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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


After the devastating loses given by the people to Democrats in this years mid term election, many, this writer NOT included among them, thought that the defeat signaled Democrats would change and because the people spoke loud and clear they would finally, "get it." It didn't take long for the Obama/Pelosi led party to start showing signs that not only did they not, "get it," but the arrogance that was on display throughout their tenure in the majority was still in place and actually strengthened.

In interviews and reports during the immediate after math of the election Obama before escaping to India, said the reason for Democrat loses was because, he didn't get their message out as he should. The people simply did not understand what he was doing and how he single handily saved the country. You and I know this was nothing more that a load of horse manure but Obama to this day believes it to be true.

Nancy Pelosi in like manner stated the message was not made clear enough for we low life's who are beneath these elitist ideologues and again we simply in our ignorance did not understand. Although most House Democrats ran away from the Obama/Pelosi agenda and from Pelosi as Speaker specifically during the election, she still rationalizes the loss as having NOTHING to do with her and it was just the bad economy and NOT unconstitutional and unpopular legislation. So she throws a party to celebrate.

Democrats are out there somewhere in la la land living in an alternate reality and proved it once again as rather than dealing with pressing issues during the lame duck session like extending the Bush tax cuts to prevent all tax paying Americans from experiencing the largest tax hike in our Nation's history on January first, by holding the ethics trial of New York Democrat Charlie Rangel.

The trial which was nothing more than a Democrat show with Rangle dramatically leaving the proceedings because he had no representation and supposedly did not have the money to hire a new attorney. The House ethics subcommittee met in closed session and found him guilty on 11 of 13 counts and will reveal their ,"punishment," in the next few days. Immediately after the guilty verdict was released, House Democrats began circling the wagons around Rangel instead of distancing themselves because they knew this out come even before it started.

That outcome being this. The show trial was put first on the lame duck agenda so Rangel who should be expelled from Congress for his activities but with the circling that has followed the, "trial, " obviously will stay in the New York seat and ONLY receive a slap on the wrist by possible censure and maybe a fine. One of the very things the American people have shown their disgust over in the politics as usual actions by Democrats. Placing it first on the lame duck agenda was intentional so they could give Rangel a slap knowing that if it had waited until January the new GOP House would fry the New York Democrat which is what he deserved.

Now after some initial positioning Nancy Pelosi rather than retiring as she said she would if Democrats lost the House, will be elected Minority Leader and still in charge of House Democrats. This too signals Democrats have not changed and with them it is business as usual as their House leadership which led them to a massive mid term defeat will stay in place.

So Democrats have not learned anything from the lesson clearly sent by the people on November second. They still believe they did nothing wrong and the people who are just ignorant, did not understand what they were doing. So the voice of the people as it has all along still means NOTHING to Democrats which will once again lead to their further demise in the 2012 election especially when Republicans follow through on the people's agenda as they have indicated they fully understand the message sent by the electorate.

And where is Barack Obama in all of this. Doing what he always does, touring the world, blaming Republicans and George Bush while pretending he is the king of America. After returning from a vacation style trip to India and Indonesia and a failed attempt for a trade treaty with South Korea and an equally failed appearance at the G-20 summit, Obama is soon off again to romp around Europe without a clue and continuing his failure as President.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

It's hard to imagine Democrats would be so stupid to select Pelosi as their leader after the last 4 years. They have to realize we can just recycle the same campaign ads from 2010 in 2012 and remind voters that a vote for any Dem in Congress is a vote to put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker's Chair.

4:27 PM, November 17, 2010  
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