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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


DATELINE NOVEMBER 4, 2008 - "After much speculation by analysts as to who would take the White House in the General Election especially with the generally low approval ratings for President Bush, his successor will be a Republican. Though the Democrats put on a fierce campaign, in the end the leadership in national security and protecting this nation from the Islamic threat prevailed as the GOP retains the White House. "

I realize that the above headline has not been officially written as the General Election is still several months away and much can happen between now and then. I also realize that in an election year this is a highly optimistic prediction. But when voters take to the polls on November 3, 2008 and consider who they believe will best lead and protect this nation for the next four years, the GOP should come out the victor.

While the Obama's charisma is touted as the bringer of , " hope, " and , "change, " as the campaign for the Democrat nomination is placing the Illinois Senator against an establishment and scandal flawed Hillary Clinton, who still can win the nomination, Obama's charismatic ways and his great sounding rhetoric plays well with liberal voters.

But the race during the final months before a General Presidential Election will find voters scrutinizing the candidates on the issues and looking at them in a different light then during the Primaries. It is then that voters understand the full ramification of who they will be electing as the leader of this nation and for the most powerful position in the world, The President of The United States.

If Hillary is the nominee her polarizing effect on voters, the scandals that have followed the Clinton's since the Arkansas days and her general Socialist agenda and disdain for the military will place her in second place behind the GOP nominee, John McCain.

If Obama is the nominee, his charisma will begin to fade as he is faced with the tough questions that will be placed before him during the final push before November third. While he can brush over questions and give softball responses during the Primaries, this will end in the final days before November. He will be faced with tough questions and his, "hope, " and, "change," message that has women fainting in the isles will not hit it with voters of scrutiny as he will be expected to be detailed on the issues. A situation that he has not found himself in during the primaries.

The kid gloves fall off in those final months and Obama will have to answer questions and not just give generalities that excite an audience as he has done in his quest to beat Hillary. His persona will not be able to convince voters that he can protect this nation from threats as Commander in Chief which also will not play well with voters in the push toward November.

McCain on the other hand has the strong credentials for Commander in Chief and has answered many tough questions especially from we Conservatives. While we have not found complete satisfaction with some of his answers, Conservatives are beginning to understand that McCain offers a better Presidency, especially from the stand point of National Security that either Hillary or Obama.

As we approach November the average voter will come to a similar conclusion in comparing Hillary/Obama and John McCain as Commander in Chief and this one issue if nothing else will way heavy on voters as the take to the polls and consider the security of this nation and in whose hands they wish to place that security.

Sure Domestic issues such as taxes, health care, spending and immigration will also be on the minds of voters but the security of the nation , I believe will prevail as voters consider who will lead them for the next four years. This one issue gives a massive advantage to the GOP especially when voters consider both Hillary's and Obama's stance and consider them for the job of Commander in Chief. Hillary has flip flopped and Obama has shown great weakness in his views on the war and the security of this Nation.

McCain has been steadfast and strong in his stand on the war, defending this Country and supporting the troops. This combined with his experience in the field while in the Navy and his unwavering stance in defense of this Nation throughout his career should prevail with voters as they consider who will best protect this Nation.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Long way off and a lot still has to happen, but I would say that your post title sounds a lot like, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

It is a mischaracterization to say that Obama has no specifics. Go to his website for details, but the last debate clearly offered policy differences between Clinton and Obama in terms of health care and war spending.

I am quite sure if you watch the debate tonight you will see significant details and the policy differences that voters will be able to decide on with respect to Clinton and Obama.

As I said a few days ago in one of my postings, the single greatest threat to American sovereignty and national security is the economic disaster that Bush and the Republicans have created that has resulted in the nation being awash in debt to China, OPEC nations, and other interests that are not necessarily friendly to the U.S. McCain has been quoted as saying, he "doesn't really understand economics." When that ad runs in the general election, it will be just like Kerry's, "I voted for it, before I voted against it" ad that Republicans ran.

12:34 PM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger Paul Champagne said...

God how I would love to see that headline in November.

Just hope the Obamamania that is sweeping the country will have run its' course by then.

2:32 PM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Champagne - AMEN

Rob, I know you and I disagree concerning Obama and what he ,"offers, " which is good in our society.

While, as you know I have had my disageements with the GOP, Bush and the spending that took place especially in the first four years, I beleive that the single most threat to this nation is that which comes from unfettered Islamic Fanaticism and the terrorism that it sparks.

Economic woes repair themselves over time but not one economic woe has ever brought down buildings killing thousands.

Additionally with the rising gas prices and the morgage problems a , "weak, " economy would have collapsed by now, while this one still has strength and is growing with steady employment, new job creation and an expanding GNP.

Consumers still state that they are , "worried, " about the economy when they read headlines, but when asked how they are personally doing the answer is good.

When push comes to shove in November and voters are alone in the polling booth I firmly beleive that when goven a choice in selecting Obama/Hillary as CIC or John McCain and voting the power to secure and protect this nation into the hands of any of the three as President, McCain will win hands down for the trust of security will not fall to inexperience or wishy washy policy which is what Obama and Hillary have both shown when it comes to our defense.

2:47 PM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Ken, you should read the story on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today. Basically, the American government is begging sovereign wealth funds owned by Islamic nationals and Islamic governments to not buy up depressed U.S. assets with their $3 trillion in wealth.

Islamic terrorists won't knock down American buildings - they will just have their financiers buy them. Just read about all of the New York skyscrapers that are being bought by Chinese and Middle Eastern buyers. Read about how Merrill Lynch and Citi are now owned partially by these same foreigners.

It is painfully obvious that most Americans are like McCain and don't have a clue about economics. However, the assumption that the U.S. will always be the world's economic superpower is just plain silly. Bush's economic nonsense has destroyed American sovereignty by selling off huge parts of the banking, national security, airline, and other critical industries to foreign nationals. He has single-handedly ensured that Asian and Middle Eastern powers are gaining the upper hand. His family is personally benefitting, it is just the rest of us who are suffering.

3:02 PM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger American said...

Obamania will run its course only if his insinuations, as opposed to specifics, come under broad scrutiny.

This will call for some delicate skill on the part of his political opponents who must, at all costs and, in the language of the majorities ... sigh ... flush out the implications of his policies.

10:54 PM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger TRUTH-PAIN said...

One thing I know, no candidate in history has been able to maintain the euphoria, enthusiam and fanatical following currently enjoyed by mr obama. I think he peaked way to early and once he's dispatched Hillary, the press will lay the lumber to him as well. Let's see if the luster is still there in August.
Can McCain win?... sure. The media and gaffe planets have to align themselves into severe contorsions; but yes, it is possible.

12:22 AM, February 27, 2008  
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