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Sunday, October 01, 2006


This title may sound strange coming from me because of my political affiliation and conservative beliefs but especially with everything that politically transpired last week and looking ahead to the November Mid-Terms I believe that thanks are in order to the Dems for proving my point concerning how the election will turn out. I have long stated that the Republicans will hold on to both the House and the Senate either keeping their current majority as it stands or losing only a few seats in the House and maintaining the Senate. Now with the Democrats strategy in full swing and seeing exactly how that strategy is headed there is the distinct possibility of gains in both Chambers. Why do I say this? Well last week the Dems showed their hand and there was no bluff in their play. This 2006 Mid-Term election strategy is designed to attempt a referendum on Bush and especially the administrations handling of the war with a touch of the old failing economy thrown in for old times sake. This is a startegy that will fail. How then did they show their hand? It began last Sunday with the New York Times leak
of one sentence from an National Intelligence Estimate from April of Iraq that stated that Iraq has fueled terrorism. Then later that morning Bill Clinton went balistic on Fox News as he was questioned about his failed attempts against Osama bin Laden. Now this particular event may not have necessarily been part of the strategy but became enveloped in it during its aftermath. As the week progressed President Bush de-classified several pages of the NIE report and the Dems then proceeded to ignore everything but the one sentence that the Times leaked, only stating that the public deserved to see the hole report and not just the part de-classified. This was hypocrosy at its worst since the one sentence leak by the Times that the Dems continue to play on was chosen because of what it said and totaly misrepresented the NIE report and by the way it too was only a very small portion of the same report. Then later in the week the hapless Jimmy Carter attacked Rumsfeld stating that he is, " the worst Secretary of Defense, " that the nation has ever had. I quess he forgot the failings of his Secretary of Defense. And the icing on this political attack cake came when Nancy Pelosi claimed that the economy was failing even as the Dow was approaching an all time high and as Charlie Rangle who would chair the House Appropriations Committee were the Dems to gain control stated that if that were to happen taxes would be raised and the Bush tax cuts eliminated. Now before I take on each of these individually notice that each part of the revealed Democrat startegy was aimed mostly at President Bush and the adminstration. This is why this startegy will fail. A referendum on a sitting President is only just a fair and possible workable startegy during the Mid-Term cycle of the first four years of that President's term in office since he can run again and his policies are still developing. It is a failing startegy during the second term because that President cannot run again his policies are set and thus the Mid-Terms are decided mostly by local, state and certain domestic issues and not foreign policy and especially not what the sitting administration is doing. This is a House and Senate election and not a Presidential one, yet the Dems are aiming at the President as if it were a Presidential election year.

The War - while much of America is growing tired of the war as is typical of any war the majority while recognizing that mistakes have been made realize and state as such that it is necessary and even that we must complete the victory in Iraq and the, "cut and run, " policy that many Demcorats favor is wrong. The President's numbers are on the rise which also shows that his PR campaign that was long over due is convincing the country that though there are problems staying the course and staying on the attack is working and needed to protect the nation. Trying to turn this into a referendum against Bush will not work for the Dems since only the hard core left sees this as an issue that will decide their vote in November. Combine this with the fact that the chosing to only recognizing the one Times leaked sentence from the NIE report, (which EVERY DEM who has jumped on this band wagon has had since APRIL and not even mentioned until the Times leak), and not the rest of the declassified pages that show that winning in Iraq will greatly demoralize terrorism and the revelation of the letter from Zarqawi's computer from a high ranking Al Qaeda member that stated that Al Qaeda is, "weak, " in Iraq, Pakistan and Ahghanistan because of the war and that their recriutment is down makes this referendum a failing startegy. As far as building Clinton's eruption up as, according to Pelosi, how the Dems should fight, well this too will fade away as has most of Clinton's press spotlights since he left office. Jimmy Carter's attack makes for a momentary news burp but most no longer take him seriously.

