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Friday, March 19, 2010


Obamacare is getting down to the wire and scheduled for a Sunday afternoon vote. As of this writing, Pelosi was still short of the 216 she needs to pass this socialistic monstrosity. GOP Representative Paul Ryan put forth a resolution which would have blocked the use of the , "Slaughter Solution, " which allows House members to vote for a rule rather than the actual Senate bill which would be considered, "deemed, " already passed.

The resolution was defeated by a vote of 222 - 209 which means that 222 Democrats are willing to violate the Constitution and use the Slaughter Solution. Cowards who are not willing to stand by their vote and using the rule as a shelter to supposedly protect them from angry constituents who they believe will be duped into thinking that the Representative only voted for a rule rather than health care.

Mike' s America has complied a very comprehensive post which details much of what is taking place in the chaos over health care.

We still have the ability to defeat this nightmare and prevent it from passing by standing strong in our vocal opposition to this government take over. Do not be discouraged nor give up because the battle can still be won. As Winston Churchill said in the darkest days of the Battle of Britain, "never, never, never give up!" We the people must prevail for our Nation and our freedom.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

There is no limit to the corrupt depths Obama and Pelosi will sink to get their way with this vote. That leaves me feeling very pessimistic about the result.

The only solution will be to vote these asses out of office and hope we can get a large enough majority in 2010 and defeat Obama in 2012 so we can try and fix it.

11:26 AM, March 19, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I'm with you Mike. This defeat of the measure to block the Slaughter Solution shows that they are willing to do whatever regardless of how they claim otherwise.

Until that vote I was optomistic that this thing could be defeated in an actualy head count floor vote. But like you a good deal of pessimism has set in and now I am very concerned.

4:19 PM, March 19, 2010  
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