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Sunday, July 15, 2007


From time to time those of you who visit this site have noticed that I run a, "if the election were held today, " poll. I run the poll for both Republican and Democrat candidates. In the past I have let them stand for several weeks in order to get a better idea of how readers are planning to vote. Because the polls are not scientific, by letting them remain for a longer period of time the trend for people voting more than once drops off and a more actual count works its way into the poll. The longer the poll stays up the more it reflects national and scientific polling.

That is until the Ron Paul enthusiasts stared showing up. Before they appeared the poll would show a small , (5 - 10),but consistent vote growth each day. When the Pauliacs began surfing the web for polls that they can skew to make it falsely look like their candidate is gaining huge support, all of the sudden on any given day the poll will have a 40 - 50 vote increase and all for Ron Paul.

The template for the poll allows for non-repeating of voting for a period of time from the same IP address but once that period expires that address can vote again. When the debates have taken place on a national level and news sources have a quick poll about who has won the debate, amazingly Ron Paul has shown large numbers in these non-scientific polls as well. Obviously as in my poll the Pauliacs hijack the poll in order to make their candidate look better than he actually is.

The proof in the pudding is that in each case this hijack does not in any way compare to the real scientific polling that is performed by agencies such as Rasmussen or Gallop which show Ron Paul with 5% or less. I had decided that because of past experience that I would not post another Presidential poll until Paul dropped out of the race, which will happen because his support is not enough to allow him to last much longer.

I changed my mind and posted one this last week to prove my point and like clock work on Friday the Pauliacs hit the poll and Ron Paul jumped from 1 vote to 49 giving him the lead in the poll which had been held by Fred Thompson consistently prior to Friday. Though the numbers were a little larger for Thompson ( that because a large number of readers here are Thompson supporters), in my poll than national polls the placement of the candidates was consitent with national polling.

So to you Pauliacs, your poll skewing has been proven. What you do not seem to understand is that your candidates position with the voters and his lack of popularity does not change just because you hijack polls trying to make people believe the lie you are trying to show by falsely exaggerating his numbers. The people are not buying his platform nor his candidacy and your attempts to make it look otherwise does not change that.

Ron Paul has consistently angered most voters with much of his platform especially his idea that 9/11 happened as a result of United States policy in the Middle East and the, "blow back, " theory. Islamic fanatics do not attack us or kill our people because of governmental policy or political beliefs but simply because we exist and that existence is not following Islam.

Their fanatical religious out look is what motivates them to kill and not politics or policy in the Middle East or even as Ron Paul claims United States intervention in matters outside of our borders especially in Arab countries.

They fight and kill Americans because in their mind Allah has called them to kill the infidel and martyrdom for him is the ultimate glory and victory for the cause especially when that martyrdom kills infidels in the process. Their goal is the formation of a world which bows to Islam and follows their fanatical beliefs.

Their hatred for The United States is because we are the foremost example of the hated infidel and the freedoms which this country offers are just the opposite of the oppression that their fanatical religious beliefs wish to force on the world. This hatred would be their even if we had NEVER stepped foot in any political, military or covert way as intervention in the Middle East.

This isolationist idea offered by Paul is also what many claim proves that he is the most conservative candidate in the mix. I will admit that sum of his platform does offer certain conservative ideals such as limited government. But his naive belief that The United States should remain within our borders and isolate our self politically and even militarily from the rest of the world is from a bygone era prior to World War II.

The country then was very isolationist and even when Hitler and Imperial Japan began their expansion in Europe and Asia the mood of the country was, "that is not our problem, " and as such we had no business getting involved. That is until December 7, 1941 when the Japanese forced our involvement by attacking Pearl Harbor.

The world changed then as The United States soon became a superpower and it was only our intervention that made the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan possible. Since then because of our superpower status and now especially being the only superpower our intervention is virtually necessary in world affairs.

Granted their have been many mistakes especially from a covert stand point but the humanitarian efforts and protection of weaker nations and people that The United States has performed since the end of WWII have changed the world for the better and allowed millions of people to either survive or remain free within their country BECAUSE of United States intervention.

This light of freedom that we show the world and our huge breadbasket heart that helps the helpless and through our military prevents dictators and despots from acts of genocide or purging of their population simply because they wish to be free rather than being controlled by a dictator is the very reason that Islamic fanatics hate everything we stand for.

We offer freedom while they offer oppression. We offer equality while they offer persecution to all especially women and children. We live in prosperity while they offer poverty and despair. We offer life while they offer martyrdom and death. We offer religious freedom while they offer forced religion that states either you bow to their beliefs or die!

