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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Wikileaks made headlines when they released thousand of pages of classified documents about the Iraq war. They followed it up with thousands more on Afghanistan. Now Wikileaks has announced the pending release of 3 million additional classified documents which will again provide detail into military and covert activities which are supposed to be classified and not available to the public.

When this new revelation of 3 million soon to be released classified documents surfaced, it seemed to me that evidence is mounting because of the volume of the leak that this is not just some happenstance finding but an intentional leak which could find its origin as sanctioned by The White House.

Let me explain. If you will recall last year Barack Obama wanted to release documents and pictures of supposed, "torture," which was alleged to be taking place by military personnel during the Bush administration. This release controversy went on for several weeks with the final decision being not to release the documents or pictures because of the public out cry against it.

Now we are seeing millions of classified documents from the same period of time, "magically," finding their way onto an Internet sight called Wikileaks, with little reaction by the administration and almost no investigation as to the source of the leak. Which begs to find the answer to several questions.

1. Who is the leak?

2. How are so many documents being leaked without the source being found ?

3 Why is there not a full fledged intense investigation taking place to discover the source of the leak.

4. Is our intelligence and military so vulnerable to exposure of classified material that it is possible to leak so many classified documents ?

and finally the most pressing question:

5. Are these leaks intentional and if so who ordered it ?

I believe that if the answer to the final question is found then the source as well and the intention behind the leaks will also be found. If our intelligence and military were so easily compromised concerning classified documents, doesn't it stand to reason that documents would have been leaked long ago ? Especially with a media that is looking for a sensational story to fill the 24/7 news cycle.

Another indicator that this leak may very well be intentional is the fact the little investigation has taken place to find the source. Which again lends to the idea that the leak is intentional and Congress has avoided looking for the source because the source comes from The White House who has been looking for a way to make public what Obama believes are wrong doings by the Bush administration.

I hope that when the new Congress convenes a full and complete investigation will take place to find how millions of classified documents can find there way to Wikileaks. The fact that there are so many and the leak has been consistent lends to the idea that this was an intentional leak possibly with White House sanction or by specific order from Obama or one of his cronies to give Obama ,"plausible deniability."

I may be totally wrong and this leak is just some guy who stumbled onto a classified gold mine. But with the willingness of the Obama administration in looking to make The United States look like an evil entity and the cause of the world problems and their obvious attempts to vilify the Bush administration at every opportunity combined with the lack of investigation by a Democrat Congress, the finger cannot help but point to an intentional leak with The White House behind it.

Ken Taylor


Blogger LandShark 5150 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

9:26 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thank you and to you also!

10:14 AM, November 24, 2010  
Blogger joetote said...

I have always believed that these leaks are in fact intentional. This administration has proven more than once that it will not persue anything illegal if it is in their best interests (ie: the Black Panther fiasco). As this administration, in my opinion is Anti-American and Anti-Military, quite open about it I might add, I do not expect them to find who is leaking this.

As you state, there is too much coming out at once. They have to know what's going on here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and hopes for the holidays.

1:32 PM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Funny that the lefties who insist that TSA agents have to stick their gloved hands down the pants of three year olds for the sake of national security aren't upset with this breach of REAL national security.

Though I am not surprised!

2:14 PM, November 25, 2010  
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