The Economy - Nancy Pelosi and certain other Dems who are trying to make a referendum against the Bush tax cuts and crying of a failing economy are also doomed to failure as an election year startegy. Even as this Speaker of the House hopeful, (what a scary thought), was lamenting the, "poor, " economy the Dow was approaching a new record high, interest rates though expected to climb higher were still low making for better financing, housing continued to climb despite predictions that the, "bubble," would burst, unemployment figures are the lowest in FOUR DECADES, gas prices are dropping as the bubble created by the futures market finally made a long over due correction and the supply is now far out reaching demand and the latest consumer confidence rating is very good as has been the case consitantly in this economy. This great economic news combined with Charlie Rangles admission that were the Dems to gain control he in his new found position would eliminate the Bush tax cuts claiming that they have hurt American's despite a vast majority of anylists who state that the tax cuts are what gave this economy its boost and also stating that the Dems would RAISE taxes which is never popular again shows a failing strategy for November since most American's are enjoying this successful and growing economy.

So my title of, " Hail To The Democrats, " is precisly what I mean. This failing startegy of attacking Bush and making this election a referendum against the administration, the War and the economy will not work with the vast majority of the electorate. The true evidence is readily available to the public and the tide has turned which is showing in most polls. This election will be close but when the results are in and election night is over the Demcrats will once again have proven that they can no longer win elections with their age old and antiquated strategies and they again will find themselves in the minority shaking their heads wondering why their message did not get out and claiming also once again that the election was stolen from them as they are already preparing for with a cohort of lawyers prepared to follow this course again. Well to the Democrats I say your message is being heard and as in the past it is NOT the message the American people want to hear.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

I'm not really sure why you are so confident. The polling across the country is still favoring Dems. It is always a challenge to win over a significant number of seats, but right now it looks pretty good that the House will turn over. The Senate has always been more of a challenge.

With Rep. Foley turning out to be a pedophile and resigning - that is a surprise that may very well go Dem. Hastert and Boehner knew about Foley's "problem" months ago and chose to do nothing. It just shows how corrupt the Republican leadership really is - they allowed a known pedophile to hunt young congressional pages. George Allen's racism has turned what was a safe Senate seat into a real race.

The choice is more of the same or change, the American people can decide. We will have to see over the next few weeks.

2:43 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Denny said...

I hope that you are correct in your analogy of the mid-term elections. I was very hopefull that things were swinging the Republican's way until the Bob Woodward book and the Foley page scandal broke. If the Republican leadership of the Congress can get this scandal behind them quickly we still have a chance. If we could kill al-Zawahri or OBL then I would feel much more confident in the Republican chances of holding onto both Houses of Congress.

8:51 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger highboy said...

There is no way the Dems take over in November. Don't even sweat it. Polls are actually different all across the nation, they don't all favor Dems. Besides, polls told us Kerry was going to wax Bush in '04 and that didn't happen. America doesn't trust them with our safety, its that simple. And they always do something to shoot themselves in the foot. Like Murtha.

Another case in point is Hillary. She is the only Dem that stands a chance in '08 but she won't even win the nomination because she pissed off her home base too much. This is the kind of thing you'll see all over the country.

1:56 AM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger highboy said...

By the way, nice blog. Check me out at if you get bored.

1:57 AM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

There were no polls showing Kerry was going to "wax" Bush. All the polls had it very close going into the election.

Obviously not every Republican politician across the country is going to be beaten, but the Dems are going to make gains - the question is will they pick up the 15 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate. If I were betting, I'd say the House will turn over (especially because of this Foley pedophile scandal) but the Senate will remain Republican by 1 or 2 Senators.

I cannot believe Republicans are not outraged and calling for the heads of their House Leadership for knowingly allowing that sick bastard Foley to hunt for underage pages. They were complicit in allowing a pedophile to prey on pages in the Capitol - that is sickening.

