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Friday, November 19, 2010


Barack Obama the pretender in chief who, when not traveling the world, golfing or vacationing does find time to sit in the Oval Office, is in way over his head with the responsibilities of the Presidency. Everything he is involved with has spiraled out of control. His domestic agenda is a shambles, his foreign policy agenda is a wreck and there are reports that Obama is becoming less engaged with the day to day responsibilities and depressed.

Obama being way over his head is not a surprise since his lack of any executive experience as well as his relatively short time in national politics all foretold of not only a failed Presidency but a Chief Executive who would be lost in the massive job of The United States Presidency. As a result many on the left especially the liberal press are beginning to suggest that the job of President is too much for one person to handle.

After all as they see if the, "brilliant, energetic, elite and god like, " Barack Obama can't handle it no one can. Their rationalization in making this suggestion stems from their apologetic pampering of Obama and their refusal to not only admit he was not capable of the Presidency in the first place but also their refusal from the very beginning to accept that he was NEVER the person for the job.

Now with his approval numbers consistently falling, only 26% of Americans stating he should have a second term and both the Presidency and nation in a shambles, the Obamamites in the press suggest that the job is just too much for one person to handle. Well I have news for them it is too much for ONLY the inept and incompetent Barack Obama to handle.

This,"suggestion," by the Obamaite press echos one made over thirty years ago when an equally inept Democrat was in office with the Presidency and the country in a shambles as a result of Presidential incompetence. The apologists for Jimmy Carter suggested during his only term that the Presidency was too big for one person to handle and there were even suggestions that a co-presidency was the answer.

Yet since Carter there have been five Presidents including Obama and not once in any of those Presidency's was it suggested that the job was too big for one person to handle until Obama. Reagan stepped into the Oval Office after the, "too big," suggestion was made with Carter and turned the country around, exploded the economy, strengthened the Nation, restored both domestic and international faith in America, restored American pride, put people back to work and in the process defeated The Soviet Union after a Cold War that had lasted forty years.

No one suggested the job too big when George H.W. Bush followed Reagan nor when the liberal Democrat Bill Clinton held the office for eight years, even with the scandals and problems he had. As vilified by the left and the liberal media as George W. Bush who was accused of cowboy style diplomacy and stupidity by the left, the suggestion that the job was too big for one person never surfaced during his eight years.

Yet now with the failed and totally inept Barack Obama his liberal apologists refuse to accept that this failed ideologue is the problem and not the responsibilities of the Presidency. Obama never had what it takes to be President and never will. This lack of ability shows more each day and his only saving grace is that in January a new Congress will step in to prevent him from collapsing the country through his failure. Not to save him but the Nation FROM Obama. The Presidency is not to big for one person, the problem is that the person who now holds the office now is far too small for the job.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

I am in full agreement with every thing you say here. Actually, as much as I hate to agree with James Carville on anything, he had the exact correct slant on this the other day. He said something to the effect that if Hillary gave Obama one of her balls, he'd have two! Says it all. The office is not to much, it's the man as you say. Pure and simple. To me, it's like Sylvester and Tweety Pie. This guy is definitely Sylvester.

11:32 AM, November 19, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Great analogy. Obama is so inept I'm not sure he could handle the duties of dog catcher.

3:06 PM, November 19, 2010  
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