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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It was all Hillary all day during day two of the Dem Fest in Denver. While several speakers stepped to the platform during the day including the Governors from Montana, Arizona, Kansas, ( who was on Obama's short list for VP), and former Virginia Governor Mark Warner, a day that should have focused on the nominee was clouded by anticipation of the last speaker of the day Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Most of the speakers during the day took aim at John McCain and did get jabs in here and there but the audience was so busy conversing among themselves and the media was so busy speculating about Hillary's speech that that little attention was paid to any of the days speakers except for an occasional forgettable sound bite.

Tuesday was highly anticipated for two reasons. One, whether Hillary would be magnanimous letting bygones be bygones and endorse Obama and two , whether Hillary would steal the show. Well she was one and one on those points. She did endorse Obama and she did steal the show.

In a day that should have belonged to the nominee, the former candidate who garnered eighteen million votes was the focus of the entire day and that focus will not end with Tuesday. Bill is speaking tonight and the anticipation of his night is almost as wild as that for his partner.

Hillary had one major goal for her speech at the Convention and that was to simply convince her followers to back and vote for Barack Obama. Since the end of the Primaries hundreds of thousands of Hillary supporters have expressed their anger over how she was treated by Obama and the DNC.

Hundreds of organized groups against Obama and many for McCain have have risen from the ranks of Hillary supporters disgruntled with the Democrat Party and Obama and last night was supposed to convince these minions to set aside their anger and follow their leader in backing Obama.

While Hillary accomplished what she set out to do in the wording and delivery of her speech, it looks as though she may have performed to well in her delivery and the fire in a speech that frankly was well done. The reaction by the angered minions instead of , " we support Barack," which was the goal of the speech, is more like, " wow, why wasn't she the one! "

She excited her supporters so much that they are just as fired up in their anger toward the DNC and Obama as they ever were. Interview after interview of disgruntled Hillary supporters praised her for the speech but are still not convinced about Obama. In fact many are actually more fired up because of the speech than they were before the speech.

Today's tracking polls show that the speech had no affect with voters as McCain is still up by between one and three points with only two days left in the Convention, and one of those days, today, still belonging to the Clinton's.

Bubba speaks tonight and his theme is supposed to be foreign policy but we all know Bubba and we have seen his anger concerning the treatment of Hillary so anything may happen during his big time tonight. Also the role call vote for Hillary takes place today drawing still more attention away from Obama who is supposed to be the focus of the entire Convention. After all he IS the nominee.

This has not been a good week for Barack Obama so far. A week that I might add should have been one of the high points of his entire campaign. Adding to the Clinton take over of the Convention are new revelations reported by National Review concerning documents found that prove without doubt that Obama has been lying in statements and ads concerning his association with Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers.

The documents show that the Foundation founded by Ayers in which Obama was a board member have both in a close relationship on a small Board and that Ayers likely personally placed Obama on the Board of the Foundation.

Not exactly the innocent eight year old child that Obama's current ad about the Ayers controversy tries to claim. Or the sixties as the ad goes on to say. But rather as Obama was running for his first term as a State Senator for Illinois. Other revelations show a relationship that existed as late as the beginning of his Presidential run, though denied by Obama.

This Convention is becoming a disaster for Obama and the Democrats. America is seeing a party divided, a candidate who is taking a second seat to one who is not the nominee and the Clinton's once again doing what they have always done best, taking center stage in Democrat politics whether they are wanted or not!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Take it easy Ken, trying to dig up dirt from decades ago is just plain ridiculous.

I read a story about the documents the National Review wrote about. All they show is that Obama and Ayers were at some of the same meetings that discussed how to improve Chicago schools. Please explain to me what the big deal is. Are you against improving schools?

I don't understand Republican fascination with looking back 40 years ago - people want to look forward.

As for the convention and Hillary's speech. I loved it. I think that it will go a long way to getting her supporters to back Obama. Political fights during primaries are common (think Reagan/Ford, Reagan/Bush, Bush Jr./McCain). Parties come together - this year will be no different.

