that head of steam.

Obama as an incumbent will already have an advantage coming out of his Convention since it will be a love fest for their candidate who is a sitting President and known better than a challenger.  Adding to this is the love affair Obama already has with the left wing media and the head of steam coming out of the Convention becomes all the more important for Romney.  So it is a necessity for him to hold off any announcement before Tampa.

Remember the excitement and surprise the unexpected announcement of Sarah Palin gave John McCain in 2008?  Romney is a much stronger candidate than the weak McCain but he will still need the excitement surrounding his running mate announcement at the Convention to push him into a strong lead for September then the debates and the continued failure of Obama and hammering Obama's failed Presidency keeping him in that lead for a landslide victory in November.

So with no further ado we at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth and I, from a personal stance support the candidacy of Mitt Romney and will proudly vote to elect the next President of The United States,  Willard Mitt Romney.

Ken Taylor 


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