We offer the rule of law based on a Constitution that states all people are free and treated fairly under the law regardless of race, creed, sex or religious belief. They offer oppression based on religious fanaticism that allows only rules that provide harsh punishment or death if anyone especially women and children step out of line or believe in anything other than fanatical Islam.

Ron Paul and liberals do not understand this nor do they accept the truth of fanatical Islam and the necessity to eliminate Islamic terrorism before it again shows its ugly face with another 9/11 or worse. If it means we fight Islamic terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or anywhere else in the world, better in their back yard than our own, but fight we must.

It is literally kill or be killed. That is what Radical Islam understands and that is why we must continue to take the fight to them rather than they to us. The recent report on terrorist activity and the chatter that is being picked up shows that the enemy has not quit nor is he planning to. Yet Ron Paul and liberals want The United States to end the fight and pull back into our own borders.

This is exactly what Islamic fanatics want. If we end our fight they will have a free hand to extend their fight and influence and soon that fight will be within the very borders that Ron Paul and liberals want us to remain in. Our military is all that stands between our freedoms and our citizens and another major attack or the infiltration of Islamic fanaticism in the fabric of our nation.

The fight is not over. In fact from an over all stand point it is in its infancy. But fight we must for our survival and the survival of free people and freedom loving nations everywhere.

Ken Taylor

I will be leaving the Presidential polls as they stand for one more week to see if the Pauliacs continue their hijack. Should be interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, (eyes roll) we also spammed his campaign coffers so well that he has the most online donations of any candidate.

you can ignore it and write it off for only so long, soon you will see how utterly silly you really look.

11:27 AM, July 15, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

As usual Ron Paul comments NEVER leave a return response site or comment anonymously.

11:31 AM, July 15, 2007  
Blogger Lou Minatti said...

Hey Ron Paul fans, do you know that you cannot spam the voting booth? It's true. If you try to do at the voting booth what you do with these online polls, you will be committing voter fraud.

Meanwhile, resign yourselves to the fact the Ron Paul has precisely 0% support in the Republican primaries according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.

11:38 AM, July 15, 2007  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

By the way Howard Dean proved in the last Presidential election that large internet donations does not a candidate make.

He continually recieved much more from internet donations than candidates in either party but still lost huge in the very first primaries and he was rinnung against weak candidates in his party.

Thompson and Giuliani are not weak candidates like Kerry was. Internet donations alone do not make a candidate!

11:39 AM, July 15, 2007  
Anonymous Sean said...

What are online polls for? They are for people to vote. Do you have actual proof that someone has voted more than once in your poll or are you just upset that a candidate that you don't like is getting more votes? I look at these online polls differently than others. I look at how weak the support of the other candidates is. That weakness shows me that they don't inspire much.

As for real world support. I have anecdotal evidence that it will grow. I have visited some of my family recently which is all Republican. All six voters are for Ron Paul including a recent military member. You see they can see through the joke of a so called war on terror. They know that the President is not serious about it. They know all the other candidates are not serious. So it is better not to even be there. As for economic and social issues the other candidates are not even close to as good as Ron Paul. I will take Ron Paul on taxes and spending over Thompson any day of the week. If you were honest with yourself you would too.

12:34 PM, July 15, 2007  
Anonymous Michael said...

The idea that the islam radical fascists attack us because of our freedoms, religions, properity or any other reason is for those who lack any real common sense or logical thought process. The Middle East has been around for thousands of years while the US has existed for only 230+/- years. If we were so hated by those people, why would they wait for 200+ years to attack us? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that our foreign policy is one that promotes us as COP of the world. We are not so supreme a being or nation that every country with a problem should expect the US to be Mighty Dog. If Iraq did not want Suddam as their leader, they should have taken the steps necessary to remove him.

7:04 PM, July 15, 2007  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Oh my God. I have had about enough of this stupidity to fill a lifetime.

As for Sean, you visited six families and all six support Ron Paul? Well, I visited eighty-two families and all of them hate Ron Paul and think he is a blithering idiot. See I can make stuff up too.

As for Michael, how then would you explain the attack on other countries and cultures that have been occurring throughout the world, all conducted by radical Islam and Al Qaeda in particular?

Is our foriegn policy forcing them to attack the Buddhist in Thialand?

