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Sunday, August 27, 2006


History is our greatest teacher. Though circumstances change and technology advances the basic pretext that has decided events in this world throughout history is essentially the same. People decide the fate of nations and unfortunatly though we have historical evidence that is applicable to events that every generation faces the people who make the decisions that determine those current events fail to recognize past mistakes and follow a similar path to their historical counter part. The world, though with different countries lead by different individuals has always had its aggresors and its peaceful nations with the peaceful nations idealistically thinking that through negotiations and incentives that the aggressors will see the logic of ceasing their aggressive ways. The sad and historical fact is that though peaceful attempts have delayed the aggressor and in nearly every instance give the complete indication that the aggressor has discontinued his aggressive ways and followed the path of peace, after the conflict is completed and the aggressor is defeated the truth reveals that while the aggressor was talking peace behind the scenes he was continuing his build up for war and fulfilling his aggressive goals and plans. Additionally after every conflict each generation has determined that the end of that conflict has brought the world the lasting peace that everyone wishes and that the conflict has ended the will and abilities of the aggressors. Yet wars continue and peace seems to only be fleeting. Don't misunderstand me peace is always a desire and the basic goal of every civilized nation but unfortunatly history proves that those who desire peace continually face aggressors who force their aggressive nature on others whether in their own country, neighboring countries or a group of people whether ethnically or religiously similar.

With history as a teacher the I ask this question. With the circumstances that we face today are we on the brink of a third World War and from a historical stand point where are we if the possibility of World War exists ? First with the war against Islamic Fascism taking many forms and appearing on several battlefields as well as countries throughout the world ranging from the Middle East to India, From Europe to the Phillipines and yes even the United States and Canada evidence indicates that this war has reached world purportions which also would indicate that it is quickly becoming a world conflict. From an historical comparison I also believe that we are in a similar situation as the world faced in 1938 and the first of 1939 just prior to WWII which had its beginning in the latter part of 1939 when Great Britain declared war on Germany. In 1938 both Hitler and The Empire of Japan were expanding their aggressive influence in both Europe and East Asia. 1938 saw the German annexation of Austria, the beginnings of the , "Final Solution, " against the European Jews, the Czecs mobilization of their military in response to Germany's expansion. Japan expands its influence further into China and the Soviet and Japanese clash as that expansion nears Soviet borders. Japan declares in November of 1938 that a new Asian Order exists with Japan as the leader. In September the Munich Conference takes place as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain meets with Hitler and agrees to allow Germany to annex the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia in trade for assurances that German expansionist aggression will end. Champerlain returns to London proclaiming, "peace in our time." Yet 1939 saw further German and Japanese expansion this despite peace agreements by both countries and the belief that the negotiations would end the aggression of both nations. This aggression continued until full World War broke out in the latter part of 1939.

