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Sunday, March 12, 2006


As the debacle known as the, "Dubai ports deal," began drawing to a conclusion and the President continued to stress the importance of the UAE as an ally in the War on Terror there have been many who have questioned the reasoning behind having allies such as the UAE. After all the UAE though attempting to mirror the United States in many ways is still a form of dictatorship since the Leader Sheikh is not elected and he in many ways determines the direction of the country. Because of their Islamic beliefs certain human rights are not prevalent in the nation even causing the UAE to be on certain human rights watch dog lists. So the question arises, "should the United States be allied with nations like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, who has a similar record ?" Additionally both nation contributed to the manpower in the 9/11 attacks and there are still those within both countries that support Islamic extremist who consider America the , "great satan." Keep in mind that even in this country there are Islamic extremist who believe the same. Why then does the United States ally with countries who are also potential enemies because of political and religious situations in that country ? There is an old saying that,"necessity sometimes causes strange bed fellows." This is one of that type of allied situation. The UAE and Saudi Arabia need the United States and, yes we need both countries. Though I do not agree with a foreign country such as the UAE having operational control of our ports I do believe in the necessity of this questionable allied relationship. The UAE is a vital strategic location with Dubai having ports that service U.S. naval vessels. In fact the only country that has more U.S. naval dockings than the UAE is the United States. Additionally the Al Dhafra Air Base just outside of Abu Dhabi is a strategic base which has been the starting point for a majority of the sorties that have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan. The UAE is also at the eastern side of the Straits of Hormuz which is a vital water passage to the Gulf of Arabia and oil passage out of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and yes even Iran. The UAE government is allowing the United States to use the country as a watch point for Iran in the nuclear crises. The UAE provides a strategic and close local to the Iranian border on the gulf and if military action becomes necessary a vital base of operations.

Throughout our history the United States has been allied to countries who at the time could not have only been enemies because of their political status but situations within the country were contrary to U.S. beliefs and policies. Beginning as far back as the Revolution the United States allied with France whose King Louis the 16th was not exactly the show piece in human rights yet because of the bitter hatred between the French and Great Britain, France became and ally during the Revolution not as much because of the nation as a whole backing the war but because of their hatred of England. There were many in France who fully believed in the idea of liberty and freedom that we were fighting for but most of the elite French leadership were not among them. France backed the Revolution more as an affront to England than in support of liberty. Benjamin Franklin our Ambassador to France realized this and used it to his and our advantage. Another prime example of allied because of necessity is the relationship in WWII between the United States and the Soviet Union. Josef Stalin was a brutal dictator who during the course of his reign as Soviet leader governed over the killing of 20 million of his own people in Gulags, political assassinations, reprisals on disobedient villages among other atrocities. Yet because of his strategic location on the eastern side of the German Third Reich and the fact that Hitler double crossed Stalin making Germany an enemy of the Soviet Union, this brutal dictator became a necessary ally to both the United States and Great Britain. Did we completely trust Stalin ? Absolutely NOT ! Throughout this , "friendship of necessity, " both FDR and Churchill continually had great misgivings about the Soviets and Stalin in particular. At times FDR to the anger of Winston Churchill would embarrass the British Prime Minister in order to attempt to endear himself to Stalin as a political ploy to assure Stalin's cooperation in certain allied decisions. But ultimately the might of the Soviet military was needed and greatly assisted in the fall of Nazi Germany as the three powers created a vise that crushed the Nazi war machine.