10:03 AM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

By the way Rob before you start in on the GOP and the Foley stuff which I agree is disgusting, remember the Dems are just as guilty in turning a blind eye. Remember Barney Franks and his similarly disgusting page scandal with Dem leadership looking the other way and heis still a member of Congress.

From a political stand point as with any scandal like this, it will get a few days play then fade away. That does not take away from the sick mind that did it but politically speaking its just a blimp on the screen and won't affect the election one way or another eccept in Foley's district.

Highboy - Thanks for your comments and your like thinking and confidence about November. I like your blog and will remember it for my Blog of the Week spotlight on Sunday!

Denny - Woodward's book will only get a short airplay as he always does it won't effect the election especially since it has come out 30 days before. He get air time especially from CNN because it reminds liberal media of the, "glory, " days of Watergate. As far as Foley that to as disgusting as it is will get a few days media and then fade away as all scandals of this type do. As I told Rob the only effect it will have on the election will be in his district.

11:04 AM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

There is a HUGE difference between Foley and Franks. Franks is homosexual, but as far as I remember his scandal was with an adult male prostitute. He wasn't a pedophile.

Foley was soliciting 13-16 year old pages who were living in a special dorm while they worked for members of Congress. Parents send their kids to Washington for this special program and should have comfort that the Republican leadership is not enabling a pedophile to stalk their kids.

We will just have to see in November, but I will stick with my earlier comments about the House and Senate.

11:45 AM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

I'd have to take issue with the idea that a referendum against the President is a mistake. This is an exceptional time in our history, and since this Congress is seen by many as a "rubber stamp" for Bush and his policies, I do think you can look at a vote for democrats as a meaningful attempt to wrest control of this country from the worst president in the history of...ever! The only thing I wish they'd do is stop finger-wagging about every little thing that pops into the news and concentrate on the broader transgressions of this administration and its congressional stooges -- the rape of the environment, the dismantling of the middle class, the empowerment of theocratic governance, the degree of cronyism and corruption at all levels, etc. These are the real issues that the democrats should address, not some latest revelation.

To be fair, though, let's face it -- the republicans would not only exploit these revelations MUCH more vociferously, but if they didn't exist, they'd just start making shit up, in true Rovian fashion. To say that democrats are low-balling this election cycle is a laugh, seeing as the republican party knows no equal in the sleaze department.

12:59 PM, October 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rumsfeld will go down in history as a tool of satan. His objective of trying to maintain an American empire into the future is not ignoble but the goal in Iraq is not a functioning American friendly democracy. rumsfelds objective was to ensure the destabilization of the middle east and the Islamic community at large. rumsfeld deliberately put to few troops in Iraq to encourage chaos just like in every other country on the globe america does business in. Wake up and smell the horror you lying fascist. You have demonstrated you truly know nothing about America nor the implementation of military strategy. rumsfelds plans called on the maximum of violence and sacrifice from America and any one else effected. " Stay the Course " strategy is designed for many reasons, all political. A real military commander would have improvised and adapted and inserted at least 200,000 more troops just like most of the analysts had predicted would be needed and there would be peace NOW. The invasion of Iraq prevents you from establishing any significant American pressure on Iran's nuclear ambitions and your military force in Iraq are sitting ducks in unarmored humvees. The former head of the CIA said it's going to be a 30 year war. rumsfeld and his evil idiots think that to protect America's economic future it is necessary to incite enough hatred and violence to lock down the world in at least 30 years of violence. This blog is helping to incite the insanity. The same way america is attempting to destabilize the socialist governments in Europe, America perceives an economic threat from the potential capitalist freedoms of the Islamic community sitting on all that oil your government made you addicted to. The destabilization of other economies around the globe is essential for America to try and steal as much from the world as it can as fast as it can. In the process the republicans will eliminate the influence of the Evangelical Christian Right by tainting President Bush as a murderous religious zealot in future elections to distance republicans from President Bush's own personal agenda, courtesy of karl rove and dick cheney. The Evangelical Christian Right has been costing wall st. money and growth in embryonic stem cell technology and other areas and after having Mr. Bush play henchman the money behind the scenes has rove setting Bush up for a disgusting fall. Money behind the scenes picked Bush and cheney and specifically funded their political campaign to give us this war. To few troops on the ground is deliberate for all the most hideous reasons. rumsfeld actually feels no guilt for his decisions, feels no responsibility for American lives lost as a result of his strategy, think about it, psychopaths and sociopaths.

