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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Barack Obama is dangerous. That is a well known fact that conservatives understand and why we are so adamant in our opposition to this liberal candidate whose inexperience and lack of substance have no business even running for President much less sitting in the Oval Office.

In our zeal to defeat Obama though, we have neglected something that we as conservatives have always been consistent with when it concerns our politics. Conservatives have not only been able to articulate why we are opposed to an issue or a candidate but also why we support an issue or a candidate.

A fellow blogger, Gayle at the Dragon Lady's Den during my Blog Talk Radio show brought to my attention the fact that we bloggers are spending a considerable amount of time writing against Obama and very little time in why we support John McCain, other than he is NOT Obama.

We all know that McCain is not our first choice as a candidate but we also understand that when given the choice between the two alternatives McCain is the far better candidate. But is that reason enough to support anyone for President ? We conservatives pride ourselves on being informed about the issues and the candidates and as such when anyone runs for President we have always known exactly why we support their candidacy.

One thing about many liberals that I have noticed over the years is that when asked the question , "why," concerning a particular issue or candidate most are either angered or quickly begin repeating liberal talking points because they have not considered in their own mind an answer to that very important question.

In fact in my experience with liberals I have found that the quickest way to get a heated response is to simply ask, "why," during a discussion. In almost every instance the liberal that I was talking to became flustered or agitated and began repeating talking points or accusing me of promoting hatred.

During the 2004 election I posted a story giving liberals a full week to comment why they were supporting John Kerry. I was receiving numerous comments from liberals who were attacking Bush or making accusations but never one that stated why they were supporting Kerry. I stated in the post that I would NOT accept responses attacking Bush or stating that a liberal supported Kerry because he was not Bush or that they hated Bush. I wanted ONLY reasons why a liberal would support Kerry based on policy and ideas.

I received NO responses. I then followed this up with a lengthy posting about why I supported President Bush. Amazingly those same liberals who could NOT give any reason as to why they supported Kerry commented with obvious anger about my support of President Bush.

While we conservative bloggers are justified in our opposition and our considerable posting against Barack Obama, we also must remember that we as conservatives also know why we support issues and candidates and must somewhat balance our posting to show our insight and research about the candidate we support.

So with this in mind I submit the following reasons, based on several key issues as to why I support John McCain for President of The United States.

The war and national security - John McCain has been second to none on this vital issue. He is a staunch supporter of the military and is himself a hero whose military service especially as a POW is unquestionable. He stood , in many case almost alone, in his support for victory in Iraq and placed his political future on the line by taking this stand and was eventually justified as the surge not only worked but has brought victory because of a correct policy and the tremendous job performed by our best and bravest.

He understands that the only way to end the evil of Islamic terrorism is to defeat it and not to negotiate with it. His knowledge of the military and experience not only as a commander but in 25 years in Congress working with the military and on many committees whose responsibilities covered military matters and national security interests gives him a keen insight and ability as Commander in Chief. He understands that protecting our national security means that there are times that it is necessary to fight and defend freedom.

Energy and oil - While I have some misgivings concerning McCain's buying into Global Warming as a fact, he does understand that we are an oil based economy and as such it is necessary in the short and long term to develop and supply oil for our use from our own domestic capabilities. In other words, DRILL ! McCain was opposed to drilling but as he realized that a full 70% of our oil consumption is supplied from foreign sources and that this in itself presents not only an economic problem but a national security risk because of the vulnerability it creates, McCain reversed his stand and calls for drilling both off shore and other land based resources.

Though still hedging on ANWR, McCain is now on the correct side of this issue. Combining the necessity of domestic drilling with research for future alternatives for oil, especially nuclear technology.

Taxes - No tax increases period. That in a nutshell is McCain's stand on this issue. He understands that Americans have a tax burden that even with the tax cuts that were instituted by President Bush is still much to high. He not only wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent but reduce the tax burden further understanding that when taxes are decreased revenues increase and that the American people know better how to spend our hard earned money than the government.

Earmarks - This is one issue that McCain almost stands alone on not with just talk but by his actions. During his twenty five years in Congress as a member of both Chambers, McCain has never sought pork spending for his home State of Arizona. He has stated that he will VETO any bill that comes to him as President that contains any earmark.

Government Spending - Even with a Republican majority government spending has been long out of control. McCain not only understands that this was a prime reason why the GOP was booted out of the majority in 2006 but also that this excessive spending has to end before it bankrupts this country. Limited government and limited spending are a McCain mantra.

Supreme Court Justices - The next President will have at least one and likely two Justices of the Supreme Court who will retire during his four years. This one issue alone will shape law and whether the High Court follows Constitutional law and principles or tries to legislate from the bench. McCain has stated and has supported Judges like Samuel Alito and John Roberts.

Judges who understand that the responsibility of the High Court is to apply the law as stated in the Constitution and not use the court as a means of pushing through liberal legislation that cannot be passed in Congress.