With history as the example where then do we stand today. Just as in 1938 and early 1939 the world is facing a conflict that is taking on world wide purportions. The common enemy is Islamic Fascism which is revealing itself through groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah and other smaller splinter groups and of course a country namely Iran. Syria has its Islamic Fascist tendencies but does not have the theocratic control as Iran yet still poses a similar danger though does not have the far reaching influence and capabilities as Iran. The overall reaction to this Islamic aggression is to seek continual negotiation in an attempt to bring a peaceful solution to the expanding conflict. A weak at best cease fire is in place with Hezbollah and Israel with the French leading a, "peace keeping, " force that is given the job of enforcing the cease fire yet not given the ability nor the mandate to disarm the aggressor, Hezbollah. France the , "leader, " has dispatched only a token 200 to lead the force with the French President now stating that he believes that the 15, 000 mandated for the force to join the 15, 000 from Lebanon is too many for the task. Prior to WWII several non-aggression pacts were agreed to with token troops placed on borders to enforce the pacts in the vain hope that the pacts and the troops would contain the aggressor, very similar to this cease fire situation. Iran is claiming as did Germany that they want peace while continuing to develope their nuclear capability, launching sub to surface missiles, placing a nuclear reactor on line and supporting Islamic fascist groups both in Iraq and throughout the Middle East and continuing to re-arm Hezbollah during the cease fire. Talking peace through the UN while rattling the sabor of aggression and calling for the death of Israel and the United States. Islamic Fascist cells are looking for and finding ways to attack the civilian population by using commutor transportaion as a means of attack. This is happening throughout the world. So as we come to the end of 2006 do we find our world in a similar situation against Islamic Fascism as the world of 1938 found against Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany ? I beleive in many ways the answer to this question is yes. Will we follow the same path of appeasement and negotiation against aggressors who do not value peace as we do and ignore agreements using them only as a means to continue their aggressive actions while stalemating the world into a false peaceful belief ? Indications of the past months indicate that this is the path we are taking. Aggressors who have a fanatical beleif whether it is and ideological beleif as was Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or an aggressor who has a fanatical religious belief as Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Iran beleive so infadically in their fanatical ideas that nothing short of their total and utter defeat will stop them. Religious fanatasism finds an even more finatical folowing since it follows a diety that brings a belief that the aggressor is doing what his god requires. Islamic Fascism is this type of fanataism and makes it far more dangerous than the ideological fanatasism of WWII. It values death over life because of heavenly rewards. It seeks to convert and if not then destroy the non-believer. It demands to impose its god and its will on all mankind and if mankind does not comply then mankind must die. That is why the only way to deal with this type of fanatical fascism is to destroy them before they destroy you! World War III is just around the corner. Will the world take the lessons of history and defeat this enemy before it takes the world to the brink of destruction or will the end of 2006 and the first of 2007 mirror 1938 and 1939 with the result being World War.

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

“The sad and historical fact is that though peaceful attempts have delayed the aggressor and in nearly every instance give the complete indication that the aggressor has discontinued his aggressive ways and followed the path of peace, after the conflict is completed and the aggressor is defeated the truth reveals that while the aggressor was talking peace behind the scenes he was continuing his build up for war and fulfilling his aggressive goals and plans.”

I think that is a profound statement that so many refuse to accept. It is in a sad way funny because many of the President’s critics argue that he is just ready to hand the problem off to the next administration. They condemn him with this yet, that is all they do when they sell the idea of “let’s talk.” They are urging the people to sweep things under the rug as opposed to facing them. Well that is what has gone on since the early 90’s with insisting that the UN Resolutions are handling Saddam. No they weren’t.

Just as much as they accuse the President of trying to hand things off, that is what they do when they insist on diplomacy with people that truly hold no interest in that very thing… diplomacy. This President has decided to not look the other way, but to take on the problems… many of which are hard to solve but MUST be addressed.

That will not happen with the “diplomacy only” crew.

7:44 PM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Worldwide Islamic fanatism is a problem, however, as we have discussed in the past - military action is not a realistic way to engage in many cases. The reason is simple - there isn't one coherent, unified enemy. Hezbollah is funded by Iran but is also trying to form its own identity independent of Iran. Hamas and Hezbollah largely have different aims, goals, and politics. The Taliban is very different. Al Qaeda is also very, very different in its goals, aims, and activities than most of these groups. When you lump all these and other groups like the Tamil Tigers, Chechen rebels, Kashmiri rebels (with the help of Pakistan), etc. you are creating a united global enemy that currently does not exist.

I am not sure who the "diplomacy only" crew is that MDCons is talking about, but I do know that folks who are actually considering military strikes on Iran in the very near future do not understand basic geopolitical and global ecomonic realities. Russia, China, and India all have significant financial, military, and energy dealings with Iran. If we were to launch an offensive on Iran - these countries are much more likely to side (or at least support and supply arms) with Iran - given their energy and economic links. These are non-Muslim nations that also have global ambitions for power. To think that they would automatically be with us is foolish. Russia and China should be obvious, but India is more complex. I could go into details but will leave it alone for now.

One correction - France is now sending 2000 troops. They announced it last Thursday.

9:40 PM, August 27, 2006  
Anonymous volstate said...

Great blog, Was surfing and ran across it today. Look forward to reading more. Thanks,From TN

9:43 PM, August 27, 2006  
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