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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We are nearing the end of yet another session of the Democrat Majority Congress that made its debut in January of this year. At the end of this week the Congress will shut its doors and take the month of August off returning to Capitol Hill after the Labor Day weekend at the beginning of September.

When Democrats were basking in their victory last November they claimed to have a mandate from the people, which in actuality was no more than the voters throwing out the GOP as majority because of rampant spending, mainly through earmarks. So Democrats in their claim of a mandate about Iraq and spending bragged about how their Congress would be the most ethical Congress in history.

They went on to brag that they would curb earmarks and that investigations would be held to a minimum while they passed what they deemed as necessary legislation which of course followed their liberal agenda. So the first 100 hours came and went while Democrats blocked the GOP from even participating in debate by placing everything in their agenda up for a floor vote immediately.

Two of the more touted votes that passed in that first 100 hours was the minimum wage increase and legislation to stop or actually control earmarks. The minimum wage increase was later attached to a military appropriations bill as a means of trying to force the President into signing a bill with a Democrat withdrawal, (surrender), measure which prompted a Bush VETO. Thus the minimum wage had to be re-visited for passage once again.

The earmarks measure also has fallen by the wayside in a manner that the American public has no clue as to how much. While the minimum wage bill was passed a second time and recently enacted with a 70 cent increase in the wage, the earmarks are more out of control now then they ever were with the GOP. In fact Nancy Pelosi has even tried to force earmarks into legislation by adding them while a bill is on the House floor which prevents any committee revue or debate on the earmark.

So just what has this Democrat led Congress done since taking power in January ? Almost nothing. The only real legislation that has passed the Congress has been the minimum wage increase. While I do not agree with the increase, it at least is something that they have accomplished that was on their agenda.

They have passed legislation that decreases interest due on college loans and loosens requirements for approval making them easier for students to receive, which of course will make a poor student beholden to the government in paying off a college loan until he/she is receiving Social Security.

How do Democrats stand on earmarks ? They have touted that they were going to all but eliminate this practice and as a matter of fact they are once again addressing the issue on the House floor this week, before the cameras, which has no chance of passing before the recess at the end of the week but makes good play before the press.

Earmarks while proposed by both parties cannot make it into a bill without the approval of the majority leadership. Since January Democrats have allowed more than, (I hope you bracing yourself, ) 32, 000 earmarks attached to various legislation ! This in just over six months of the Congressional year.

The GOP while rampant in spending did not allow 32, 000 in an entire year much less six months. While all of this spending has been going on Democrats have been portraying themselves as fiscally responsible and ethically clean, ( do I hear William Jefferson Democrat Louisiana ?).

What else has happened since January ? On the Senate side investigation after investigation has taken place with Iraq withdrawal measure placed in the midst. In fact especially in the last several months the Senate has debated Iraq surrender measures which either failed or were vetoed then once those were no longer before the cameras drift back to the firing of the federal prosecutors and Alberto Gonzales, then back to another Iraq measure, then Gonzales, then Iraq, the Gonzales... you get the picture. Oh and they threw the Amnesty Bill in for good measure.

The House also has voted debated, reworded, re -voted, reworded, then re-voted again more times then one can count Iraq withdrawal measures which just like their Senate counter parts are designed to get media attention and show liberal groups like ,"Move," and others that Democrats bow to and are beholden to that they are pushing the liberal agenda on the war.

The Summer recess is upon us and low and behold both the House and the Senate have already announced that once they return in September the first order of business will be to debate and try to pass yet another Iraq withdrawal, (surrender), measure. This time the debate will most likely last longer since the report from General Petraeus is due in September.

Of course when the report talks of the success of the surge which is already evidenced in so many ways, Democrats as usual will cry foul and claim that the surge has failed and the debate and push their pull out agenda despite the evidence to the contrary. Of course one must always realize that Democrats are not interested in truth, evidence, success or victory, just obstruction, opposition and surrender regardless of the consequences or the reality on the ground.

So they reward themselves with a raise and will go home during August and brag to their constituents on the, "marvelous job, " and the, " tremendous accomplishments, " that they have made since January. While the record shows failure and their delusional status on accomplishments would spark commitment procedures if they worked anywhere else besides Washington DC.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Add to that a recent study by the Washington Post that the top ten most partisan living members of Congress are ALL DEMOCRATS! And of course Nancy Pelosi tops the list.

So much for working together with the other party on behalf of the American people.

3:21 AM, August 01, 2007  
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