The unfortunate problem about allies of necessity is that the relationship can come back to haunt the United States. Our allied relationship with France caused our entrance into Vietnam then France abandoned the country leaving us to clean up the mess. This is just one example among other problems that our relationship with France has caused throughout our history. The Soviets began a communist expansion after WWII which resulted in the communist take over of Eastern Europe and more than forty years of Cold War with the Soviet Union until 1989 and the collapse of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. Will the relationship with the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries come back to haunt us as past allied experiences have. Quite possibly. This is one of the very reasons why allied relationships are precarious and extremely frustrating. While standing for principles and the truest meaning of the United States Presidents are faced with the leadership decision of seeking those who may not have the greatest record in world politics in order to achieve an ultimate goal. FDR faced this dilemma, Eisenhower faced it, Truman faced it, Bush 41 faced it in Desert Storm, Reagan faced it with Iraq against Iran in the 80's and today George W. Bush has had to face a leadership decision of necessity. Weighing the pros and cons and making a Presidential decision as have his predecessors that have the security of the nation and the interests of the United States as their goal knowing that future consequences may have to be dealt with in a different manner. That is the unfortunate responsibility of leadership and just as previous President's have President Bush has made tough decisions necessary for tough times.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your ideology is partially based on the perceived ability to juggle and control evil at various levels on multiple fronts. All the while america is supporting the Dubai ports deal and the royals who run the country, america is working subversively to overthrow the same group of royals. The same strategy is used in every interaction with every country. american neoconservative philosophers discusses the certain levels of evil it tries to maintain or avoid. It is obvious. You can take a Rudy Giuliani approach to controlling crime and hire more police officers or you can accept a little more crime and try to save money. The are many balancing acts. It is imperative for america to at least try to dominate that particular area of the world. Had bin laden not attacked america he was being groomed as an ideal successor to the house of Saud. Either old monarchies play by certain rules or they face pressure from america on many fronts. The level of unrest in the Middle East currently is very high. The possiblity of it spreading to other regions nearby is very likely at this point. The position america has taken in the war in Iraq must be looked at from multiple perspectives. The advantages of the instability in Iraq putting the heat on the Iranians, the Saudi's, the Jordanians and the entire Middle East is difficult to measure. america had chalabi puppet conveniently waiting in the wings but thus far his visible presence seems to have diminished. The american business associations with the royal's from Dubai can put pressure on other Muslim oil rich nations in the region to behave in a certain way. All the royals in the region worry that america is working behind the scenes to destabilize them and they're right, obviously. It is in americas security interests to be on the ground in the sleaziest of corners to keep up the intelligence activity. The royals have to accept this by the americans but at the same time work behind the scenes to expose any overt meddling america makes on anything other than terrorism. The royals keep trying to push the level of american spies in the country lower and america keeps trying to push the levels of their spies and operatives higher.
It is obvious there are any number of covert actions taking place as we speak.

The current administration seems to think there are no laws. This current administration wants to push the level of their acceptance higher. This administration wants to be able to torture people, break the Geneva Convention, and fabricate reasons to go to war. This current administration wants us to accept a higher level of violence and deceit, bribery, spying, and slave trading monopolistic american corporations to dominate globally at any cost.

For this current administrations ideology to flourish it is imperative that corporate america be directly involved in intelligence operations around the globe. There is a glaring obvious lack of enforcement of regulations on Wall Street and a legislated corporate and judicial structure that allows the CEO's to avoid any scrutiny or responsibilty in all but the worst of situations. When major corporations face strikes or labor unrest they pay the scab workers in cash, no names asked, no identification, no social security numbers. Once a strike is unavoidable the corporation has any number of teams to choose from. Lets say you subcontract a scab team. Your upfront costs of airfare for around twenty one people, plus accomodations for possibly several months, plus astronomical wages depending on the level of violence. It is easy to be doling out a minimum of easily fifty thousand a week in wages alone. The cost of equipment. Lets say it's truckers on strike and you need 15 trucks at around $100,000.00 per truck easy. The major rental car agencies can provide around five more vehicles for the security team. An upfront charge for purchase of and installation of two radios and a cellphone for every team member to maintain communication with everyone. Two mercenaries or experienced police veterans, a mobile mechanic and a couple of expensive thugs to work for the team leader. The autos can be replaced easily and acknowledging sacrificing a car before a truck is obvious financially and indicated by command in this battle. The money is never accounted for. A million here and a million there but outside of america a million goes much further to get the people in power you want. How much does ken taylor know about the black ops american blue chips play around the world? I think it's in his best interests to remain silent until cornered and not admit to knowing anything about the beastial bad boys of american business.

