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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Barack Obama is a campaigning fool. He has literally been in campaign mode throughout his Presidency and as we have entered into an actual election year that campaign mode has become a constant barrage of actually campaign appearances claimed to be official Presidential visits so tax payer dollars can be used to pay for travel and the costs of transporting and housing the Presidential entourage. Obama has also participated in an endless stream of fund raisers almost doubling the number of his past five predecessors combined.

From Carter to George W. Bush past Presidents have participated in a total of 94 fundraisers for their reelection bid with one, Ronald Reagan, attending zero during his reelection year of 1984. Obama is approaching 160 fundraisers for his reelection bid with his schedule for the future showing an endless number yet to come.  Often he uses one momentary, "Presidential," event as the catalyst for a daily or weekend line of campaign fund raiser to once again claim he is on official business to allow him to use tax payer funds for the trip rather than his campaign war chest money.  The following is an example of a common Obama schedule, this one from Wednesday of this week.

Notice how this typical schedule progresses.  Obama leaves The White House for ONE official event speaking at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs then spends the rest of the day at our expense jumping from one fund raiser to another in Colorado and California before heading back to Washington.  One official event followed by THREE fund raisers. Since he used the official event as the start of this typical day for him we the people covered his campaign events without one single dime of the money he is spending most of his time raising being used for any of the huge expenses needed for the large number of people, planes and vehicles needed for Presidential travel.

Yet even with all of these fund raisers the Obama campaign is far behind projected income totals which were expected to be in the vicinity of one billion dollars for his reelection bid. In fact a recent report shows that Mitt Romney is far out raising Obama on the campaign trail with Obama attending far more political fund raisers than Romney.  Remember also that when Romney does attend a fund raiser not ONE dime of tax payer dollars is used as opposed to constant use of tax payer dollars for Obama's barrage of fund raisers.

This campaigner in chief is also the most hypocritical individual in existence. At every campaign stop he condemns the, "rich," calls for more government spending to, "help," struggling Americans, calls Romney out of touch because of his more affluent back ground yet at the same time he is wasting tax payer dollars in his continual fund raisers walking the thin line between normal Presidential perks during an election year and abusing the office for his personal gain and fund raising expenses.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Dennis said...

Other signs of Obama's hypocrisy are his bashing of the "rich" and then attending a fund raiser at the home of 0.001 %- er George Clooney, accepting money from venture capital folks while bashing Bain and worst of all perpetuating a Republican "war on women" narrative while accepting a $ 1 mill donation from misogynist pig Bill Maher. And where are the establishment media outlets in all this? Silent as usual.
Romney has to start stepping his campaign up a notch and begin hammering away at Obama for all this. If the media (save Fox) won't do it, he has to.

"A 1/32 Cherokee Tea Party guy having fun"

9:15 AM, May 25, 2012  
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