I do not discount that our foreign policy influenced their willingness to strike at us, but to what end do we let terrorist make decisions that affect our country? Our opposition to Communism severely pissed Russia off during the Cold War. One could argue that our foreign policy forced them to place short and medium ranged ballistic missiles in Cuba. This conflict had us litterally hours away from a world if not a nuclear war. Should we have backed down then and allowed the missile systems to remain in place just to avoid conflict?

They attacked us because we support the right of Israel to exist. They attacked us because we defended Saudi Arabi agianst Iraq and liberated Kuwait. They attacked us because we are infidels. When your enemy tells you that they will continue their campaing until all of Islam dominates the entire world, why do you find it so difficult to listen?

Last argument about Iraq throwing off 'Suddam' is ludacrious as well. I can say the same thing about France in World War II or Kuwait in the Gulf War. If they did not want him there then they should have dealt with it themselves and left us out of it. Our arrogant Isolationism almost cost all the free countries of Europe and don't think Hitler would have stopped there. Once England was finished, he could have turned his full weight on Russia and crushed them. Fortunately, we cam into the war just in time.

You people would be pitiful if it were within me to pity willful ignorance.

11:36 AM, July 16, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

Okay, I'm going to make it easy on myself and ditto what Concerned Citizen said. I mean, he covered everything so well!

This isn't surprising, Ken, but it is so futile. Ron Paul is already a loser and his supporters just can't stand it. I'm wondering if they're related to him. :)

8:38 PM, July 16, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Ken: Did you really need to lift the lid on this garbage after the 90 degree plus temperatures we've had?

These Paulbots are IRRELEVANT to any serious political campaign.

They're nothing more than faddish camp followers who will pick up their marbles and go home the minute they realize that Paul isn't going anywhere.

3:15 PM, July 17, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I gotta agree with everybody ( Not the Ron Paul people )

LMAO @ Paulbots.

3:28 PM, July 18, 2007  
Anonymous Joe P. said...

I don't much like Paul's stance on the war in Iraq, as I believe that an immediate withdrawal could cause incredible fallout. But consider this:

(a) thanks to democrats and the media, who have been drilling this war from day one as terrible and unjust, many Americans want out, which I might add, does not include me. Now with so many democrats in Congress, what makes you think the President will have the tools necessary to do his job as commander in chief through Nov. 2008? We can't even get a Defense bill signed. Alternatively, the Iraqi government could stand up on its own by that time. We are talking about the future. No one is taking President Bush's office today.

(b) Ron Paul is not against National Security, but he feels that we shouldn't overburden ourselves policing the world. Let Europe learn to defend itself, for example, or fall to ruin under its liberal policies. I think he is being misrepresented as a 911 conspiracist or a Cindy Sheehan supporter. He's not, although his policies do lean towards isolationist. HOWEVER, the most important reason that I will support Dr. Paul in the primaries is

HE DOES NOT SUPPORT BIG GOVERNMENT. In fact, he believes we would be better off dismantling it. No IRS, no unconstitutional income tax, no national ID, and giving the power back to the individual and the states.

I think if you see anything wrong with supporting Ron Paul in the primaries, then you need to compare him to the Republican frontrunners, Giuliani, Romney and Mccain. Honestly, I don't know if you can trust any of them to not increase the size of government. That's a good measurement of how you're vote should go. I think making it all about the Iraq war is trivializing the significance of the election (which again I remind you is for the president in office in 2009, not tomorrow or next month). His record speaks for itself, so I am comfortable lening my support.

8:21 AM, July 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Quiet One:
You must conceed it is at least possible that "The Ron Paul" Commentators just Might realize something you don't:

Exposing one's identity doesn't Merely expose them to you lot. It exposes it to any official who, for whatever reason they wish, can take a clip - more like a Quip - of what you said, invariably out of context, in order to contort it to their ends.

I'm only saying its possible.

* IF * true security is more important - which I wager it is, for the Ron Paul enthusiasts - then it doesn't matter a damn what you piddly political panderers poll.

IF on the other hand, they are wrong to hide their identity, then what harm is done?

Do what ye will an ye harm none.

Sounds a little like "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"...if you ask me.

6:34 PM, July 22, 2007  
Blogger Bill from Wisc said...

So.......essentially you open the poll and invite folks to post their choice, but because those who bother to do so favor Ron Paul it's invalid. Not your choice, so must be "hijacked".