You ken taylor have acknowledged the strategy of developing media assets to conduct a psychological campaign on the public from inside one country into another. How much did he pay you to remove reference to his name. Come on kenny you know who I mean. He has a title from the british crown, and the second most expensive painting on the planet, " Massacre Of The Innocents " kenny r thomson the billionaire pimp from fleet street, the canadian dildo king, the richest canadian worth an estimated $ 20 billion, five times as rich as the Queen of england, the owner of most of the media in Canada and telecom and who pays an inordinate amount of money to remain a ghost on the web. His programming gives Canadians a great massage and his intimate encouragement of our race to the bottom enrichens his friends while he spins a massive web of fiction. If you're looking for the truth and a relevant perspective, the canadian media is truly naziesque and orwellian lard but the corporate aristocracy and little " f " fascist perspective is being pumped continuously. The involvement of the media in intelligence operations is really old school so if you want to claim the media is not directly involved you go right ahead. The media is not entirely independent of the pentagon, the white house, major multinationals or big banks.

It all comes down to what level of tension do you want the world to be in ? In order to ramp up your security needs it is also required to make the all the sinister covert operations more sinister and more often. Contrary to what you believe everybody is an operative or potential operative, your coffee shop barista, the corner market staff, the book store you walk past every day, the restaurants you go to, the paperboy, your doctor, everbody is actively engaged in an ongoing battle behind the scenes every nanaosecond of every day.

The current thinkers involved with the group of republicans administering power believe we need to be on a hair trigger status perpetually and design the entire game plan around being as evil as they can be to save the nation.

Everything you americans do sets the tone of what happens in the world. The implementation of your current ideological beliefs is genocidal but at least it makes your plutocrats noteworthy sleazeballs in history.

And yes when you write perspectives like mine you need millions of dollars to keep your perspective from being tagged and gagged or you end up commenting anonymously in cheesy little rarely seen blogs like this just to have been put on the record before america destroys the world. I warned you. I warned them.

2:52 PM, March 12, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Great, it is hard to be the President. Thanks for explaining how hard it is.

The whole point of the ports deal is that we should not turn over operational control of our ports to a country that has significant ties to terror.

I won't speak for others, but as for me, I have no problem working with the UAE in the broader context of anti-terror activities and even trade. I don't think the majority of Americans care about whether they are a trading partner or an ally in the war on terror. They are concerned about entrusting them with ports that hold the key to our own security here in this country.

5:44 PM, March 12, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

"All the while america is supporting the Dubai ports deal.."

Are you kidding? I think I have been the only person I have seen in support of it. Over 70% of America was against it.

I guess in the broader context we agree, I didn't really see that coming.

11:01 PM, March 12, 2006  
Blogger Philosopher said...

But we cant "Harbor Terrorist"!

1:17 PM, March 13, 2006  
Blogger Manifest Destiny said...

I agree that we should try and work with the good Muslim nations or at least the ones who typically behave themselves. We will need to do so if we are going to win the war on terror. However that does not mean we need to give them the brass ring or equate them to the UK. We should take small steps until they earn our trust by really rounding the radicals up.

5:53 PM, March 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It figures the military analyst would get stuck on the second sentence. Your administration and friends are supporting the ports deal. They are not the majority. The context of the entire sentence is relevant to using the word america instead of a "percentage of plutocrats in power". For mdconservatives lack of understanding please insert phrase in quotes to replace america.

6:34 PM, March 13, 2006  
Blogger Think Tank Commander said...

We are at war. Anonymous you seem to forget that. Of course there are levels of evil. Some raging lunatic that is trying to purge the human gene pool of all non Arians is a bit more evil than a totalitarian Communist Russia.

We had to make tough choices then and must continue to do so. Each person has a price tag attached to his head no matter what your wonderful cliches say. If we spend 20 Trillion dollars saving one life 4-5 Billion other people will die trying to avert that one person's death. So where is that line? It is hard to say how much we are willing to spend to protect a human life but that choice needs to be made.(or else the speed limit nationwide should be 5 MPH)

I am willing to sell the management of Americans selling tickets to Americans on American terminals under supervision of the American Coast Guard if it means the capture and death of hundreds of terrorists. Call me crazy all you want but we can step up Coast Guard security but we can't invent another ally who happens to control a critical sector of the strait of hormuz.

Its all a shell game of "how" to protect ourselves... do we have another fighter wing or Infantry division? Do we own a piece of paper or have an ally in the war on terror?

11:41 PM, March 13, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

I am ashamed of anon. Only 2 of the 3 words? Where was "lemming"? Losing your touch!

12:21 PM, March 15, 2006  
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