The American economy is going in the tank no matter what your democrat impeaching republican pedophilia hiding conspiratorial right wing media tries to tell you. The economic implosion is going down right before the presidential elections. The DOW jones you boast about is a joke, new highs? Have you forgotten that the DOW was here in the year 2000 and you were telling us it would be over 14000 by now. The american economy was in such a desparate state that the implementaiton of radically anomalic borrowing rates to try and stay afloat for the last seven years was necessary. The media manipulation of mulitple bloated plutocratic monopolies are ripe to rip the sphincter out of the American economy.

Unfortunately nothing is looking good for the republicans in the future and you must really be delusional to see any hope for republicans. wall st. capitalist plans are to speed up the cycles of highgs and lows on the market. Your delusional commentary on the state of the American economy is exactly what big money needs behind the scenes to make sure they can jump out before the crash catches on. It is commonly refered to as pump and dump and the media is a huge tool in manipulating public investment. Are you even a functioning human? How can you sit there and spew out all this ridiculous garbage. Your privatization of everything on the planet is unsustainable, do you actually think your plutocrats care? The losses America has suffered by going fascist instead of following a more socialist capitalist base like Roosevelt suggested can be measured in trillions of lost income now and in the future and accelerates American economic decline.

Are you hoping some nutcase from rupert murdoch's fox network is going to offer you a job? You have to be better to sell your crap theories to people that are half witted all because your basic assumptions about virtually everything are biased. All us non PH D's see the bullshit as bullshit. You pander to the most naive and feeble minded Americans with lies just like your military lies to all it's soldiers and the world and recruits the same victims. You and the mainstream sadistic self medicating sociopath media victimize them, then the military victimizes them, then the VA victimizes them , and every level of government and courts victimize them.

The republicans have no future, rumsfeld and President Bush the entire USA military and America are the joke of the world as evidenced by the huge laughs at the UN your media actually tried to edit down. It would only be funny if so many people were not laughing, gallows humor, america ( wall st.) plans to kill us all, genesis and start a new american species of man.

GOD save us all from america.

2:11 PM, October 03, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

To me, the word "Foley" symbolizes all the reasons why you should trust the republican majority just about as far as they can distance themselves from unethical behavior. Not very far at all.

To think, the republicans major campaign message is "trust us". Ha ha ha ha.....

5:35 PM, October 03, 2006  
Blogger Gayle said...

Hi Ken. My apologies for not being around for such a long time, but I had an extremely slow dial-up and your blog simply took far too long to load. I was running at only 26 to 28 Kbps! I've got wireless now, so I am getting around a lot faster.

Your post makes many very valid points and I hope with all my heart that you are right! As for Foley, what he did was reprehensible, and he did step down because he knows that conservative Republicans are not going to vote for him. On the other hand, if he had been a Democrat, he wouldn't have had to step down because obviously the Democrats don't hold themselves to the moral standards that we hold our people to. Gary Studds had sex with a page and was re-elected, and didn't once think about stepping down. The Democrats forgave him. Barney Frank ran a gay prostitution ring from his basement and once again the Dems forgave him and he was re-elected. Oh, don't let us forget Clinton. What do you suppose would happen to Bush if he did the "Lowinski" bit in the Oval Office?

All of this hoopla from the Dems is their usual hypocrisy.

6:48 PM, October 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You have one of the most inane blogs on teh entire Intarnets.

