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Thursday, August 28, 2008


The all Clinton Democrat Convention displayed classic Bubba last night as the much anticipated speech by Bill Clinton roused the crowd to a frenzied pitch. Throughout the day the Convention that is supposed to be all about Barack Obama again was dwelling on the Clinton's as the media and the pundits spent the day analyzing Hillary's Tuesday night speech and speculating about Bill's Wednesday speech.

Even during the afternoon when the roll call for the nomination began, with the outcome certain, the talk before and at the beginning of the roll call vote was about Hillary's name being placed into nomination, whether the threat by many of her delegates about walking out of the Pepsi Center if the roll call was not allowed to be completed would happen and the impact that this roll call would have on the Obama campaign were the main subjects.

When all was said and done the vote was stopped and Obama won the nomination by acclimation. Once again Hillary played a large part in this as she made her way on the floor to the New York delegation and when New York was called she cast the votes for Obama. Then the cameras spent FOREVER watching her leave the floor.

I did get a kick out of watching Nancy Pelosi try to announce that Obama was the nominee only to find out the podium mic was off and that she had to do it all over again. The obvious, "egg on my face," look was classic.

The nomination of Obama whether one agrees with him or not is an historic moment in American politics as racial equality is being spotlighted as Obama becomes the first Black to receive a major political party nomination. One day maybe we will finally NOT look at the color of ones skin as anything but looking at another fellow human being!

The evening again displayed a array of speakers that no one paid attention to until Bubba appeared and the crowd went wild. To his credit Bill Clinton has always been a prolific speaker and last night was no exception. To the surprise of many pundits Clinton spent most of the speech praising Obama. Of course as in all Clinton speeches there was a good amount of time talking about Bill.

In the early moments of the speech Clinton tried to get across the idea that Obama was ready to be President. He began the litany of reasons that Obama is ready in a very curious way that I have not heard any of the pundits mention.

Here is what Clinton said after congratulating Obama on his VP pick. " With Joe Bidens's EXPERIENCE AND WISDOM, supporting Barack Obama's proven understanding, instincts and insight, America has the National Security leadership we need."

What makes this one statement in Clinton's speech so astounding is that he clearly states that WITHOUT Biden's, "experience and wisdom, " Obama does NOT have what it takes to protect this Nation and lead this country. Only after adding Biden to the ticket does Obama have experience in his corner. Inexperience is NOT what is needed in the White House and even Bill Clinton understands this evidenced by the way he stated Obama's lack of experience on National Security issues.

All in all Clinton gave a rousing speech that excited the crowd but did little to move the public opinion about Obama as we are now on the last day of the Convention and Obama is still tied in today's tracking polls with McCain. If the American people actually believed all of the rhetoric about Obama that has been coming out of this Convention by now he would have started to show some type of bounce in the polls.

The evening ended with a rather anti -climatic speech by VP choice Joe Biden in accepting the nomination for the number two slot on the Democrat ticket. Then Obama appeared, "out of nowhere," for a surprise visit. This has been played as an unscripted moment but we all know that Obama does nothing unscripted. It may have not been in the original schedule but it was added as the buzz during the day was that he was going to make an appearance. He also spoke to fluently for it not to have been a planned speech!

Tonight the Greek gods Zeus and Apollo will join the Roman god Jupiter on the podium beneath great Greek and Roman columns as Barack Obama mesmerizes the expected crowd of more than 70,000 at Denver' s Invesco Field. The Obama coronation speech will take place at 8PM Denver time, 10 PM Eastern preceded by a warm up speech by the ever exciting, (YAWN), Al Gore. Right now the weather forecast for this out door event calls for partly cloudy skies and temps in the fifties. But remember when Gore speaks bad whether follows. So the Goracle may very well really rain on Obama's parade!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

You may not like the DNC convention - but obviously it is not targeted to you. The fact is that the Gallup daily tracking poll shows a 6 point bump for Obama from the time the convention started.

1:26 PM, August 28, 2008  
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