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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


After the Potomac victories by John McCain yesterday mathematically eliminating any possibility for Mike Huckabee gaining the nomination, McCain is our nominee. I have heard more Conservatives try to rationalize their reasoning for not voting for McCain covering everything from their anger over his siding with Democrats to using the example that it took , "fours years of Carter to make Reagan." Literally concedeing the election to Hillary/Obama in order to get a strong Conservative in 2012.

I am not a McCain fan, but I am not willing to concede this or any election to a Democrat especially two as Socialized and dangerous as Hillary and Obama. The only option is to vote GOP and fight for what we as Conservatives believe.

With that in mind following is a Republican Manifesto that states the, "change, " that the GOP needs to establish as a platform including the nominee, in order to win in November and continue the Conservative battle over liberalism.

1. National Security - This is a two fold concept. Domestically the party needs to establish a total border security policy which includes funding and building the fence along the Southern border of this nation. Increasing patrols and technological means to secure the border, establishing this as a day one priority.

Next is a firm and total committment to fighting the War on Terror to protect our National Interests through total and complete victory. Following present strategy with the Iraq surge and hitting the Taliban and Al Qaeda hard in the mountains of Afghanistan to flush them out and eliminate their threat.

In conjunction with this are the funding and continue use of sureveilance programs that seek out intelligence from terrorists by electronic means. Allowing the intelligence community the legal tools necessary to continue a job well done.

2. Limiting Government - Within the first 100 days legislation is introduced reducing government expentiture and programs with across the board cuts that will not only reduce government but stimulate the economy because of that reduction. No picking and choosing programs but a straight across the board cut of government expenditures to be followed by more to get the size of government back in control. By reducing government the deficit will also drop because it will not be necessary to borrow to finance the monstor in Washington.

No more earmarks...period. Eliminate pork barrel spending through earmarks which again will reduce the size of government and spending.

3. Taxes - First , make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Then reduce once again the tax burden on the American people with new tax cuts allowing the people more control over their money which will increase revenues as every tax cut has in the past. Use the new money to pay off the deficit rather than increasing government spending as has been done in the past.

Second, a total revamp of the tax system. Either through the Fair Tax or a flat tax with a one page return that will eliminate or simplify the tax code and system.

4. Immigration - In addition to the border security provisions under National Security, adopt a tough immigration policy which puinishes employers who hire illegals. If a policy that dries up the jobs is established then the illegals will begin to leave of their own accord since they cannot find employment.

Eliminate the use of all social programs for illegals, incuding Social Security, welfare, any type of College assistance etc. Again forcing them to return home because they will soon find they cannot survive in a country that no longer provides free assistance. Cutting them off will make finding them less of a problem because they will leave or starve!

Create an Ellis Island situation along our Souther Border to allow legal immigrants the means to begin the process at the border before they enter this country. Setting up several Ellis Island type locations which investigate each applicant. Check them for medical and criminal problems and once passed through the process assign employment from a list of employers looking for field workers etc.

5. Strong National Defense - Continue the modernization of all Branches of our military adopting new and better technology while keeping our forces trained and ready for any situtation. Insure that funding is available for adequate forces to comply with our military needs and salaries for our soldiers that compensate they and their families for their service to our country.

Increase benefits for Veterans insuring that no one who has served this nation lacks for anything from pensions to medical needs. Adopting a new GI Bill of Rights that will meet todays standards and the needs of every Veteran at todays financial levels.

6. Energy - While finding new sources of energy is part of the policy, it is also time to address immediate energy concerns. Stop pacifying the environmentalists and drill in Anwar and other areas necessary to reduce immediatly our dependecy on foreign oil. Begin recieving fron Iraq a minimum of 10% of their oil production as a reimbursement for monies spent in defense of and the rebuilding of their nation.

Begin the use of Nuclear power, reversing the ban instituted by the Carter Adminstration. The safety and long term use has been proven over and over again and it is time for the United States to step into the 21st Century concerning Nuclear power. The military has used it successfully and safely since the sixties and so should our energy grid.

7. The Supreme Court - only appoint Judges who will follow the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. Judges who see the Constitution as the law of the land and beleive in the strict interpretation based on that principle.

8. Continue with the long standing policy of the GOP for the sanctity of human life both born and unborn

These are just a few of the, "changes, " that the GOP should establish immediatly as party platform and policy that our nominee and his administration along with Republican members of Congress will campaign on and then institute upon election. Some of it can be introduced by the Republican Minority now to show the American people that the GOP means business and that we are the party to vote for and elect in 2008.

Ken Taylor


Blogger BB-Idaho said...

Sounds like the 2000/2004 platform.

1:49 PM, February 13, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Too bad Bush and the Republicans didn't follow the platform. Then we wouldn't owe foreigners $2.3 trillion in government debt and we wouldn't have a $3.1 trillion budget that is projecting a $400 billion deficit (this doesn't include the costs of the Iraq War which you can add about $120 billion for).

8:11 AM, February 14, 2008  
Blogger TRUTH-PAIN said...

Its funny but I've always said that the reason most people have a mis-represented view of Republicans is that they don't advertise what they are FOR in a simple and digestible list such as this on. I could certainly add a few things here and there to cater to my libertarian views, but on the whole i think you are dead on. Too bad no Republican will touch it....

4:13 PM, February 15, 2008  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

to using the example that it took , "fours years of Carter to make Reagan." Literally concedeing the election to Hillary/Obama in order to get a strong Conservative in 2012.

I simply don't understand what drives this manner of thinking. Losing elections is not the answer to getting a stronger conservative the next go round.

4:25 AM, February 16, 2008  
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