9:24 PM, October 03, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Gayle, you think the Republicans hold themselves to a higher standard? The Republican leadership has apparently known Foley was a pedophile for months and even years and HAVE DONE NOTHING.

Republican Tom Reynolds specifically told Hastert back in Spring about his concerns about Foley.

GOP staff had been warning pages about Foley since 2001!

Yeah, the Republican leadership sure is on the up-and-up. They are totally clean. What a joke.

11:18 PM, October 03, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

I want to be clear about something, I don't believe all Republicans are bad. Unlike folks like Gayle, who will cast aspersions on all Dems based on the actions of a few, it is important to look at individuals. Foley was clearly a bad apple, but he was further enabled and allowed to hunt underage pages by a corrupt Republican leadership.

However, I have heard Republican talking heads all day (and Gayle) talking about Studds (from a 1973 incident), Frank (from the 80s), and Clinton (with a 22-year old Monica). WHO CARES? That does not change the fact that Foley is a pedophile who was protected by his party's leadership.

Any attempt to defend Foley by casting blame on others is ridiculous.

12:58 AM, October 04, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

On the NIE, two points that I make at CIR:
1) First line, not mentioned much “United States-led counterterrorism efforts have seriously damaged the leadership of al-Qa’ida and disrupted its operations…”
2) The very next sentence after the oh so famous ‘cause celebre’ sentence: “Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, and be perceived, to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.”

I would say those alone are a pretty good reason for sticking it out.

With your long babbling crap that I bother not read but your “conclusion.” I don’t know, you sound like the type of person that is in deed an enemy of our country and possibly could do harm. So yes, maybe we should take you out. And as much as you want to believe we are taking over the world to create a new species:
1) No we are not the Nazis, I know you think so but we aren’t.
2) Turn off the Sci-Fi channel, it is really getting to you.
3) If we were trying to just destroy everything I ask you this: Why are we sending men to battle, using precision guided missiles and bombs, and setting up governments in those countries that are comprised of people from that country?
4) Continuing from #3, why aren’t we just using our nuclear weapons to preemptively strike all major and minor forces in the world?

I don’t think it is so much about casting blame, it is just looking at the overall picture of which party polices its own. Yes we have bad apples on the right but they tend to step down and leave. Democrats will fight tooth and nail to blame others, make exceptions for themselves, and try to make it out like they did nothing wrong at all.

Clinton is bad, it doesn’t matter how old she was… he abused his power of authority. That is the key. It doesn’t matter if she was 30 or 40. Then of course there are the rape allegations. Come on don’t try to defend Clinton’s private life. As a politician I give him kudos, as a person… not so much.

Foley in some ways is twice as bad. He too abused his authority, AND allegedly had sick email/IM conversations with minors. That is wrong. But at the same time he has never physically touched anyone… so I don’t know if I would make the jump to pedophile. He has possibly psychologically injured these boys (if it wasn’t a prank), ruined himself, and hurt the party. He did an all around f’ up.

11:54 AM, October 07, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

MDCons - nice to see you are back. Hope you are in good health and spirits.

I am not really sure how Clinton abused his power. There is no evidence that he coerced Monica into anything. They were two adults who engaged in immoral behavior, but I see no abuse of power.

Foley is no hero for stepping down. There is growing evidence that his chief of staff, Hastert's chief of staff, and at least two other Republican House members all have confronted him and told him to stop making inappropriate contact with pages over the last several years.

You are just fooling yourself if you think it was just naughty emails and IMs. There may not be evidence yet, but it is just a matter of time before we find out that Foley engaged in sex with minors. If you have read the more explicit IMs, it is clear that he was soliciting sex. We just haven't heard from the underage pages that Foley played around with. They may be too embarrassed to come forward, but they will.

4:04 PM, October 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You honestly think the republicans will make gains in this election? Are you nuts? With or without the Foley stuff, at least the House is turning over.

What are you smoking down in Myrtle Beach? Must be good stuff.

3:33 PM, October 10, 2006  
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