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Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Senate Judiciary Committee announced today that they have nearly completed a compromise immigration bill that greatly increases border security and allows the nearly 12 million illegals in the United States an opportunity for citizenship. The bill is a compromise between the Presidents proposal which offers an amnesty program and the House bill already passed which covers the security aspect only but does not address the status of those already in the country. The Senate bill is co/sponsored by Senator John McCain and Senator Ted Kennedy. The sponsorship alone causes misgivings because both politicians send chills up my spine when they propose anything for it usually comes back to haunt the nation after passage. The No Child Left Behind Act, cosponsored by Kennedy and backed by the President is a prime example because of the massive failure that it has become. Another example from McCain is the McCain /Feingold Campaign Finance Bill which tramples the first amendment and is directly responsible for the growth of the 527's. On the service the immigration bill has merits since it does greatly enhance border security though I think the idea of a fence on the southern border should not be abandoned. The bill allows for those already in the country to,"pay a $2,000 fine, apply for a six-year temporary status, have a job, pay taxes, learn English and show an understanding of U.S. government, " according to Kennedy. They would then have the ability to apply for citizenship but not bumped to the front of the line ahead of those who follow the proper channels. This is where I still have problems with the illegal immigration status. Each of those who are illegally in the United States have broken the law. I do appreciate the fact that the bill fines them and has requirements in order to remain in the country, but they have still broken the law. I also realize the dilemma concerning the work force. The majority of those illegally in the country are employed by business who would suffer a great financial burden and possibly go out of business were it not for illegals. Yet in many cases the illegals are taking jobs that some Americans would gladly have and there are also merits to the fact that illegals take jobs that many would not have. Though it pains me to admit it I realize that finding and deporting the 12 million already here is most likely a bad idea because of the economic and logistical impact on the nation. I do believe that the penalty that the bill imposes of $2,000 is not enough and should also require some form of community service as though they were on probation with the penalty of deportation if all of the provision were not followed and obeyed to the letter of the law. Unfortunately the immigration problem is a catch 22 no matter how it is addressed. I totally disagree with the amnesty idea that the President favors because illegals have broken the law and do have a debt to society for this infraction. Another aspect that the bill does not address is the status of the border after the bill is implemented. Will illegals still have the capability to come into the country even with increased security ? A total closing of the border should be implemented along with the added security and any who come into the country illegally should be deported pronto with no exceptions. Once again the fence idea will assist greatly with border closing. This situation is so far out of control that there are no simple answers. The McCain/Kennedy compromise scratches the surface but does not go far enough. Is it a start ? Yes, but there must be a great deal more enforcement, security and penalties for illegals added. Close the borders, keep the 12 million but with larger penalties as mentioned above and enforcement of their status with ANY violation of the statutes of their temporary status or any criminal act, even a speeding ticket, resulting in immediate deportation of the perpetrator and his/her family. Additionally there should be added severe penalties for business who continue to employ illegals after the bill is enacted to prevent the continuation of the employment problem. Our borders must be made secure both South and North with full control of those already in the country.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Nothing is going the change on illegals coming over the border. Big business wants to keep the flow of cheap labor coming in order to keep wages down and profitability up. Thus Republicans won't vote for meaningful change. Both parties also don't want to turn off the growing Hispanic population.

Without political will, nothing will happen.

10:18 PM, March 16, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

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3:34 PM, March 17, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

I have given up with dealing with those presently in country. Too much pressure on either side to get an effective bill.

However, I think we should surround the Capitol and not let a single legislator out until they pass a bill that reaffirms that "It is illegal to come into this country without a passport, other documentation, and going through customs. The other 4 parts would go as follows.

1) Notch up the military defense, and I mean that in military parlance, on the border while adding to fences to prevent illegal crossing into our sovereign land.

2) If you are caught, while being held to be deported you are fingerprinted and photographed. All People will be deported in under 72 hours.

3) Those caught a 2nd time shall be jailed for 6 months prior to being sent back to the home country. In addition this 2nd violation makes it impossible for you to ever gain US citizenship. EVER.

4) If you are caught a 3rd time it is considered a felony and you shall be tried starting right with the death penalty. Minimum penalty will be 25 years in an Alaskan jail, followed by deportation.

3:47 PM, March 17, 2006  
Blogger Manifest Destiny said...

If the “Minutemen” can shut the boarder down with lawn chairs and pickup trucks there is no reason why the government cannot. I do not support a physical wall, but a virtual fence is a good option. Unmanned aircraft and satellites could patrol the boarder an alert agents. Then the illegal amigos could be sent back. If you are an illegal already here and you are found out (i.e. apply for a drivers license) you should be told adios. MD has some good ideas.

Newsmax had a map of Hispanic immigration last month and it is just amazing how the “reconquista” has taken shape. In Texas whites are now a minority. I am for legal immigration with quotas. When my ancestors came over last century they had to follow the law. There desire to become Americans legally made them strong and productive. If people want to come to the melting pot to work and find opportunity great, but it must be legal.

4:42 PM, March 17, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

The American people are speaking in a vacuum on this issue. There won't be any change without real political will. Neither Party is willing to make change. Amazingly, this is one issue that has bi-partisan agreement. Shoot, Bush put $250 million in for a "guest worker" program for 2007. These wasteful programs are how Bush has exploded the deficit and added $2.6 trillion to the National Debt.

2:55 PM, March 18, 2006  
Blogger Pissed Off Old Man said...

This is Australia"s system of "mandatory and non-reviewable
detention", where anyone who arrives without papers seeking asylum is automatically imprisoned.

Since January, and after
increasing restrictions on who may eventually qualify for a visa, the
small proportion of those who are granted visas can only, at best,
look forward to a 3-year "temporary protection visa", with limited
access to welfare and health care.

Australia"s is the only western government that practices a
system of automatic and non-reviewable incarceration.

It also
receives and grants fewer applications for asylum, both on and offshore, than any other western country.

If America must find the will to implement its own laws or America will cease to be America. We want to fight wars overseas but ask us to defend our own borders and we fall apart.

Australian has almost stopped illegal immigration with these policies. Illegal's target other countries because the illegals know that if they get caught they will probably spend 3 years behind bars in a desert camp.

9:27 PM, March 18, 2006  
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