Fact. The terrorist attacks began AFTER Desert Storm. Latin America hates us for our meddling in the 70's. Muslims hate us not because we are over here, and free, but because we are OVER THERE, and propping up a puppet State named Israel....excusing everything Israel does. They are one of the LEAST free and most oppressive nations regarding Christians and their own messianic Jews. They have attacked our military more than once yet we did not go to war on them. They have their rabbinical students be "mules" bringing in the death meth drug to our shores. Without us propping them up, Israel would cease to exist. The muslims know that.

We are meddling in the Mid East now, as we did in Latin America and Africa in the 70's and 80's. All we did back then was expend treasure to no purpose, and create animosity for ourselves from those peoples.

Where's the WMD? That was the reason Americans were on board. NOW, not having any, Bush tells us it was always about nation building and bringing freedom to the middle east. Most Americans know that is an impossible task and will never happen. The ideal of "democracy" in that region in the world is totally alien. They don't know what it is, they don't want it, and we can't spend enough to force it on them in the way of our kids, our economy, and our declining national prestige. We cannot occupy every country forcing freedom on them, while battling the guerilla response such a forced "democracy" produces.
Rome couldn't do it, and we can't either. Moreover, most Americans don't want to try.

4:41 PM, August 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Alex Chavel. I don't know how to make my name appear and I didn't want to appear anonymous.

What an insane post! What makes you think that the scientific polls are correct? Just because the online polls don't match them? Just because they don't say what you want? Or just because you say so?

You do realize that Ron Paul is NOT ON many polls! It is hard to do well when you are not a choice. I was called last week and polled. Ron Paul was not an option. They refused to tell me who was conducting the poll. But I am sure it would count as scientific as far as you are concerned.

As far as you insanity concerning our foreign policy --- How many islamic extremists are blowing up Switzerland, or Haiti, or Cuba, or New Zealand? Those people are also infidels. They don't believe in Allah either. So, where is your theory now?

I am constantly amazed at the hatred that Ron Paul receives. So far, I have yet to see one person who doesn't like Ron Paul understand his policies, or anything he has said. They either always get Ron Paul wrong, or they have a deep misunderstanding of the world. You seem to fall into the latter category.

If Ron Paul supporters are active that means they care. If they care they will go to the polls. If they come to your poll and vote and blow away the other candidates, what does that say about the other candidates support? It says that no one really gives a darn about Rudy, or Mitt or Fred, and they just vote for them because they have been told to.

Never do you anti-Paul folks tell me why Your candidate is so great. That is because none of the other candidates ever say anything. They are empty vapid, vote saying anything you want to hear kind of people.

Ron Paul is a brilliant man with tons of writings and has a lot to say for himself.

Oh, and all you Ron Paul haters, if you work for tips and would like the tips to be tax free, Ron Paul wrote a bill that will help you. It is H.R. 3664 and if you want it to pass you better call Congress.

But then I suppose I will hear back from a ton of you what an honor it is to pay taxes. If even one of you says it, then I will send you my tax bill so you can have all the honor you deserve.

The next time you write something do some bloody research. Blowback is nothing new. It is a very old concept. It is only new to you because you are ignorant - not stupid, just ignorant.

Stop yelling about something you don't understand. You have to read more than a Newspaper article on the subject. Try reading the 9/11 Commission Report. Try reading some of those books on Ron Paul's reading list. Obviously, you think you don't need to because you read what someone else thinks about this topic and you adopted it as your own.

Ron Paul is the only hope this country has and you are too pigheaded to learn why. You are missing the greatest chance in the history of this country - at least in your lifetime, because you are approaching like a football game. You have picked a team and you are for it and to hell with learning anything.

I feel so sorry for you. I feel so sorry for this country to have you in it.

1:48 AM, October 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

muslims hated us before we set foot on their land? You do realize that the cia funded islamic fundamentalism and terrorism? Id est, what people call 'al qaeda'?

2:37 AM, October 19, 2007  
Anonymous Mike from Jersey said...

We are organized, that's why the polls reflect our enthusiasm.

I'm not going to say that they're scientifically proven measurements of how Paul ranks among likely voters, but they are excellent indicators of grassroots organization and passion.

Trash our candidate or trash the supporters. Doing both just makes you seem bitter, to be honest.

-newly registered republican, 20 years old, for Ron Paul. liberty is back ;)

Ron Paul has changed my life whether he wins or not. I just hope I can get his message to more people like myself.

10:28 AM, October 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Adams, and others of our great constitutional heritage would respond to you. Maybe an ass full of buckshot, or a 14 caliber rifle ball or maybe just they would allow your igorance to be expressed because they were willing to die for your liberty.

11:30 PM, January 31, 2008  
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