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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In an attempt to convince the American people that he is taking cutting the deficit seriously Barack Obama announced a two year freeze on federal employee salaries across the board. This freeze does not include the military but only civilian salaries. According to White House figures freezing salaries will save 5 billion dollars over the two years.

5 billion dollars in not even a dent in a deficit that exceeds well over a trillion dollars each of the two years of the freeze which is the first indication that this freeze is not only a political ploy by Obama but nothing more that a joke to try and dupe the American people into believing that he is actually interested in reducing the deficit the HE created.

His record on spending adds to the proof that he has no desire in reducing the deficit. When he took office he, "inherited," a deficit of just over 450 billion dollars. Not chicken feed but nothing compared to the deficits he quickly created with his explosion of government growth and spending. Within the first two months of his administration he exploded the 2009 fiscal deficit from what he inherited to a massive 1.2 TRILLION dollars almost tripling the deficit in short order.

His budget projections for the duration of his entire one and ONLY Presidential term has the deficit NEVER dropping below the trillion dollar mark and in fact by 2013 which will be the first year of the next Presidential term, Obama's deficit projections finally get the deficit down to what he exploded it to in his first two months in office. So he has NEVER had any interest in deficit reduction.

Now on to his claim that he is freezing federal salaries for two years. Civilian federal employees have several different classification with as many additional classifications in each ranking that enable an employee to rise in both position and salary during their employment with the government.

Federal employees also have several built in salary increases to compensate them for inflation etc. Each year they automatically receive two such raises. One built in as a yearly raise to compensate them for their time as a federal employee and the second to compensate them for inflationary increases so that the salary they receive in comparable to any inflationary increases in the cost of living.

The, "freeze," Obama announced does not end the automatic percentage raise every federal employee receives each year. The inflationary, cost of living increase is the ONLY increase that will be frozen at current levels. All federal employees will still receive their annual raise even during this so called freeze. Their salaries will just not be adjusted in accordance to inflation for two years as has been the case in the past.

So this sacrifice that Obama is claiming he is forcing on federal employees is nothing more than his usual smoke and mirrors, full of deception in order to try and convince the American people he actually is interested in deficit reduction and that he understands the message we sent this leftist ideologue with the shellacking we gave him and his party in the mid term election.

His deceptive so called, "freeze," of federal salaries shows that Obama still is playing games with our money, has no serious interest in reducing the deficit and is still planning on continuing his agenda even with a GOP Congress who will fight him every step of the way. In Obamaland government spending is the only answer to every problem our Nation faces and Obama has no intention of changing his leftist stripes.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Atlanta Painters HQ said...

Why is our government wasting time getting some important bills passed, before the repubs take over?? We still need to tackle Immigration Reform, giving our undocumented immigrants their earned legal status! And... the all important Police and Firefighters Monopoly Bargaining Bill (S. 3194) passed. Tell me Mr. President, what are we waiting for?? Millions of Americans are wanting all of this done, because we know the repubs are not going to do anything to move America forward!!

7:31 AM, December 01, 2010  
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