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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


President Nicholas Sarkozy of France made a state visit to Washington and was given the royal treatment with an official press conference and State Dinner which is appropriate for a Head of State. Sarkozy has been highly critical of Obama's foreign policy as well as Obama's economic moves which have not only hurt our economy but world economies who look to the dollar as a stable financial entity. Obama's out of control spending has so devalued the dollar that it is affecting every economy especially ours.

But the differences between Obama and Sarkozy, who is a much better friend to the US than his French predecessors, is not the purpose of this post but rather the way that Sarkozy was treated on his State visit as opposed to the insulting way another State visit was handled last week by Barack Obama and his staff of imbeciles at The White House.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington on an official State visit and was treated as a true and strong friend of The United States by Congress upon his visit to Capitol Hill, but at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue the story was completely different.

It is customary when a visiting Head of State meets at The White House with the President that an official Press Conference is held to allow question to both Heads of State and allow for an interchange on the purpose behind the visit as well as promoting whatever the issues are that will be discussed. There are usually several photo ops when the two meet in the Oval Office before any official meeting begins. Once again to emphasize the reasons for the visit.

During the Sarkozy visit all of the above took place as well as a State Dinner to honor the French President. But an entirely different attitude took place by Obama and staff when Benjamin Netanyahu traveled from the warm reception on Capitol Hill to a cold and unfriendly insult at The White House. Not only was there not an official Press Conference or photo ops, but the press was barred from any of the meetings which took place between Obama and Netanyahu.

Additionally there was no State Dinner to honor Netanyahu but rather a private meal where Obama demanded that Israel give up its sovereign right to build housing in their own land in the City of Jerusalem and when Netanyahu refused to bow to Obama's ridiculous demands, he further insulted the Israeli Prime Minister by excusing himself from the table stating that when Netanyahu was willing to talk about meeting Obama's demands he would come back.

Netanyahu was then told he was welcome to use White House telephones to discuss Obama's arrogant demands with his fellow countrymen and advisers, but Netanyahu chose to leave because he did not trust that his calls would be secure and not listened to by Obama staffers.

Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East and along with Great Britain our strongest ally period. In fact in many ways because of the numerous times that Israel has agreed to not justifiably respond to attacks upon their country and people by terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel is a more loyal ally than even Great Britain.

There was absolutely NO EXCUSE for Obama's insult to Netanyahu and as a result to the Nation of Israel. While our two countries have had their differences to publicly insult Israel's Head of State on an official State visit is demeaning to the Presidency and an out right stain on the people of The United States because as President, the pretender in the Oval Office is supposed to represent us on the world stage especially with trusted allies like Israel.

Once again Obama has chosen to insult and turn away from Israel while sucking up to Europe. Until the election of Sarkozy, France has acted more like an enemy of The United States rather than an ally. Sarkozy has changed that in many ways but Israel has always stood strong with our Nation never wavering from supporting us even when we have asked things of Israel that we would not ask of ourselves. Obama's actions during Netanyahu's visit were yet another embarrassment to our Nation by this total inept politician.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"give up its sovereign right to build housing in their own land"

It is not their land. You either know this and are lying, or you don't know this.

1:05 PM, April 08, 2010  
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