1:20 PM, August 27, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

LOL Ken. Rob is a typical Democrat. Doesn't bother him that Ayer's said he should have done more and he said it right after 9/11. Well, there's no figuring the left. They would stick up for Obama if he were proven to be a serial killer. They'd be saying he'd been framed.

Good take on the speech, by the way. Hillary didn't say anything about why Obama should be the next president other than the fact that he's a Democrat. She didn't tell them about how qualified he is or what a wonderful character he has. Gosh... I just can't imagine why. ;)

2:38 PM, August 27, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Gayle, Ayers is irrelevant to the presidential race. There is no evidence that Ayers and Obama are close. They didn't meet until decades after Ayers' improprieties. Any relationship that they have/had was specifically in relation to improving Chicago area schools. Obama was a Chicago politician and Ayers was a professor at University of Illinois-Chicago.

Jeez, what is so unusual about to prominent members of a community trying to improve that community?

Since you seem so interested in past events, let me ask you about actual actions of your candidate. Do you have a problem with McCain's relationship with Charles Keating and the S&L failure? Do you care about McCain's affairs and how he dropped his first wife so he could continue his affair and eventually marry rich Cindy?

At worst, Obama went to a few meetings to help improve Chicago schools with a guy who committed crimes 40 years ago.

For McCain, the guy actually committed adultery and broke federal banking laws. What excuse can you possibly have for those direct examples of immorality and illegal behavior?

2:53 PM, August 27, 2008  
Blogger AI said...

Really, I do not think for a moment that Hillary set out to worship Obama as an entirely complete and fully qualified leader ready to b e commander in chief. No, she did not to do that at all, for her Obama is simply the one whom the Democrats chose. Sure, it was a fine speech, but the loyalty seemed more so to the party than the chosen candidate.

After reading a comment made by a disgruntled somewhat disaffected Democrat voter earlier today, I sat and wondered at how many share the same feelings. It read, “I don’t know how I will deal with the next 4 years. I feel like someone just made me drink poison. Hillary was and is the only person to lead this country. The Dems are going to be sorry in November. How could they pit an African American man against a woman and think they would have unity in the end? How stupid.”

7:24 AM, August 28, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Like I said, Rob: You would stick up for him no matter what. Ayers said right after 9/11 that he wished he had done more! That doesn't bother you a bit, does it? Sheesh!

Obama's associations with Tony Rezko also disqualifies him as far as I'm concerned, as does his staying in Trinity Baptist church for twenty years with a rabble-rouser like Rev. Wright. But that's okay... Obama is not going to be the next president anyway.

10:33 AM, August 28, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Gayle, if you are so concerned about the arms-length relationship Rezko, are you also concerned McCain's direct associations with Charles Keating. How about his direct relationship with Kemper Marley (the mafia boss, and close friend of the Hensley family, who funded his first campaign). How about his relationship with Ukrainian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, who is suspected of having ties to organized Russian crime?

You don't seem to even know your candidate. I assume you know about his many affairs (including with Cindy) and the way he unceremoniously dropped his first wife. I have to assume that you don't really care about that (gotta love his family values).

The relationship that just makes me laugh is Jerry Perenchio. He’s the National Finance Co-Chair of McCain's campaign. Good ol' Jerry is the billionaire founder of Univision (Hispanic TV). This guy has funded environmental causes that the Right just hates, but more important, he is pushing for open-borders. This is who is funding your candidate and you either don't know it or you don't care.

McCain doesn't have any core foundation other than having an ambition for power. He explicitly wrote that in his 2002 book. Don't believe me? Just listen to John McCain say it himself in his audio recording of his book on tape.

If he is elected, he is not a maverick and he is not beholden to any conservative cause. He will probably appoint liberal judges, push for making illegals legal, and continue the favors for rich folks. He is an absolute joke of a politian, and he has truly pulled the wool over many Republicans' eyes.

11:59 AM, August 28, 2008  
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