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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Today Iran on a self imposed deadline of August 22 instead of August 31 which was set by the UN announced its response to the demands of the UN and the nations that submitted the proposal. The response was that Iran is ready to begin,"serious negotiations, " beginning tomorrow the 23rd of August. While the details of the response are still being reviewed this type of response is not surpirsing since delay tactics like this have been Iran's usual answer to the UN , the EU or any proposals offered to Iran on the nuclear issue as well as other issues that have cropped up about this Islamic fascist regime since its beginning in 1979 with Ayotollah Khomenei. Iran's current Mullah leader and the top leader of the country, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already announced that Iran will not stop any nuclear programs which is the key to ending the stand off. Therefore any proposals or negotiations that Iran offers which do not include compliance to this demand make them a moot point. While stating to the world that they are offering proposals and negotiations in addition to the rejection of ending their nuclear ambitions by Khamenei, Iran has refused to allow IAEA inspectors to investigate an under ground nuclear facility that shelters their Uranium enrichment program, which obviously coincides with their continual non-compliance response.

Throughout this regimes history Iran has used this type of delay tactic to hold off action whether sanctions or other types of action being taken against the country and in every instance has either continued with the issue that was in question or completed the program whose end was being demanded. When will the world realize that this country does not negotiate in earnest but uses negotiation only as a means of delay and continual rejection of legitimate concerns by the world to the actions of this terrorist sponsoring nation and radical Islamic regime ? Iran continually does exactly what it wants. It constantly destabalized the entire Middle East as the recent conflict between Israel and Hezbollah proves. During the current UN imposed cease fire the only result will be that Iran will re-arm Hezbollah and I dare say that before the year is out regardless of the weak kneed, "peacekeeping, "force headed up by a very weak French contingent, Hezbollah with instructions and assistance by Iran and Syria will attack Israel or provoke an attack by Israel again. Additionally France heading up the force dooms it to failure because France has always been an ally to this fanatical Islamic regime and have never seriously opposed them. Remember France is the country that accepted the exile of Ayotollah Khomenei and assisted in his return to Iran in 1979. As far as the nuclear situation is concerned Iran will not stop its development and unless there is a true and strong intervention the world will only find out about the success of the program when the first nuclear missile is fired on Israel or possibly the United States or Europe. Why does no one stand up to Iran in strength which is the only means that Iran will recognize or accept ? Continual negotiation and threatened sanctions accomplish nothing and only embolden Iran to continue to defy the world and Iran as with all Islamic fascist enteties only sees negotiation as weakness. A military response to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities without even the first boots on the ground using combined air power from the US, UK and other like minded nations should be seriously considered. If not a military response then why not use all means necessary to support, supply and strengthen the large freedom seeking factions in Iran to over throw their own government. This possibility has never been utilized or even taken seriously. Iran will not stop and will continue to use delay tactics as they are using now until someone has the where - with - all to finally stand up to this terror sponsoring state that is a real threat to not only the Middle East but the world.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Ken, I agree with you that we need to take a tough stand with Iran, however, you provide an unrealistic solution when you say let's support a democratic uprising. What makes you think that the Iranians want to overthrow their government? The overwhelming majority of Iranians are Shia and are in favor of developing nuclear technology. If Israel has the bomb, then Iranians feel as if they should too.

For our part, we (the U.S. and Western allies) are hampered by two major things: (1) the mess in Iraq and (2) the price of oil. Iran knows this and in my opinion is simply going to hold out for a better deal - even though the deal that is on the table is a giveaway already.

Right now we are willing to build the Iranians a light-water nuclear reactor (on mostly the U.S. taxpayer's dime) in exchange for a SUSPENSION (note, it is not an end) of uranium enrichment. The Iranians know that they have a great deal of leverage and power because the price of oil is high and supply is limited. They also know that the chance of a U.S. military strike is remote because we are locked down in Iraq and a strike would only add fuel to the problems we face in Iraq. So they are negotiating from strength and will get more in the end.

I don't have a solution, because Bush has really left very few options. I will leave it up to smarter people - likely to be outside of the Bush Administration - to solve this growing crisis.

2:15 PM, August 22, 2006  
Blogger N.B. Goldstein said...

Yep. It seems that Iran was all talk and no "flash" - of light. Anyway, check out the U.N.'s latest ad campaign:

Personally endorsed by Kofi Annan.

Great post!

4:15 PM, August 22, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Personally Rob I beleive that the incentive package dangled to Iran was just a carrot to see if they would bite, knowing all along that if it meant giving up the enrichment program it would never happen since Iran was and will never be willing to do so.

I think that it will eventualy require some sort of militsry action but the uprising avenue is a possibility if it will seriously be explored. There is a large faction in the country including Shia that are against what this theocracy is stsnding for.

Goldstein, thanks and thanks for the link. Typical UN babble with Kofi the biggest babbler!

7:27 PM, August 22, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

There is a large part of this country - including me - that does not like Bush's policies, but I wouldn't want to see any outside force invade the country.

It is not in U.S. interests to have Iraq's Shia turn on us while we have 130,000 troops fighting a Sunni insurgency and trying to hold back an all out civil war. But even without Iraq, if you think that China, Russia, and even India and Great Britain are going to allow bombs to fall in Tehran, you are fooling yourself. Geo-political factors and global economic shocks created by a significant disruption in oil will not allow that to happen.

Iran is going to hold out for an even sweeter deal - and more than likely, the U.S. is going to give in. Just watch.

7:47 PM, August 22, 2006  
Anonymous Joe said...

It is clear that Iran is buying CRITICAL time. The funny thing though, is that the world keeps on falling to the same pattern: we focus on Iran's nuclear program - "something" happens in the world that diverts attention - we slowly start refocusing on Iran - they come out with statements about their 'readiness to negotiate' - it takes a long time to digest and realize that these declarations are just 'time buyers' - we threaten them with sanctions - "something happens in the world that diverts attention - we slowly start refocusing on Iran - they come out with statements about their 'readiness to negotiate' - it takes a long time to digest and realize that these declarations are just 'time buyers' - we threaten them with sanctions - etc.
You get the picture...
My hope is that sooner or later the world will wake up!
But the longer it takes...the more lives will be lost.
Also, it would be interesting to predict when Iran will use their 'secret weapon'. Check it out at

11:34 PM, August 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not share the same faith that Rob does in America not bombing Iran. Plutocratic fascist ultra neo conservative naziesquely orwellian roveianlly infanticidal americans in control of America. Personally I think this is one of the most dangerous times in our history. Your President is prepared to martyr himself to slow down the Iranian development of a nuclear bomb.

7:19 PM, August 23, 2006  
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