Abortion - There are many who consider this issue alone when they choose a candidate to support. While I am an ardent pro -lifer, I also understand that many issues face this Nation and as such I am not a one issue voter. But for those who are and this is the issue in which they decide their vote, then McCain is also the candidate to support.

He has a twenty five year record in favor of the sanctity of life and believes that the rights of the unborn begin AT conception!

Immigration - Though in my opinion McCain is still wrong on several aspects of this issue, because of the defeat through grassroots efforts by the people of the massive amnesty bill that McCain co-sponsored, he has come to understand that border security is the first and utmost important issue concerning illegal immigration and now supports the fence and border security first. This also shows that he understands that the people still are the voice of this Nation and his willingness to listen to the people. A trait that many politicians do not have.

Yes I support John McCain because I cannot and will not support Barack Obama. Yes it is true that my zeal against Obama is somewhat of a driving force in my support. But as listed above I also understand that in supporting a candidate for President it is also necessary to know how that candidate stands and why his policy matches my support.

It seems that a vast majority of Obama supporters are mesmerised in support of the liberal because of two words, "hope and change." Though they have no clue of what hope and the type of change. Many support Obama because he looks and sounds good. None of these are reasons to support a candidate much less one for President. It is shallow and neglects our responsibility as voters in knowing why we vote.

My challenge stands to liberals as it did in 2004. Why do you support Barack Obama. I will not accept statements that he offers hope or change or that he is young and sounds good. I want real reasons based on the issues and knowledge of his stance on those issues and why those stances have given a vote to Obama.

I have detailed why I support John McCain, so to any and all liberals who read this post, I challenge you to do the same for Barack Obama. I am betting that most can't. We shall see!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Tom said...

Thanks, Ken, for the reasons to support McCain other than opposing Obama.

Always nice to get a reality check...

12:27 PM, August 17, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Thanks for the link, Ken.

After watching McCain during the Saddleback Church debate last night I felt a lot better about supporting him. I absolutely detest having to vote for a candidate because I consider him the less of two evils! I would have voted that way because as we discussed on your show, to not vote is to vote for Obama, which is something I can't even contemplate. But after listening to McCain last night I am relieved to say I feel much better about him. He is a man of strong character as he proved when he was a Vietnamese prisoner, but of course I knew that before last night's debate. His responses last night were quick. He didn't take any time at all to mull over an answer which shows me he gave sincere answers. I'm feeling quite relieved this morning.

Now let's pretend I'm a liberal taking up your challenge. I would say that I can tell you I will vote for Obama because he is for change. CHANGE I tell you! As long as things change it doesn't matter what sort of change it is... I just want change!

We'll stop pretending now. I can't play liberal any longer than that! :)

2:57 PM, August 17, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that those who have strong beliefs on pro life are strong christians with all respect for the life, as it starts at conception. How can certain individuals who have these strong beliefs for the value of life, also support capital punishment, as McCain does. How can one have opposite beliefs on the value of life at opposite ends of the spectrum? Am I missing something?

6:00 PM, August 17, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Yes, Anonymous, you are indeed missing something. Babies are innocent. People who are executed have committed horrendous crimes and are not innocent. Therein lies the difference.

Ken, thanks for letting me know about CBS News picking up both your post here and mine. That's really cool and quite a coincidence. :)

8:02 PM, August 17, 2008  
Blogger AI said...

Great summary Ken,

... Because I would not vote for a Marxist, because I respect the troops and all the who fight for freedom, because I respect the border, and while McCain is no guarantee here, Obama couldn’t care less. Because McCain is for smaller government and lower taxes than Obama, because McCain might just support the conservative judge while Obama never will … Because McCain is the only feasible alternative …
Because he has the most diverse experience of any of the candidates past present. One could not argue against McCain's breadth of service: carrier aviator, combat pilot, wounded veteran, tortured while a prisoner of war for five and a half years, U.S. congressman and senator for over 25years, and a past presidential candidate … Becaue he does not compromise on values, is honest and hard working, believes in America, and ultimately is right for American Interests in 2008 and beyond…

8:25 AM, August 18, 2008  
Anonymous Tree Hugger for McCain said...

Thank your for this post. I am big believer in being FOR something rather than AGAINST something. McCain was far from my first choice, but now that he's the Republican candidate I am behind him 100%. I'd rather spend my time and energy support McCain instead of tearing down Obama. That was my biggest beef with the Bush haters. They just spewed constant hatred. They never got up and actually did anything to fight for what they believe in.

I hope more conservative voters will take a "pro McCain" rather than "anti-Obama" attitude towards the election.

3:42 PM, August 18, 2008  
Blogger Mike's America said...

"I hope more conservative voters will take a "pro McCain" rather than "anti-Obama" attitude towards the election."

It's up to McCain to earn that from us. Right now he's doing a pretty good job. I hope he keeps it up.

12:46 PM, August 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure who to vote for. What scares me is that John McCain said that he can win wars. I am afraid that he will re institute the draft and have all our family members fighting another war, and soon! What do you think his intentions are to promote, World Peace?

6:49 AM, August 22, 2008  
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